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Tom Brown  @cornerstonehackney ❤️

Roast Cornish cod, cafe de Paris hollandaise, courgette 🐟🙌🏻🤤🥒 ...CDP holla is back and it’s made me realise just how much I missed it’s naughty goodness 😈❤️ @cornerstonehackney

Perl las, brown butter honey cake, fig, rosemary 🧀🤤🐝🍯🌱 ...sneak preview of our new cheese course, coming soon @cornerstonehackney level stuff from @kellycullenxx 👌🏻👌🏻

Salt baked celeriac, hazelnuts, smoked cod’s roe, tarragon 😍👌🏻🐟🌱💥 ...yep, summer’s done, but on the bright side we get to stick stuff like this back on the menu 🤗 ...absurd levels of flavour @cornerstonehackney 👌🏻

Stunning Salcombe crabs in this morning from @flyingfish525 🦀👌🏻💥🙌🏻 @cornerstonehackney

And here it is... Raw wild gilthead bream, @buttervilla tomatoes, sea purslane 🐟👌🏻🍅🌱 ... on now @cornerstonehackney #sofreshsoclean

Incredible 2.9kg wild gilthead bream in today from @flyingfish525 😳🐟🙌🏻 ...this thing is an absolute stunner 😍 be served tonight @cornerstonehackney raw with @buttervilla tomatoes and sea purslane... amazing produce right at the top of the season 💥... all you want really 🤷🏻‍♂️

Curried salmon, carrot, coriander, spring onion 👌🏻🙌🏻🐟🥕🌱 today @cornerstonehackney and I can assure you, it’s an absolute belter 💪🏻💥

Pickled Porthilly oysters, celery, horseradish, dill 🙌🏻🐚💪🏻🤤 ...on since day one @cornerstonehackney and not changed a bit 👊🏻💥 #ifitaintbroke

Squid, black pudding, citrus fruits, brown butter 👌🏻🦑🐷🍋🍊 ...been waiting to put this on for a while @cornerstonehackney ...super tasty, beautiful balanced, and perfect cookery from @crinsharp 🙌🏻

Stunning red mullet in this morning from @flyingfish525 😍👌🏻🐟 to be the prettiest fish in our waters be served today with ravigote sauce and gem lettuce @cornerstonehackney 🙌🏻

Crisp fried Cornish sardines, saffron and garlic mayonnaise 🙌🏻🐟👌🏻💥 ...with ingredients this good, there’s no need to try and get clever... no amount of process, technique, fermentation, extraction, fluid gels, foams or compression in the world can beat chucking these bad boys in a frier and serving with a big old dollop of mayo 🤤🤤🤤 ...on this evening @cornerstonehackney

Gorgeous MSC grade super sustainable Cornish hake in this morning from @wildharbour 😍👌🏻🐟 ...still very underrated in this country, but by far my favourite white fish ...showing that things that look ugly on the outside can still be beautiful too... i feel you bro 😢✊🏻

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