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Chelle Morgan  ✖️Personal Growth Educator ✖️Pursuing MA in Counselling Psych ✖️Building a new concept #findyourtruenorth 🔥New website launches June 2017!

Sometimes you just have to forget about the endless to-do list and put on a dress that makes you feel good. And then, dance. 💃🏻 Made it to the east coast to celebrate #shariandscott2017 ✨ So happy for you two! #niagarafalls

Today was a pretty special day for me. ✨Just a few months ago I decided to go back to school to pursue my Masters in Counselling Psych. I didn't let the amount of skeptical raised eyebrows I received change my mind (and please, never let anyone make you hesitate about a decision that is YOURS to make!) Today I had my first class at UBC and I loved everything about it. ❤️
It feels pretty magical to move forward in a new direction and take action on the future. High fives to anyone in school right now, I'm right there with ya! ✌🏼

All smiles this weekend celebrating @alexandrateed with a crew of beautiful friends. ❤️ Ocean waves, heritage homes, blaming the water, forest walks, corona cheers, amazing meals, sunshine, boomonia, and laughing until we literally cried.
You certainly know how to bring everyone together, birthday girl. So lucky to be by your side to send you off into your thirties! 🌴 #teedsville #galianoisland

This day, these flowers, this sunshine was all 10/10. ❤️
I'm in the calm before the chaos. In the next couple of weeks I'll be relaunching my blog and starting my first counselling classes at UBC. I'm nervous and excited and so ready for a change. 👊🏼
If you're also in the grind of #studentlife, I'll be right there with ya this summer!

Bloom baby, bloom. 🌸 Finally a burst of spring weather and everything feels a little bit lighter. We all need the sunshine to lift us out of that cold weather slump. Soak it in, babes. Spend happy hour on a patio or drive with the sunroof open. See you among the cherry blossoms! #friyay #vancouver

Anyone else sometimes just need to take a step back from social media? ✋🏼 Oh, I really needed a mental break. But I have some big exciting projects in the works and it's time to challenge myself to actually share them and live them and own the completely new direction I'm headed in life. It's gonna be rad. ❤️ In other news, it's Friday, friends! #isithappyhouryet

"Don't be so hard on yourself." 💓 We are our own worst critics, aren't we? It's so easy to go down the rabbit hole of comparison. I tend to beat myself up for not being where I think I should be. But, really, where we are in this moment is pretty perfect. Plus, it's Friday - and that deserves a smile. 📷: @alexandrateed

Today and every day I am grateful for the strong, brave, beautiful, ass-kicking women in my life. The ones who've taught me how to love, lead and carve my own damn path in this world. 💗 May we stand together stronger than ever. #thefutureisfemale #internationalwomensday #yougogirl

"The greatest originals are the ones who fail the most, because they're the ones who try the most." 💡 Our biggest regrets are the inactions, the ideas we leave behind. But doubt creeps in a lot, doesn't it? The fear of failure, the fear of what others think. But failing is brave and bold and helps us live exciting, creative lives. So why are we so afraid of it? #originals #adamgrant #coach1941 #ad

Game face, on. ⚡️ Stepping into Friday with some big life changes. I've applied to go back to school to pursue my MA in Counselling Psychology and I can't really believe it quite yet. But I'm certainly ready for a good weekend. ✌🏼️ #coach1941 #ad

Confession: I love being a full-time freelancer. 💫 The freedom to wake up and work on my own time is something I haven't experienced in this capacity before. And I'm thrilled to FINALLY take my own brand and idea for a business to the next level. Coming soon... ❤️ #coach1941 #coachdinky #ad

Well @stevenjamesmusic you certainly make my heart laugh. ❤️ Thanks to @photosbyblush for these cozy home shots! 📷

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