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Chef Dawn Ludwig 

On a trip to Maine, the kids gathered mussels at the beach for dinner. Have you tried the Mussels in Garlic White Wine Broth (ALWAYS DELICIOUS pg 146)? So super easy and delicious! They were a big hit. #alwaysdelicious #chefdawnludwig #eatwhatyougather #alwayshungrybook #mussels

Loved meeting Linda from @fireflykitchensseattle and getting to taste their krauts and kimchi! I’m so excited about their book Fresh and Fermented. These products are delicious! #fermentation #chefdawnludwig #fireflykitchens

Just arrived at the Swedish Metabolic Health Conference in Seattle. Looking forward to speaking doing food demos and book signings. #metabolichealthconference #chefdawnludwig #alwayshungrybook #alwaysdelicious

Have you made an Always Delicious pie yet? Here’s Pie at the Ludwig house. Grain-free Pie Crust from Always Delicious pg 206. The variation with 1/2 almond flour works best for sweet pies. Topped it with Homemade Macadamia Nut Butter AD pg 55. #alwayshungrybook #alwaysdelicious #chefdawnludwig #grainfree #glutenfree

Happy boys eating sushi after helping with the Chef Dawn Ludwig Facebook Live video sushi rolling tutorial. Kids eat a wider range of foods if they get to participate! How do you empower your kids in the kitchen? #chefdawnludwig #sushirolls #kidsinthekitchen #alwaysdelicious #alwayshungrybook

Benji (my 9-year old) made dessert last night. Fresh fruit with homemade whipped cream and dark chocolate. He even whipped the cream himself, and insisted on taking a picture. Kids really do watch what we do. Never underestimate a kids ability to make (and like) great food. #chefdawnludwig #alwaysdelicious #alwayshungrybook #kidscancook #healthydessert

What is your favorite way to make Always Delicious Meatballs?
Last night I stuffed a Socca Wrap (Always Delicious pg 198), with Meatballs (pg 149) made with Bison, Lemon Aioli (pg 298), lettuce, and Quick Ume-Pickled Onions (pg 69). They were delicious. How do you make yours? With turkey, beef, or bison? What sauce? Soaked in BBQ Sauce (pg 290) or in Marinara Sauce? Share your ideas...
#meatballs #chefdawnludwig #alwaysdelicious #alwayshungrybook #socca #chickpeaflour #pickledvegetables

Important takeaways from @simplyvibrantnutrition dietician Nishta Saxena, “Swimming is a life skill that we teach children, but what about cooking? Teaching cooking skills can influence health a few times a day for life” and “Food does not have to look perfect to be delicious.” Get in the kitchen and cook! #GBCANS #ambitionnutrition #chefdawnludwig #learntocook

Honored to be among this fantastic group of speakers. @gbcans #gbcchca #gcbcans #chefdawnludwig

Tofu Vegetable Balls (Always Delicious pg 171). Fried last night for a picnic today. The ginger and garlic make them so tasty. I was out of parsley so I used cilantro instead and liked it even better. The key to these is to get the texture just right. Different vegetables and pkgs of tofu have different textures and will absorb differently. Add a bit of extra chickpea flour if needed. You should press them into a tight ball and be able to deep fry them without them falling apart. (See AD pg 167 for Deep Fry Tips). Once you get the batter right, it’s so easy to make a large batch ahead of time. I’ll serve them with Lemon Aioli (AD pg 298). #alwaysdelicious #alwayshungrybook #chefdawnludwig #picnicfood #vegetarianfood #tofu #veganrecipes

All dipped for tomorrow! No need to spend a fortune on Chocolate Dipped Strawberries for Mother’s Day. SO super easy to make your own. Always Delicious pg 313. Then use the leftover chocolate for a few Coconut Cashew Clusters Always Hungry pg 284. YUM!
#alwaysdelicious #chefdawnludwig #alwayshungrybook
#chocolatedipped #mothersday

Made Fried Chicken (Always Delicious pg 114) with Basil Walnut Pesto (pg 297) & Lemon Aioli (pg 298) to go with the leftover Mexican Rice (pg 227). Had leftover batter and some tofu so I tore the tofu into pieces, seasoned with soy sauce, covered them in the batter and fried them like Crispy Tofu Fries (pg 173). Can you tell which plate is tofu? #alwaysdelicious #chefdawnludwig #glutenfree #glutenfreefriedchicken #eatwellfeelgood

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