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Michelle 이미혜  (+65) Wanderer. Daydreamer. Baker. Love brunch, desserts and coffee.

Giving 100% (and more) every day. Just finished baking some banana bread and granola bars as energy boosters. Gonna head to work now to prep for the impending cray cray at work next week. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

김치 볶음밥. Comfort food to tide me through the long work days.
Note to self: July is just round the corner. Right? 🤔 Right.

一日三餐:Egg spam and honey mustard chicken tomato sandwiches on charcoal bread; Veggie chips I got from Japan; Salad; Yogurt and berries.

🍞 and I, we go way back.

Lunch sandwiches for the Sis and I
- Meat+Kale
- EGG 😍
- 🥑+🧀+canned salmon

Staying in to do some major vacay planning. Salted buttered sourdough toast, truffled scrambled eggs, heirloom tomatoes, shredded pork ribs with pesto and chilli flakes, and my most perfect 🥑 🌹to date!

Anticipating that I'll be working late again today so I made a lunch AND dinner bento. And also baked a chocolate coffee macadamia crumble cake! Made all these (except the spinach pistachio pesto, which I made over the weekend) before 8am this morning. Ha! *pats self on back* This warrants spamming of multiple photos. Found these really beautiful heirloom tomatoes in the mart yesterday 😍.

Woke up early this morning today cos I wanted to bake (to destress)...only to find out that I'm outta buttahhhhh. Nooooooo. *runs to a corner to cry* Bah, throwback to this strawberry chiffon I made some time back instead.

My niece turns one today! Wah. How time flies. Ok, #Auntygoals for the coming year: for Grace not to cry when I pick her up. 🤣 it's currently a hit/miss thing depending on her mood. LOL. The #desserttable set up for her partay on Sunday was so pretty!

Exploding sandwich stuffed with tons of ingredients: pesto chicken, beetroot, carrot, cheese and omelette. With a matcha mascarpone strawberry roll at the side.

Last week's #chellelibrunch table. Dad said he wanted an Italian dish, so I made it an Italian brunch instead! Homemade spinach pistachio pesto pasta, pizza, pull apart cheese garlic bread, tomato pesto salmon and tiramisu. And what's an Italian feast without some 🥂? ;)

Help! I have a 🥞 addiction.
Tiramisu soufflé pancakes: coffee pancakes with kahlua mascarpone yogurt cream. Of course, not forgetting my cuppa ☕️. Triple caffeine breakkie. 😄

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