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Tory Martindale 

Sunday project. When the best dim sum restaurant happens to be your house. Shrimp shao mai, pork and shrimp dumplings, pork truffle soup dumplings, fish cake soup, lotus rice and fried radish cake. #chefnightoff

Sunday project revisit. The last batch of lotus rice was so good it barely lasted 2 weeks. So this time we kicked it up a notch and doubled it. Cured and smoked pork belly, salted duck egg, kimchi, chinese sausage and peanuts.

Took me a couple years but finally got the torch back up and running. Busted out a few marbles. A little rusty.

Sunday project. Lo Mai Gai. Otherwise known as lotus rice.

My trailer hitch needed a litlle chef upgrade. Project complete. Thanks to a bit of scrap steel.

First steps of the Bonita katsuoboshi

Picked up these two well used badboys from a local chef. Will become a complete refurb. Sexy handle wood. Polish out the buffalo horn. Full polish on the blades and redo the saya. Question to the knifemakers out there. Has anyone out there tried to renormalize and put a hamon on these? You cant see it but the tip on the kiritsuki is broken and will be reshaped.

Finished the first knives from scratch today. Damascus bar stock. 9.5" slicer and a 3# kiradashi. Used english pound coins for the bolsters. Been an off and on project for the last months. Lots of learn by trial.

Tonights dinner. Brodetto di frutta de mare. Charred octopus clams mussels scallops and shrimp. Grilled rosemary bread and saffro potatoes. Mmmmmm

Short rib tortellini time!

Ok team now lets plate a hundred just like that!!

Swank farm had some livers from the poussin harvest for this weekends white party. I just had to make some chicken liver pate to go with the dinner.

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