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chelsea jacobs  ☀️ blogging the big stuff + the little stuff. forever chasing summer + positivity. I think life is so good, it’s worth writing about. 🌈

heading home with a new life goal of having a porch on the water so I can drink my coffee in a hammock with this kind of view all the time. 😍 georgia, you’re pretty cute.

long live summer, but I smelled a pumpkin candle yesterday and almost fainted from pure excitement, so there’s that.

oh OKAY ✨florida skies forever.

happiest when barefoot ☀️

happy monday! a little reminder for your week: hustle for your joy ✨ “work just as hard for fun moments, vacation moments, pee-your-pants-laughing moments as you go for all the other things. take a walk, call a friend, have a glass of wine, enjoy a bubble bath, take a long lunch. all of that work will be there when you get back.” (@msrachelhollis)

happy friday! did it take eighty seven decades to get here for anyone else? just me? okay cool. ✨today is five weeks without my beloved coffee creamer. so, I can do anything, thank you for asking. side note: I no longer feel like puking by 10 every morning so it would seem this was a good decision. ✨the only thing I miss about living in an apartment (besides the rooftop pool 😭) is the gym. so, bought a @bowflex. all of my muscles hurt. allllll of them. ✨I realize this caption makes me seem healthy so you should know I am fully planning on making deep fried jalapeño cream cheese egg rolls for dinner. okay, glad we got that out of the way. happy weekending!

something I’m challenging myself to do lately: if you’re gonna complain about the bad days (🙋🏼‍♀️ guilty), rave about the good days.
if you’re gonna be annoyed by four days of rain (yup), then you better be freaking out over how good the sun feels when it comes out.
work was long and annoying? okay, but chick-fil-a was for dinner, and have you ever TASTED @chickfila?! I mean, what a time to be alive.
ugh, being an adult with bills is expensive. but did you SEE the sunset last night?! magic.
life can be tiring and weird and hard, but let’s give the good things lots of airtime, too. okay? okay. ☀️

sunshine state and perpetual summer forever and ever, amen. ☀️

is there anything better than a new notebook and a sunny day? I don’t think so.

happy monday 💛 today: take a deep breath. get a really good cup of coffee. go for a walk. watch the sunset. life is really good, remember that.

“no one cares about your dreams as much as you do.” || can’t stop thinking about last night 💛😭 me & my best girl had a night of dreaming and planning and getting our hearts filled up (and our butts kicked) by the #madeformoremovie. feeling so inspired and encouraged and ready to take on this month (and year and rest of my life, tbh). happy friday, get out there and chase some dreams today ✨

give me a good pair of sunglasses & a good lipstick and I can pretttttty much take over the world. || PS I thought about editing this so you couldn’t see my hands in the reflection, but that’s dumb because we all know I took this picture of myself. plus, my nails look bomb, so ✌🏼

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