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#ChefNatasha  The story of a girl and her food 📍 Chicago 📸Galaxy S7 ✈ Wanderluster ✉ [email protected] #chefnatasha

Happiness is a cup of tea 🍵

Sometimes this is all you need to have a great start to your day!

It happens to be a spring day in February in Chicago, so we had to take advantage of a patio dinner walking distance from home! #patioseason

Braise BBQ Pork | Cherry Peppers | Fresh Pineapple | Smoked Mozzarella | Fresh Mozzarella

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I agree, if I do not have some food in the morning, I feel drained of energy the rest of the day. 🍳

Delicious power dinner tonight

Shrimp | Spinach | Bowtie Pasta | Roasted Corn | Truffle Oil

@lanas_dazzling_desserts did it again. Delicious chocolate mousse on the outside, with a perfectly crispy nutty inside.

Green Turtle & Tuna Gone Wild

Love it when friends choose to go to delicious sushi places for birthday. They celebrate and so does my stomach 😋

Borscht and Pelmeni with Potatoes and Cheese

What a great homey lunch. Exactly what we needed on this beautiful day 🇺🇦

Chicago decided to be summer for a day. Have to take advantage of the outside!

Puerto Rican rice bowl with pork and a fried egg

One of my favorite places for lunch! Close to home, which makes my WFH Fridays even more exciting!

Perfectly spiced, perfectly delicious, much better than the Picadillo bowl

Grilled Octopus | Santorini fava | Caramelized onion

Love discovering new affordable deliciousness

Tuna Poke
Don't like go here for drinks, the food is deliccccioussss

Enjoying the delicious things in life with my one and only.

Painkiller - tastes like a Caribbean vacation in a cup 🍹

Great, now I want a beach trip!