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Resha  Owner of CarnalDish 🤤 DC/VA-based Private Chef. Home Cook. Recipe Developer. Blogger. Youtuber. Mommy. Magical. #carnaldish #foodblogger #foodporn

Korean Bibimbap via @hellofresh 🥘 a bed of jasmine rice topped with crispy ginger-garlic spiced beef, carrot ribbons, sautéed zucchini, pickled scallions, and pan-roasted mushrooms. drizzled with a spicy soy-sesame sauce, and sriracha. i added some more heat to it, and a yolky fried egg (because you have to). this turned out to be seriously delicious, definitely going in my arsenal. next time i’ll do it so that the rice gets crispy at the bottom (cuz yummmm!) #videocomingsoon #hellofresh #koreanbibimbap #ricebowl #bibimbap #carnaldish

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Pizookie 🍪 one word: decadent. two words: must have. three words: make this now. four words: recipe link in bio #skilletcookie #brownbutterchocolatechipcookies #pizookie #chocolatechippizookie #cookies #fatassery #chocolatechipcookies

Smoked Cherry BBQ Sauce 🍒 made with velvety pinot noir, hatch chile powder, and lots more deliciousness. i wrote this recipe down as i created it, and just found the damn paper (i’m always losing recipes smh). so i’m working on editing it and posting it to my blog (link in bio) tonite. i smoked the cherries for 2 hours and they had such an amazing flavor. can’t wait to share this one with y’all, it’s good on EVERYTHING! chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, salmon, veggies, you naaaame it ❤️ #smokedcherrybbqsauce #smokeyourfruitsandberries #homemadebbqsauce #smokedcherry #bbqseason #cherries #carnaldish

it’s hatch chile season! took a slab of flank steak, poked it hella times with a fork. then, rubbed it lovingly with a cilantro/hatch chile/cumin/shallot/garlic/grapeseed oil/kosher salt paste (tossed all these ingredients in my food processor til it resembled pesto), let that marinate for 2 hours. rubbed most of the paste off (so it wouldn’t burn), gave it another hit of kosher salt, the. threw it on the charcoal grill til medium’ish. made some homemade flour tortillas, threw those on the grill. then piled them with the steak, some more grilled hatch chiles, quest fresco, diced white onion, cilantro, grilled corn, avocado and sour cream. oh, and lots and lots of lime (essential). between this and Christian’s birthday cake, i’m fat af. also, homemade tortillas are otherworldly, and easy af. i’ll show y’all how another time (super busy day). happy labor day 🔥 #steaktacos #grilledcorn #grilledhatchchile #hatchchileseason #hatchchile #quesofresco #homemadetortillas #tacos #grilledtacos #carnaldish

figured i’d post Christian’s FIRST birthday cake before he destroys it 😂 i stayed up late making this for him, so i hope he enjoys smashing it. he’s too young to read this but ima say it sweet lil juicejuice, I love you more than anything existing. I am honored to be your mommy. i want nothing more than for you to be healthy and happy in life and in your choices, and you’ll always have my support and i’ll always have your back. keep growing and learning and being great. never stop smiling. never stop being the sweet, affectionate little ham that you are. thank you for making me fearless. thank you for pushing me to be even greater for you. i won’t let you down. enjoy your day, your gifts, and your cake 💕one day when IG gets archived, you’ll be able to read this and know your mommy and daddy adore you beyond words. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED HIM A HAPPY BDAY AND GOT HIM A GIFT. WE LOVE AND THANK YOU!!! #virgobabies #ihaveatoddlernow #birthdayboy #wegmansbaby #happybirthday #birthdaycake #babysfirstbirthday #oneyearoldbirthday #carnaldish

who doesn’t love a phenomenal savory/sweet marriage like fried chicken and waffles?? if you don’t, i don’t wanna know you. bye. anyway, fried up some crazy flavorful buttermilk yard bird and paired it with a thyme and cheddar waffle, some sliced peaches for a fresh bite, and real maple syrup. it was soooo good. yes, i’ll share the recipe soon. check my IG stories for some of the steps #chickenandwaffles #buttermilkfriedchicken #thymeandcheddarwaffles #buttermilkwaffles #friedchicken #savorysweet #brunch #carnaldish

recipe on ❤️ poached some big ass tender shrimp in a creamy garlicky tomatoe’y sauce with fresh thyme, herbes de provence, sweet red pepper, crushed red pepper, etc. and poured it on top of some super luscious fontina and garlic grits. i don’t have to get into how amazing it is, because y’all know i don’t fk around. kinda showed some of the steps on my IG stories. anyway, hope they have a discount for naps on Groupon cuz i’m absolutely about to take one 🔥 #shrimpandgrits #carnaldish #brunchfavorites

haaaay...Christian turns 1 on Labor Day (9.3.18), if you’d like to gift him anything, he has a wishlist linked in my bio. we thank you in advance!! 💕 anyway, i had some leftover cheese and lots of fresh baby basil and thyme. whipped up an incredibly flavorful creamy macaroni and cheese for bae. i loosely based this off my famous Grown Up Mac and Cheese on CarnalDish, just used different cheeses and no bacon. the top was so crisp, and it married perfectly with that creamy, cheesy, herbaceous molten center. when u take a bite with your fork and the cheese just dramatically strings along, you know you askin to get pregnant smh. jesus be a plan B pill 🤷🏾‍♀️ #macandcheese #macaroniandcheese #freshbabybasil #freshthyme #alwaysgrateyourcheese #donteverusepreshreddedcheese #planB #trojanpleasesponsormylife #carnaldish

juicy mussels and littleneck clams swimming in a creamy white wine broth with crusty bread for dipping. a very simple and easy meal (or appetizer), you can see how i did it in my highlights ✨ #musselsandclams #molluscs #whitewinebroth #carnaldish #latergram

don’t mind me, just stopping by. (my eyebrow lady is outta town, leave me alone 😂😤) #ionlykeepsnapchatforthefilters

i’m devastated, yet thankful. i was able to appreciate her otherworldly voice while she was living and breathing, and i’m so grateful to be a witness. Aretha is best singer of all time. my favorite vocalist of all time. her voice shakes me to my core. it rattles my soul. simply put, when Aretha sang, i heard God. rest, queen ❤️💔 #riparethafranklin #queenofsoul #bestsingerofalltime

Christian ✨
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