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hiii hello 2019. here’s to another one in the books. to personal growth, setting new goals, and learning a bit more about myself.
here’s to more travel, to getting out of my comfort zone on a more regular basis. to the new friendships, new relationships that will come about and flourish, and to ridding yourself of the toxic ones. to setting your sights on exactly what you want because at the end of the day you have the power to do it all.
here’s to the year i don’t allow myself to get in my own way. for not allowing fear and rejection to be a part of my vocabulary. for knowing that all is capable, that i’m the maker of my own destiny.
here’s to being able to experience anything at all. i’m glad i get to share any of this at all with you xoxo

i used to be afraid of saying what i wanted. of speaking my mind. of sharing my emotions and feelings. i was terrible at making decisions, terrified of potentially making the wrong call. the thought of somehow fucking up, displeasing others, the thought of possible regret was overwhelming. it was in these moments that i started to reflect on those feelings. what was the root cause? i’d pinpoint insecurity, fear of rejection (in all forms), and not knowing myself enough to speak to what i wanted or how i felt with confidence and self-respect. taking the time with myself and learning to do so has opened so many doors in so many aspects of my life. communication is everything.
so with that: don’t be afraid to ask for the things you want and need. don’t be afraid to speak your mind, to speak to your emotions. don’t overthink. know that if you speak from the heart, those who matter will hear you. you deserve to be listened to.
today set the intention to tell someone something from the heart. be it a friend, lover, or yourself 🥰 we all deserve a lil luv

take the time to know yourself. to learn your wants and needs, the things that make you tick. find your passions and follow them. work with them and don’t let them out of your sight. let them propel you, realize that all that you want is within your reach. get specific. know each little detail you’re aiming for. visualize it so clearly that you can’t get the image out of your head. ask yourself: what is it that i really want?

remember that you are worthy. you are worthy of happiness. you are worthy of love. you are worthy of attracting all that you want, all that you need and desire.
p.s. i miss summer

it’s never going to be what you expect. it seems so silly (because like, hi duh it’s life) but i’m forever in awe of that which is human resilience. learning how to ebb and flow and navigate all that is your existence as well as the ones happening around you, at all times.
perspective is key. remind yourself why you’re here. remind yourself you’ve got everything you’ll ever need, and you always have. be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and let the rest fall as it may 🥰 💭 “those who are meant to see you always will” — @maryamhasnaa

forever impressed with the way glossier has gone about building and defining their brand. between the clever, beautiful marketing, aesthetically pleasing packaging and design, and ‘gram-worthy stores, how could you not love them? 🥰 (plus like, have you tried their gloss?)

woke up with one question in mind: what intentions are you setting today? 🥰

easier said than done but always worth doing. no sense in trying to hide who you are, no sense in trying to be anything else. beautiful things happen when you just be yourself ✨
sometimes you’re just driving down a highway listening to billy joel and drake on the way to the airport.
and it’s funny how sometimes flights seem like juuuust the right transition between different places and times.
and you’ll never forget the feeling of leaving a place with a heightened sense of awareness. of intention and gratefulness. of positivity and light. the kind of grounded you’re always looking to feel—you know the one i’m talking about. and suddenly you have no more old routines. you come back home and it all feels fresh, somehow new. so you remind yourself to take in that feeling, to come back to it when you need it. sometimes all it takes is six days.
ontario, you were a dream. E, you are a magical human being 🔮 as someone once said: “it is literally a privilege to know you” ♥️

places you can find me #21104628 @brothervellies in greenpoint, bk. if you need a lil inspo (or the most incredible pair of shoes) definitely stop in 👡✨👌🏼

forever thankful for brooklyn 🥀 #disco

take the time you need. surround yourself with those you love, those who bring you joy. remind yourself that sometimes going a little bit slower, being more intentional and making space for a bit more thought is exactly what you may need. enjoy nature. be positive. go with the flow. don’t forget there will always be forks in the road. don’t follow arrow signs on dirt roads that say “flames”. stop on the side of the road and take photos of cool trees you saw when you were finally headed in the right direction. be grateful for each day. remind yourself that good things are coming, and that they’re always happening all around you 😌♥️

we out here 🇨🇦❣️

hiii hey hello 👋🏼 i can’t sleep. been thinking a lot about goals lately. how many is too many? i forever want to do it all ~

shoot more film. go back to london. visit amalfi. taipei. glasgow. revisit paris, eat copious amounts of croissants and falafel. find a spot to dj here in new york. get better at spinning vinyl. meditate more. journal more. practice illustrating. take another neon class. pick up salsa 💃. get pilates certified. get better at traveling alone. open a café. make a travel zine. learn some solid new dishes to cook (i’ve perfected soft scrambled eggs btw). start my own studio. fall in love. flip a house and buy a cabin somewhere in the woods. write a book. write more poetry. live abroad, again. start a skincare brand. learn to skate. fall asleep on the beach, under the stars, on an island somewhere — maybe in greece. live every day to the fullest and always be grateful to be alive and to be me 😌

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