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Resha  DC/VA based Private Chef. Home Cook. Recipe Developer. Blogger. Youtuber. Mommy. Magical. #carnaldish

if you guys are looking for a great on-the-go non-GMO gluten-free soy-free protein bar with over 20 superfoods, sweetened with organic honey (the vegan flavor is sweetened with low-glycemic organic dates), you gotta try @perfectbar. because the bars are very fresh and made with real ingredients, you’ve gotta keep them in the fridge....we smashed all of these but i saved the Maple Almond for last because that’s my personal favorite flavor, it melts in the mouth so beautifully 👅 they’ve got a bunch of other flavors. i love these because they’re nutrient-dense, and give me a nice boost when Christian doesn’t allow me to cook myself some breakfast — which is almost all the time (he’s a hater). lifesavers. check them out @perfectbar #itsjustperfect

y’all wanted baby food recipes, so i’m starting my baby food series with the basics. click the link in my bio to learn how to make organic cinammon sweet potatoes for your little one. sweet potatoes are on the safe list, and they’re packed with rich vitamins and nutrients. plus, they help fatten your baby. also great for anemia. i have lots more baby food recipes in the pipeline, but this is a good one to start with. enjoy! #howtomakebabyfood #organicbabyfood #homemadebabyfood #sweetpotatoesforbaby #babysfirstfood #carnaldish

dark chocolate sheet cake with milk chocolate ganache frosting, now on the blog. link in bio. enlarge the pic so you can see how moist this baby is, it’s stupid! the ultimate PMS cure. finally, a cake you can make without a stand mixer. just a couple bowls and a whisk is all you need. enjoy. #chocolatesheetcake #milkchocolateganache #pmscure #fatassery #effyourdiet #gymflow #carnaldish

new recipe: garlic cacio e pepe with shrimp and toasted breadcrumbs 🔥 link in bio #cacioepepe #carnaldish #aglioeolio #gamberetticacioepepe

i made something yummy. and i’m editing the video for it it’s basically an umami-packed Swedish-style Meatball Pasta Bake with Mushrooms. it’s SO good. Jesus H!! creamy, rich (but not gloopy), great textures since the exposed rigatoni got nice and toasted, flavorful, the meatballs melt in your mouth (i don’t toot my own horn about a lot of things, but i make TF outta some meatballs, know me!). we sopped the sauce up with some garlicky tuscan bread and now we’re just sitting here gazing at basketball games. anyway, i’m gonna get this up along with the cake in my previous post this week on my channel. hope u make this on a nice rainy Sunday soon ❤️ #swedishmeatballpastabake #meatballs #ilikebigballs #carnaldish

Lemon Glazed Citrus Bundt Cake, perfect for Spring. this recipe is on my website already (kinda), search for “lemon bundt cake”. but what i did here was triple the citrus (orange, lemon, lime) and use a few different extracts. i filmed this one, so it’ll be on my youtube channel later this week. yum. #citrusbundtcake #springdesserts #carnaldish

“dang Resha, more chicken thighs?” yup. y’all gonna get these thighs. anyhoo, this was the last pack we had in the fridge, and i wanted to use some ingredients up. so i poured some light and dark soy sauce, sambal, honey, brown sugar, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, and chili oil in a big cup, mixed it up, tasted it and adjusted until i found the balance i was looking for...then i lightly seasoned the thighs and put them in the oven on their own for the first 15 minutes...took them out and poured that soy sauce in the dish until it reached halfway up the sides of the chicken, and roasted it all at 425° for an additional 30min. i did it this way because i wanted to keep the skin crispy, and i did exactly that. MAN LOOK! this was SO good. i sautéed some snow peas and carrots and made some jasmine rice to go along with it, and gave it a final squeeze of lime which really set it off. perfect meal. so tasty. spicy, sweet, sticky, savory, whew! the way that rice soaked up that sauce *rubs nipples* i may blog this one 🤤 #soygingergarlicchicken

i made Karaage, aka Japanese Fried Chicken. Video link in my bio 🔥 #karaage #karaagechicken #carnaldish #youtube

Chicken Tikka Masala the Carnaldish Way 👅🔥 recipe link in bio #chickentikkamasala #carnaldish #weusethighs #notdrybreasts #sorrynotsorry

guess who’s SEVEN months! 😩💕 #slowdownbaby #iJUSThadyou

i marinated some chicken thighs (our fav part of the bird) in lemon zest, lemon juice, olive oil, fresh and dried herbs, garlic, salt and pepper for a few hours...seared it skin-side down...then in the same pan, sautéed some garlic and shallots while scraping up the chicken bits, added some well-rinsed rice and quinoa, toasted that for a about 2 minutes, then added chicken stock, lemon juice, lemon zest, more dried and fresh herbs (oregano, parsley, herbes de provence, thyme)...put the chicken back on top with sliced lemons and put it in the oven until the chicken was cooked thru and the rice/quinoa was tender. i love one pot meals. easy, fast, no-fuss. i took pics of the process, so it’ll be on my blog soon 💕 #carnaldish #onepotmeal #chickenthighs

throwback: Valentine’s Day 2017 when I appeared on Good Morning Washington discussing foods that’ll get you lucky and/or pregnant. I had them blushing thru this taping, I don’t think they were ready for my innuendos 😂 I also announced my own pregnancy in this segment. Super fun day, gonna have to do it again real soon ☺️ #goodmorningwashington #carnaldish #aphrodisiacdishes #pleaseusebirthcontrol

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