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So. Big bear was cancelled. Full refund. But... I 👏🏻 was👏🏻not👏🏻going👏🏻to👏🏻stay👏🏻home.
I don’t think @sevenxvventures Philip got a chance to process what I was getting at when I said BOOK FLIGHTS TO MEXICO CITY DARLING WE’RE CLIMBING THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN. Four hours ago we were packed to go skiing. We have unpacked, packed sneakers and shorts, crossed the border into Tijuana and are waiting to board on a flight to Mexico City. Thank you to the family member that called and said I could crash at his house. There’s 7 of us. SE.VEN.
Also, the rhetoric re the border situation is heartbreaking and a total farce. Those of us that actually live here are also concerned with with crime, drug and human trafficking. But the the reality is that we have lived peacefully with both San Diego and Tijuana benefiting from an incredibly lucrative and symbiotic relationship since the border was built. There are certainly issues that need to be resolved but don’t be fooled; most of what is said is purposely said to create fear. To further seed hate. To confuse you about what the real issues are. It’s political and far-removed from wanting to actually build bridges and continue to benefit from this region/relationship. One day both parties will get a grip and grownups will be in charge. In the mean time, it’s off to Mexico we go. Still wearing uggs tho😂

We haven’t made out once today because, hello, kids and carpools and thunderstorms and doctors appointments and getting ready for trip and you know, life. Still wouldn’t change a single thing. Ever. About anyone in this old house or about our life. Happy Valentines Day familia. Go eat someone’s face because I’m too tired to do it myself. 😐

Anna was up all night, not feeling well, finally goes to sleep around 4am. 4:30am we are all woken up by banging on Fau’s window. Shutters weren’t secured. 6am babies are up. We’re supposed to drive to mountains 🎿 but Philip takes Anna to doctor. We get text that roads to Big Bear are closed so vacation postponed. Dave still has a chance to make it to his Valentines Party but we don’t have treats. Or do we? Last night Dave and @janetfp coincidentally made just enough chocolate chip cookies for the entire classroom and @minted sent us the coolest, personalized PIRATE valentines cards! So I grabbed some popcorn bags, stuffed with cookies, taped valentines, put on ski goggles and OFF. HE. GOES. Happy parenting means living life on the fly... And Happy Valentines. And THOSE ROADS BETTER OPEN TOMORROW.

A gift for David, my bighorn. An exquisite paper sculpture by @jeffnishinaka.
#YearOfTheSheep #Debit #Art

If I am to be completely honest, most times I think this is all a trap. The way we’ve organized ourselves to go to school a certain number of years and then work 9 to 5 and how this system really does nothing for our ascension. How, for the most part, being on the grid means being disconnected. From each other, from the earth but, most importantly, from our true selves. Sometimes I just want to take the 3 of them (and their dad and el perro) and just get in the car and go. I look at the 3 of them and think, JESUS, screw all of this and just FLY. Not that they can accomplish any flying while tightly wrapped like a tamal but you know what I mean...

Fun interview with @sdvoyagermag and great pics by @isabellamfuncke! Head to link in profile for a little about y journey!

Cabbage patch kid. For real.

Llegó Mamá!

Unexpected friendships always give for the best surprises. I love these two. Dearly. @official_chefjasonsmith @janetfp #STEAK

The only guy I’d marry if Philip exchanged me for two twenties. 😜

Love doesn’t hurt. What a concept. All those love songs? Bullshit. Love is easy. It feels good. It lifts you up. It propels you. It makes you feel safe and absolutely free at the same time. There is no doubt or expectation. There is no jealousy. There is no fear because it’s A MYTH THAT FEAR CAN EXIST WHERE THERE IS LOVE. It just is. Thankful that I’m learning this in THIS lifetime. Don’t settle just be aware that what you give is exactly what you’re going to get back. Thanks for coming by love❤️🐭 (pic by my work fiancé @official_chefjasonsmith )

When you hang out with @official_chefjasonsmith a lil’ too much. Hola y’all... 🍳🍳🍳(styled by @lisemora dress by @sandroparis boots by @schutzshoes HMU by @jacquemgido TAN BY @vitaliberata by @amberairbrushtanning

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