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Esther Sham 沈依紅  Chef Owner of Maison ES | Food | Fitness | Beauty | Fashion | Travel | Lifestyle | Wife, Mother of Two 👦🏻 & a 🐶 ❤️

I was in my pink chef’s jacket earlier and I’m now in this pretty all-pink outfit. Two different looks, one same person. _____________________________________________________________ @thisiswhistles #pinkeverything

So happy to be featured on TVB’s Dolce Vita Show again. Looking back at the last time that I was on the show 3 years ago, I was a completely different person. Back then, all I focused on was running my restaurants, I wasn’t doing anything I like other than work. Now, after my experience of a year of fighting my depression, I walked out as a completely renewed person. I am still running my restaurant business, but I am also taking good care of my health, my mind, and most importantly, my precious family. This time on the show, it’s about what else I do in my life other than work. I do lots of exercises, floral arrangements, Chinese & English calligraphies, and taking care of my two lovely boys. It sounds like I’m doing a lot, but there is a difference. I feel joy, stress-free, balanced, and loaded with love. Thank you God for knocking on my head in time to let me realize how I wasn’t treating myself right in the life He has given me. May God continue to bless me, my loved ones, and the ones who will be watching this episode! _____________________________________________________________ Wardrobe: @thisiswhistles @tvbcomhk @loveesflorist #dolcevitahk #alifeofmylife #loveyourself #balancedlife #godislove #allglorytogod

He is knowledgeable, passionate & super humorous. So happy to see him again & feel honored to have dined with him! _____________________________________________________________ #蔡瀾 #hkfoodcritic #hkchef #privatedinner

So honored to have joint this spectacular private dinner hosted by the French General Consul at his elegant residence. We were only a table of 14 guests, but there where actually 14 chefs from Disciples Escouffier cooking for us!! It was truly fun to be dining with all these gastronomy & wines enthusiasts! _____________________________________________________________ #privatedinner #frenchgastronomy #disciplesescoffier

Yay, we are done with shooting, let’s do something silly! __________________________________________________________ @eunis818 @leungeunice @maison_es #funnyvideo #好搞笑 #勁無聊

We are just average-ly tall... hahaha! _____________________________________________________________ @eunis818 @maison_es @viutv #tvshooting #eunischan

So happy to be interviewed by my modeling 前輩! _____________________________________________________________ @eunis818 @maison_es @viutv #tvinterview #lifestyleshow

I’m back to my Chef Esther identity today!! __________________________________________________________ @maison_es @viutv #maisoneshk #tvshooting #myidentities

There is no such thing as “no time”, it is only because we are giving ourselves an excuse to not to do it. Time is always here for us, it’s only a matter of what we want to use it for. So sort out our priorities & time doesn’t stand still for us! ____________________________________________________________ @bakkerbreton #livelifetothefullest #worklifebalance #seizetheday

When you are a working mom of two young boys, it’s all about having good time management. It happens so my cooking philosophy is all about simplifying recipes! Here is my version of a quick & easy bruschetta. I used cherry tomatoes instead of spending so much time in dicing fresh big tomatoes as all I need to do is cut them in halves. Then I added some crushed garlic & onions, threw in some torn basil leaves, added a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil & drizzles of balsamic vinegar, lastly, grind in some fresh sea salt & black pepper. To serve, I grilled some leftover baguette on stovetop and place those lovely vibrant colored tomatoes on top. It looks so pretty that no one would have thought the reason that I used tri-colored cherry tomatoes is to save time! ____________________________________________________________ #bruschetta #learncookingwithchefta #simplecooking #cookingwithlove

I got photobombed by my boy! 😂😂😂 _____________________________________________________________ @prada #pradahk #photobombed

So happy to have spent the afternoon with my birthday bestie on her special day! ____________________________________________________________ @faye_tsui #birthdaygirl #bffs #afternoonteatime #preciousmoments #godislove

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