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I will say it again: Sessions hates people that aren’t white, the war on drugs is a war on race, his resistance is to ensure they hold power of the Cannabis industry and can continue to lock people of color up at 3/4:1 ratios and much harsher prison sentences. They want to continue the systematic slavery and racial oppression put in place by the 13th amendment, prohibition, drug classifications, etc..........
I think we could change the conversation if we didn’t use a word that gained popularity from Xenophobia, and is the foundation of prohibition, maybe if we only referred to the plant by its scientific name, Cannabis, we could shift the culture. Words are powerful, think about it. 🤔#NoMword #Cannabis #CannabisCulture #CannabisCommunity #LegalizeIt

We look for inspiration everywhere, music, movies, tv, all over pop-culture. This should be an easy one, who knows where this dish is from? #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #PopCulture #Waffles #Chef #Cannabis #CannabisCulture #CannabisDestiny

The zen of plating, building a lil’ piece of art each time we put a dish out. From inception to the ingredients to how it sits on the plate to how it’s finished. Each play an integral part in the sensory experience of eating. Colors, textures, taste, smell, even the sounds play notes in the symphony of our service............
Our 1st CFH Supper Club of 2018 is a couple weeks away, make sure you’re signed up. 📷: @nash1sh #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #Brunch #Dinner #Chef #ChefLife #TrueCooks

Watch Sessions and the government, you’ll see his isn’t a war on drugs but a war on race. #RacialOppression #SystematicSlavery

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DPA's asha bandele co-wrote an amazing new book with Patrisse Khan-Cullors, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, called "When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir." Throughout the book they weave together the connection between the war on drugs and the experiences Patrisse and her family faced. Amazon is calling it one of the best books of the month. Pre-order the book now: http://amzn.to/2Cha2ot .
#ablmmemoir #blacklivesmatter #nomoredrugwar #WTCYAT @osopepatrisse @ashabandele713

Snow day = Product testing day. Going to see how @levo_oil works with peanut oil. Stat tuned.

Issa blizzard outside, what better time to break in this new glass from our fam @gethigherstandards. 💨💨💨 #NewRigWhoDis #HeavyDuty #BigShot

Start your day right with an infused açaí bowl. No need for sugar based products early, we used our CFH honey as a topping along with infused granola we made, add your favorite fruit and you’re set. 📷: @nash1sh #DoYouFlyPrivate #Breakfast #Granola #Acai #Cannabis #CannabisCommunity #CannabisCulture

2017 you were amazing, we had some great times, my wife/partner @stephanie.salman and I appreciate all of the media love but most of all we appreciate our community. We will continue building on our foundation, sharing the benefits and communal aspect of the plant through food and our CFH Supper Club experiences. Let’s collaborate more, we want to be your relatable and trusted voice in Cannabis, let us know how we can serve you better. 2018, here we come! #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #Speakeasy #Community

We put together a brunch menu for our last CFH Supper Club of the year. The main dish for the “Sunday Best” menu was the M.L.T. (Mac. Lobster. Truffle). Bangin’. Check the site for more. Recipe or nah?📷: @nash1sh #Doyouflyprivate #CFHSupperClub #SupperClub #Brunch #Lobster #Truffle #ChefLife #Chef

Happy Holidaze from our fam to yours! Hope everyone is rockin’ their Sunday Best on this Christmas Monday. Enjoy the time with family & friends, hope you’re Flying Private, cheers!🥂 #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #ChefForHigher#Christmas #Dinner #SundayBest

We have an endocannabinoid system, receptors throughout our brain and body that act as a bridge between body and mind. We believe Cannabis is on this planet to benefit humans. It’s been used for medicine, wellness, as well as recreation, on every continent, we should have right to use all of it’s benefits for our individual well being. Stories like this give us hope that more people will begin to believe that we can change the laws to allow Cannabis legalization. #Medicine #CannabisCulture #MedicinalCannabis

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Photo by @ljohnphoto. Cannabis is a lifesaver for this family. Mom, Shannan and her sons, Joseph, 9, and Oliver, 7, have each been helped by the plant as true medicine. It is a cancer / pain fighting ally for Shannan, a calming medicine for Joseph who is on the autistic spectrum and fights severe anxieties, and Oliver who uses the oil to control seizures and shrink the multiple malignant tumors that cause them. @thephotosociety #cannabis #cannabisismedicine #livingproof #mmj #teamsuperbean #joeysalphabetsoup

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