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Today marks 5 years since you've left this world. I still think about that morning everything happened wishing I could've done something to save you, but it was already to late😭 it breaks my heart knowing your gone, knowing i can't talk to you, knowing that your no longer here with me! It breaks my heart knowing that my sister is gone💔 that bond we had will forever be alive💯 you were the only person who understood me, the one that would comfort me when I had my days, you'd put a smile on my face every morning I got up for school& you would wait for me outside the house until I got home from school, you would ask me "how was school sister" & I would say "It was okay" you would ask me if anybody was rude I'd say no, but the fact that you can't do that now, now that I'm in high school, you would always put a smile on anybody's face& you would make anybody laugh💔 I wish this was all a dream😭 why you, why did it have to be you!? I ask myself everyday "Why didn't I do something..?" But knowing it's not my fault, I was juss a kid but now that I'm older I realize I could have done something😭 but it was juss to late⚘ you will forever be missed by your loved ones& the people who knew youu! I miss you every single day, I keep my head held high for you💯 all the shiit I've been through I still keep my head held high. You would be so happy for me everything I have accomplished, I really really miss you, I'm gonna be attending middle college next year😭 I'm still dancing, I can feel your spirit while I dance my heart out for you.. all the big times we've went to together, whenever I go I know your right there sitting with me, & when I dance I know your dancing with me❤ while I'm writing this I cry because  I love& miss you everyday! May you rest in peace my beautiful angle💔 SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND💎 taken to young but never forgotten😘 1993-2013 I love you jess😭😭❤ #longlivejess

you wanna talk shit bitch get hit!🗣 -hope😘

really missing my hopie& momma kim😭

Wishing my little hopie a happy belated birthday! I hope you had the best day of your life! I miss you so much hope I really hope your doing good. You have become such A strong young lady from your past relationship that you were in you didn't deserve a man like that🗣and you have moved on to a better young lady☺. You have accomplished so many things. Look you are starting middle college this coming fall🤗 moving to bigger and better things I couldn't be much prouder than you! I love you so much, I'm so proud of you hopie. I miss you so much I hope your doing good in school! Once again happy belated birthday my hope❤

Sista💋- hope was here;)

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