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Esther Sham 沈依紅  Chef Owner of Maison ES | Food | Travel | Fashion | Lifestyle | Wellness | Mother of Two 👦🏻 & a 🐶 ❤️


This is one main reason why I love train traveling here in Taiwan, Railway Bento 鐡路便當! It is so true that He will always take good care of us whenever we are serving Him. __________________________________________________________ #godisgood #鐵路便當 #台灣 #感謝主

Sometimes living in a city like HK makes having quiet time seems to be a luxury. I just love this chill pace & all these cute little tea places they have here. FYI, I'm not doing a chemistry experiment, it was just tea tasting. _____________________________________________________________ #teatasting @tea.box.zhongxiao

If you tell people you can recognize any these video game consoles, you are giving your age away. So think twice before you admit or deny whether you have seen them before! 😂🤣 (Yes, not only have I seen these, I have actually played video games with them😅) _________________________________________________________ #vintagegames #collections #age #巷子口創意台菜料理食堂

Ready, set, fly!! _____________________________________________________________ #readytofly #byebye

As I was busy packing for my trip to Taiwan, I thought if I were ever stuck in the airport or my luggage got lost, at least please let me have these SOS items with me!! And of course, I must have my mobile too, but I'm using it to take this photo so it's not in there. 😂 __________________________________________________________ #packing #musthaves #naturabisse

The art of curvatures _____________________________________________________________ #curvature #art #hongkongart

How do you like my "instant noodle hair" look tonight? 😝😂 ______________________________________________________________#theambassadorsball #hairstyles #公仔麵

Perfect place for this mood, weather, timing & companion! It really is God's plan that we chose to come here today. I'm so glad that this has been here all these years for me to go to whenever I crave for casual comfort food. I just hope that our government can continue to keep these distinctive HK cultures alive. #大坑 #街坊 #約都無咁啱 @bing_kee

Nothing can beat the smell of freshly baked breads. It is so nice to wake up on this Friday morning to this homemade Pain de Mie. I prefer making my own breads as there won't be any preservatives & minimal sodium, which is much better for my little ones! 🍞 _________________________________________________________ #homemadebread #fridaymorning #chefmom

Your left side, my right side! 你左我右! 😂🤣 _________________________________________________________ @marieclaire_hk @sammi_chengsauman #好姊妹們在我人生非常非常重要 #你左我右 #insidejoke

This makeup room scene makes me feel like I have traveled a decade back to the time when I was modeling. That was the time when I was young, not married, had no kids, nor have I had these abs! Who says your 30s years old self now can't be fitter than your old 20s years old self! __________________________________________________________ @marieclaire_hk #abs #thirties #youcandoit #womenempowerment

This is my first time doing an interview with a video of me teaching fitness exercises. Thank you for giving me this first time experience! _________________________________________________________ @marieclaire_hk #ontheset #marieclairehk #godisgreat

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