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John Lawson  Connecting our gut to the brain with food...chef/director, brain tumour fighter. Inspirational speaker..

Throwback... Time to be grateful for all that we have and all that we’ve had.

Amazing learnings with these guys in NYC @gordonramsayrestaurants @markusglocker @joshemett @dyasharian @chefdalemackay
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Start cooking whole foods again.. this is a crazy statistic.. but a true one.
Making the right choices when shopping is key👌
Sugar, is the biggest cause of this autoimmune epidemic we are currently in.. start by removing all the processed ready made food and begin the new mind set of making time to cook at home.
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Thank you to all the people that made this special day happen. We raised over 13K for #braintumourresearch
I’m forever grateful to @raymondblanc @thedairyclapham and Ollie Dabbous @hide_restaurant for their complete generosity and donations for the day.
#braintumourresearch #braintumourawareness #oldfriends

3 years ago I had an awake craniotomy to remove my brain tumour.

I’m still here, alive and free..thanks to so many wonderful people that have supported me, especially my neurosurgeon and their team.
This week is brain tumour awareness week and we are throwing one big fundraising party 🎈 event @foodbyjohnlawson With @raymondblanc @thedairyoldtown @hide_restaurant

We are disconnected from our food. It’s unfortunate because food and the food system are connected to everything—our health, the environment, politics, injustice, and much more. In fact, our current food system is the number one contributor to climate change. We can all agree that we should be eating foods that don’t destroy the environment by depleting the soil, draining our aquifers and water reserves, or poisoning our waterways with fertilizers and pesticides. And that we shouldn’t be eating factory farmed animals because it is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Not to mention the horrors of animal abuse and the overuse of antibiotics that leads to the development of superbugs killing humans because no antibiotics work. Currently, we consume 10 percent of our calories from refined GMO
#Johnlawson #food #climatechange #water #soil #health #environment #politics #injustice

A local catch from Thorpe bay #mackeral
Full of all the omega 3 fats we need for supreme health.
#wildfish #omega3 #healthyfats #esturayfishing #health

Optimize your fat intake by eating plenty of wild, fatty fish, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, grass fed butter (or ghee if you’re dairy sensitive), avocados, grass fed meats, extra virgin olive oil, and olives .

John Lawson
#fat #heathyfats

Tomorrow night @foodbyjohnlawson will be doing a pop up @mathus210
Same concept.. highlighting some of Iceland’s incredible produce 👌🇮🇸
#seasonal #icelandic

#wikipedia - Local food is a movement of people who prefer to eat foods which are grown or farmed relatively close to the places of sale and preparation.
Well, how can this honestly be manipulated? Who is doing this?
#localfood #networks #sustainable #organicfarming #global #food #supplychain

Fish is a fantastic way for your body to get the protein it needs, but think carefully about what kind of fish you’re selecting for your next meal. Larger fish are higher in the oceanic food chain, and as a result they accumulate more mercury, PCB’s and other toxins. The toxins big fish typically co rain outweigh the benefits from the omega-3’s. It’s better to stick with smaller fish like anchovies, cod, or sardines.
#fish #anchovies #cod #sardines #byjohnlawson #food

We all worked together @belmondlemanoir and have so many incredible stories that we share together.
I’m so thankful @raymondblanc @thedairyclapham @hide_restaurant have given up their time to help me raise awareness for Brain tumours and vital funds needed for treatment but also alternative treatments like Food projects that is something close to my heart.
It’s happening guys.. phone lines open from 1st August for this extremely special one off event.
See website for more details.
#btrc #brainfoodevent #chairtyevent #food #braintumours #awareness

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