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Working hard is a bit brighter the day after a #manicure !!
#neonnails #GirlBoss #caffeine

Ladies from @southdelta loving the view and catching up at the wedding of the #newpenutas ! #sfu @bluebirdsarah @laurasmutylo

Enjoying catching up with dear friend @laurasmutylo at the #newpenutas #wedding !

Loving all the love from their speeches! #newpenutas

Spending the day playing #bigsister to my #manbaby sick brother. Nothing cures like TLC, a little cut fruit and naturally if I come to clean the house - I bring flowers! Love you @erik_mck85 !

Just finished The Artists Way, by @juliacameronlive. I had never heard of it only weeks before I started, but it seemed like the universe pointed me to it. In 24 hrs I bought a copy & joined a group through @artisan_church people. My margins are filled with drawings, ideas flow rapid fire, morning pages happen more often than not and synchronicity has become commonplace and expected. it's been a great privilege to journey with other Christian Artists doing the emotional labour required to improve our craft and our intention behind it. Have you done it?!

Almost finished #TheArtistsWay and my #morningPages have been interesting lately.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this was a pretty long, boring, scoreless game. Sometimes Instagram (as with life) is allowed to be boring....

If you can find this tiny back alley #speakeasy in #Seattle then you're in for some of the best cocktails.

So much #synchronicity this weekend! Totally separately we ended up in #seattle together for a night. Despite me being a tired, stinky mess - loved hanging out with these girls.

Got to meet other #PNW artist and meet @iamfujimura this weekend in #seattle .

Sometimes you have to make an ad even better! #ninjaturtles @hyundaicanada @metro #doodles #advertising @jjbeancoffee

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