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“we must agree on what matters: kissing in public places, bacon sandwiches, disagreement, cutting-edge fashion, literature, generosity, water, a more equitable distribution of the world's resources, movies, music, freedom of thought, beauty, love.” — salman rushdie

29. hiii, i’m happy to be here.
this past year has tested me in numerous ways, as if someone was watching my reactions to things thrown my way. seeing if i would handle those things with grace and understanding. this past year broke me, or at least tried very hard. i hit a hard rock bottom and it felt completely impossible to see the light. looking back, it was necessary. it all taught me so much about myself. about others.
the year i found myself. the year i learned to tap into my inner energy. the year i truly had to focus on working on me. finding my place, my beliefs, my wants and needs. putting in the time was the hardest part but what has come from it has been well worth the effort. i know myself better than ever. i know who i want to be, who i want to become.
so here’s to another year — a year of personal growth, of lessons learned. of love. of happiness. of channeling that highly vibrational energy. here’s to being more open to adventures and experiences, and saying yes to things that might scare me. here’s to asking for what i want, from others, from myself, from the universe.
here’s to being me, the best i can be, always and forever. xoxo

over the past year i’ve found it easier to maintain a sense of openness with others (and myself). i used to fear judgement, rejection, getting hurt, and lack of of reciprocation but am realizing that doing/saying what i genuinely feel without expectation makes me happiest. it’s okay to be vulnerable. believe in your desires, make room for the unknown, focus on your energy; things will come to you 💫

mindfulness. awareness. patience. the art of allowing oneself to feel at ease, to take it slow. to not hold oneself to expectations or standards that are just figments of the imagination, of the mind. truly reveling in each moment, especially the little ones. the understanding that we each serve a purpose — that we each bring meaning and value and light. the ability to open up ones mind to the possibilities and opportunities that surround us. the understanding of existence. of non-existence. of love and passion; the exchange of energy between souls and personalities. understanding the universe and the way it works. the daily learnings of who we truly are and what makes us tick and what that means. the meaning of it all. of life and experience. of letting oneself just be. finding beauty in the unknown. that’s really all there is.

forever trying to make waves. forever trying to do it all. to chase every idea i’ve ever had. to accomplish more. to hit every goal, every milestone. to say yes to new things, to start new ventures, to go on more adventures. i no longer wait for things to come my way, i go after them. i’ve learned how to make my own dreams come true. i stay focused. you can’t just expect things to happen — you must speak them into existence. i think about the things i want, i write them all down. i talk about them as if they’re already mine, as if i’ve already gotten exactly what i wanted. you have to feel it on a deeper level. you have to want it bad enough.
are you being clear with the universe about what you want?

who are you when things get rough, when things get rocky? who are you when things feel good? what kind of energy are you putting out? how highly are you vibrating? are you grateful? do you say it? i do my best to ask myself these questions every day. an internal audit, a self-reminder to stay on track.

gratefulness is something i’ve come to learn, something i’ve come to harness. something i thought i understood and felt, but i hadn’t really. it’s this deep sense of appreciation, of love and light and energy for all things around me. i take time out of my day to write lists of all that i’m grateful for, to tell those around me how much i appreciate them, because i do. there is beauty in writing it out, reminding yourself that sometimes the small things are the ones that matter most (and also the ones that are so easily overlooked). i think sometimes it’s easier for people focus on the negative, on the little things that go wrong in our day to days. but when shit hits the fan, can you see all the good that surrounds you? can you find something, anything, to appreciate? can you let go of the dark and make room for the light?

how funny it is that we’re here at all, on this wildly incredible planet. that alone is something to be thankful for.

today i am grateful for this life, for this platform, this space to express myself. and to those who read my words, my thoughts, i am grateful for you.

expectation — the idea, the thought, that something should or could or will happen. how funny it is that we hold ourselves to things like this, fully knowing that anything can change, anything can happen at any point in time. what we have today we may not tomorrow and what we have tomorrow might not be what we asked for.
this year i’ve learned to let go. to not to hold myself, or others for that matter, to such things. everything feels a little easier when you just let life happen. when you go with the flow. when you don’t allow yourself to get wrapped up in things that may just never be a thing at all. i had ideas in my head of how life would be by now — where i would be, who i would become. looking back i realize how wrong i was. wrong in that nothing is what i thought it would be, myself included. i’ve really come into myself in ways that i never could have imagined. i was wrong in that i am nowhere even close to the picture i painted in my head of 28, almost 29.
it’s okay to wish for things, it’s okay to want things to turn out a certain way. it’s when you’re not open to other possibilities, other beginnings and other endings, that it becomes a problem. challenge yourself to find peace in that openness. and while it may feel a bit scary, realize how beautiful it is, how strong you are, and how resilient you become. learn to let go and i promise you will have so many more moments, so many more experiences, things you never dreamed of — maybe some that will even change your life. allow the universe to guide you. have faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to. have faith that at the end of it all you will be exactly where you are meant to be. you will.

best read to Lamp by CFCF 🎶
photo: by me, for @please
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if i’m honest, i used to think positive thinking and manifestation were bullshit. i didn’t want to believe that the negative things in my life were due to the energy i was putting out, that i was as they say “vibrating low”. i knew needed change, i needed something and i wasn’t sure what. i started reading, started journaling, meditating, started digging deep within myself. i spent a lot of time thinking about the things i wanted and less about the things i didn’t. i poured my energy into my passions, into my dreams.
then it all started to change. the things i wanted came to me. the more i channeled positivity, the more i seemed to get it back. i felt lighter, i felt more me. setting and reaching goals felt more attainable than ever, and still does. it hasn’t slowed. i put in an incredible amount of self-work daily. seeing light in the dark, being positive with all that’s happening in my life and the world isn’t easy, but it’s all about energy. i can feel it; the momentum pushing me forward, closer to the things i want and the things i need.
so just a reminder: only you can make your dreams come true. fight for what you want. follow your intuition and don’t second guess yourself. remind yourself that you deserve it, deserve whatever it is that you want. speak it into existence. write it all down and be specific. the universe is listening.

change is inevitable. sometimes it feels like the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced, sometimes it’s a bit harder — waves of nostalgia, waves of wonder, crashing ever so slowly over you. it can be overwhelming and wonderful and confusing all at once.

but it’s how you deal with that change, that’s what counts. are you fighting it or are you embracing whatever is next? can you see the beauty in it, even when it’s unexpected? are you allowing the new and shedding the old?

it’s important to realize that nothing is ever as it seems, even if it seems so in the moment. life is ever-changing. know that even when it feels bad, when it tears you apart, when it tries to break you, that you will be okay. find that resilience; keep it close and hold it tight.

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