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Chelli  Co-Founder of @BloomLasVegas; Writer; Expert Googler; Seeker & Lover of Truth, Bear hugs & High-fives. Intention is everything.

Just so you have a reason to smile today: Bella, aka tiny Tina Turner, aka baby Beyonce. πŸ’–

This is the third greatest thing to ever happen to me. And by "happen to me" I mean I discovered and then purchased. πŸ˜› @lavazzausa #bestcoffeeofalltimeever


They didn't skip a beat...



Dream. Come. True. πŸ’– #bloomlasvegas #openingsoon

Here's the secret about life that young women rarely hear: you've got everything you need to handle everything that comes your way. Your grace, your resilience, your open heart will take you where you need to go. You don't need brows on fleek, junk in your trunk, or a man to save you. Here's another secret: the more you truly love who you really are and accept yourself, the more beautiful you become to others - the irony is that the opinions of others will matter so much less. Love yourself, handle your stressful moments with as much grace as possible, choose to spend your time with authentic people who truly want the best for you and you them. Finally, enjoy the ride - the highs, the lows, all of it. It goes by so much faster than you even know. Deep breath, you got this shit handled. 😘

And never looked back. πŸ’–

The moment Hank realized I'm taking him to his favorite park. #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #handsomehank #suchalover

Just when you think it's over...it's a breakthrough. Don't give up. πŸ’–

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