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Michelle  Self proclaimed Disney princess.

Just got done filming our first TV show. There’s a first time for everything. 🤪

I hit a raccoon and I still feel terrible. I hope insurance covers animal damages. 🙄

This weekend was fun even though I’m a murderer now. 💔

Hello yes! I’m still alive, not sure if it counts if you don’t post 10x a day but I am. Anyway, I’m 30 now (as of 9 days ago) and I can say I’m LIVING! Thanks to all my cutie girls (and Brandon and Dreu) for the surprise dinner and thanks to @ericgrose and @leeeeeeeeuh for the best food and kiddos. I love y’all. 💘
I’ll chat with instagram at my next post in whenever months.
I’m happy, chasing dreams, doin what I wanna do. 30 seemed so scary but 30 RULES! I look, feel, and AM better than ever. Watch out world. 💫

@melissacohn sent me this new pic of Tuna & I doin’ what we do best. ✨

I know this is on my story but I’m just loving our first camping trip and I’m so happy to be up with my besties!
We’re living! @marymakenna

Greetings Earthlings.
I am still googling about that Malaysian voicemail so if someone wants to give me literally anything else to think about... go for it. If not, RIP.

It’s been a while since I got to spend a Sunday funday with my @miss_mega87 - but what I’m really doing is ring planning with @dreudamn.

This is my shade face. Not sure how I am just seeing this. But here’s why I get Botox now.

I’ve been workin’ real hard lately so this gal just spoiled herself with her dream car! Welcome to my life, Audi Q5! I’m so happy! Thank you Daniel Sanchez for all of your help!

Saturday Slay.

HBD to my R.O.D!
Today I can get away with posting super embarrassing things (I was nice, I edited this a few times - you would have come for me for sure.) Lucky to have ya for all these years! I got you an AARP magazine subscription and dinner on me! Love you Keeks! Life sure would be boring without ya! @trickpat87

Took my guy to the place we fell in luuuurve as a surprise for his birthday! Had a nice wine tasting, made new friends, and had a blast. Love you hunny, happy birthday to my ride or die! 💕✨

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