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What’s wrong with this picture? Am I just too short to be an astronaut?!? Just hanging out with Sir Richard Branson @richardbranson @virgin.orbit - Thank you for the private tour. Some cool shit happening in LBC!

One day to relax and snuggle up with loved ones...happy fourth!

Restaurant feels...for those of you who wonder what a day in the life of a restaurant owner is like...

You were the rebel, the rock star who said things like they were...from my first steak frites at Les Halles long long time ago to one of my first restaurant books that got me inspired, “Kitchen Confidential”, I can’t believe you’re gone. We will miss you.

A day late but thank you, Mom. Who knew that running your own business would be so tough? The highlight of Mother’s Day yesterday was having you see our 3rd baby, Yellow Fever Long Beach inside the new @365bywholefoods I didn’t get to take you out, or being the preoccupied business owner and the asian way of not communicating, did I thank you for being there for me always. I can only imagine how heart breaking it must have been sending me away on a plane in hopes of better education and sky high dreams. You taught me to be strong, to hold my own and it’s through these experiences that I am who I am. So thank you, Mom and Happy Mother’s Day.

What a day the last day had been...sad to see all the negative energy and happy to hear from all those who’s totally supporting us, especially those who I met for the first time today. Thanks you for the love and words of encouragement ❤️rules.

From one small local business owner to another, I love seeing other entrepreneurs grow! When I first met founder, Gaurav from @bendgoods to see his chair samples, it was in his kitchen. Now they’re getting a showroom right in LA...coming soon, y’all. We have Bend chairs at both of our stores, Torrance and Venice, and soon to open in Long Beach. Super stylin’ and almost indestructible, we love them💛. Both of our companies born and raised in Los Angeles, here’s to the ones who dream☁️🌈

Because it’s a Monday...

Who would have thought that part of my job is career day to kindergarten and 5th graders?! One of the questions asked by kindergarten (to the GM of @lafc was “why do you have to work?”)...let the answer be because it’s something you believe in and cuz it makes you happy...and my word of wisdom to 5th graders? Try everything at least once, so you’ll know if it’s your thing. #findyourpassion #notjustajob #wordsofwisdom #create #createyourself #lifeistooshort #dowhatyoulove #beyellow

It’s a GO! Here we come, Long Beach!

#Repost @365bywholefoods with @get_repost
Coffee + Asian food = a perfectly delicious pair. @groundworkcoffee and @yellowfevereats are joining us at #LongBeach365, opening April 25! #yellowfevereats

2017 was my “death and dying 44th year” - take note folks, according to asian superstition, the 44th year of your life is full of heavy stuff. It also gave me the courage to get my first tattoo, shave my head and brought a completely unforeseen opportunity. YF Torrance is four years old, YF Venice turned one, Max and Lucy are 8, Pika turns 3 and I finally got over the hump to 45 years old- yikes - sounds old! Funny how life works. Thanks babe for being my partner in crime thru this ride called life. Here’s to an unforgettable 2018! Happy New Year, everyone!

Never went through labor with these kids, regardless, they mean the world to me. Unconditional love, affection and such simplicity- they ground you and make you laugh at all the daily minutia you deal with and be able to laugh it all off. Happy birthday to me and to our precious kids- I love you!

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