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Throwback Thursday...8 yrs ago, during a cooking class with @nancysilverton when she had a cooking school stint @osteriamozza - pre-restaurant owner/Chef and much younger than😜. Super nice, eccentric, confident and super smart- learned a mean porchetta which years later inspired the gabo Gabo that’s on the special this weekend~. Thanks 🙏🏼, Nancy!

Go here for the best fennel pollen sausage pizza!

So...this happened. Been wanting one for a while and at age 44😜 - maybe it’s the double digit thing or the “44” thing - it’s bad numbers in Chinese (apparently means “dying and dead”) that prompted it. I’ve been thinking of getting one for a while and found someone whom I felt a connection to, a female tattoo artist @ceoraink - so here it is. 🍄
Call me a late bloomer, maybe it’s this “I’m going against the grain of asian/stereotypical path (sorry not sorry, dad, brother) by opening my own restaurants” thing but finally feeling comfortable in my own skin to be the slightly crazy person that I love being and not giving a damn (or learning to give less of a damn)...and this one is a special one. Mike helped me design it. The diamond reminds me to focus on the present, the right now but acknowledging the past of where I came from and all the stuff I went thru all the while looking into the future but not worrying about what you cannot control. The tree, a hawaiian Koa tree is a warrior, bold, brave, that needs to lay down gnarly roots and in the process show a canopy with lots of stories to tell.
Shit ain’t easy but that’s what makes it all worthwhile. Gotta enjoy the ride cuz it’s the stories that make you you.

She did a beautiful work, don’t you think? Still healing... What kind of a tattoo would you want to help remind you every day?

#myfirsttattoo #pastpresentfuture #44 #koa #koatree #bekund #beyoyrseld #behappy #beyellow

I love the headline of “Meet the asian woman behind... Yellow Fever” 😂😜🤣 Click on profile link to read the full interview by Heather from @nextshark
#yellowfever #yellowfevereats #nextshark #interview #asian #entrepreneur #beyellow

Heart breakers- 🐶🐶🐶

Cuz we’re crazy about Halloween🤓👻☠️🎃 When two YF crew decide to wear the same costume...

It’s fall, y’all🍁. Making food that warms the soul:) #grasshoppers #chickenstew #starrynightchickenstew #cookies #comfortfood #soup #fall

What a crazy world we live in...love goes out to Vegas today.

The three loves of my life...they kill me! 🐶🐶🐶

Photo tips from @whatrobineats @wholefoodslosangeles - what do you think?

So shocking. Just did a catering for @kozyndan gallery opening and met Greg of @gregorio_escalante_gallery His struggle with depression and hearing of sudden death leaves me without words and reminds us that life is fragile and fleeting. The gallery is also coming to a sudden close, with two days left (Sat/Sun), so please go see them in Chinatown before they close. Both Kozy and Dan have worked so hard on this project and it's breathtaking to see all the details in person and Greg with his charming smiles that night was definitely a fan. Rest In Peace, Greg🙏🏼. Link to @kozyndan with @kcrwpressplay on my profile link

People think, it's just a sandwich, but it's not just any sandwich, it's MY sandwich, the YF banh mi, with many versions to be had before it felt 👌🏼. Freakin' 10 different ingredients not including the bread....which I'm still trying to find the perfect cracklin' baguette cuz if your gonna make something, make it the best way you know how. Wataya know - my profile pic is when I first tested the banh mi with the glorious pork belly😜

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