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Chelli  Co-Founder of Bloom, Las Vegas’ First & Only Co-Working Space for Women. Writer. Expert Googler. Seeker and Lover of Truth, Bear Hugs & High-Fives.



Channeling Debra Winger circa 1982, Officer and a Gentleman. #ivegotnowhereelsetogo #cheesyAF #stilllovethatmovie

He wakes me up before 7am so that I can let him out & feed him and then he goes back to sleep on my lap. It’s his process. If he weren’t the best dog ever, it might annoy me. 😉 #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #morningroutine #handsomehank

Red lips, green eyes, 100% ready to jingle & mingle today at @bloomlasvegas. See you soon!🌹

You don’t even understand how happy this fluffbutt is right now...
#cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #wind #leaves #bliss

A few years ago I received a message from the person who had molested me when I was just a little girl. They were the bravest words I have ever read. He owned it. He explained he had been molested as a child too, not as an excuse, just as context. He spent years riddled in shame and guilt. I had written a post on Facebook about accountability being a loving act. He had read it and felt compelled to send me his apology. It was heartfelt. It was honest. It took my breath away. It reminded me that this person that I had demonized all those years was just a young boy himself and also a victim. My soul instantly healed. I forgave him. I wished him the best. I meant it. Truly. When you hurt someone, own it then do what you need to do to make it right. It's really that simple. Blaming the person you hurt for being hurt makes what you did about a million times worse. "I'm sorry I hurt you", then don't do it again. I have tremendous respect for people who can own their mistakes and apologize authentically - to me, it's everything I need to know about someone, it's character personified.

If it’s not a HELL YES then it’s a hell no. But thank you. But no.

I talk with my hands...and pens. 😜

There is pure magic in undying hope. 💖

This year...wow, highest of highs, lowest of lows. In my darkest moments, after losing a baby girl that I wanted to be a Mama to forever, I thought of @bloomlasvegas , the safe, inspiring space my partner @gdesprez and I created for the women of Las Vegas and it kept me going, it got me out of bed and allowed me to endure the greatest pain imaginable. So I would love for you to join us in a celebration of the good, the bad, the unbelievable and let’s prepare for the greatest year ever to begin. Jingle & Mingle. Love & Light. Bubbly. 💖

Four days in NYC for the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever witnessed and this is the one picture I have to show for it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was very in the moment. #moorechoudhry

Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. 💖

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