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Jen Thompson  Sharing Happiness 😁 Laughter 😂 Kindness 💗 Awesomeness 😎 & Nerdery 🤓 I love food, fitness, travel, hiking, photography, reading, and Miss Prim 😻

I think I’m on the up and up so I thought I’d get upside down! I’m happy to announce that even after all this time, I didn’t even use the wall! (Last month when I tried to invert I was all over the place trying to find my balance!) The inflammation in my Achilles is finally making progress thanks to acupuncture and an awful apple cider vinegar concoction! I’m still going to give it a little more time until I get back to my workouts but doing nothing but restoration yoga for 2 months has been some kind of wonderful, too!

#illgettomycomebacksomeday😂 #healingtakesforever

I think my pumpkin pallets turned out pretty cute! They look right at home on my mom’s front porch! 🎃

You know I’m in!

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“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” – J.K. Rowling
It's #YogaChallenge time, fellow #PotterHeads! We are diving into the magical world of Harry Potter and BEYOND! 💫
October 22-31, #HPYogiChronicles will take us through the 7 Harry Potter books, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, and Beedle the Bard. We will ask for a specific pose OR give you a theme to interpret with your own pose each day. Feel free to dress in your #Hogwarts House colors, bring out your robes and wands, show us your pic/video edits! We want you to have FUN!
💫Your hosts:💫
@thewovenyogi .
Rules for participation:
1. You must follow all hosts and sponsors (we will check)
2. Repost this banner to let us know you'll be joining us! Invite a friend or two as well!
3. Starting Oct 22nd, post the pose of the day, TAGGING all hosts sponsors and using the challenge tag #HPYogiChronicles
We hope you'll join us in our adventure through these incredible stories that remind us all to hold onto a little bit if magic 💫🧙‍♀️

Officially completed the #woostermemorialfallhikingchallenge and then some! Also at hike 47/52 in my #52hikechallenge!

I picked up my shirt and bib for the 5k I will no longer be doing on Saturday, even though I really want to! Hopefully my Achilles will heal so I can continue with my 5k goals in 2019! Until next time.... #proppingmyfeetup #whatcouldabeen #5kontherunway

Ohio is pretty.

Hike 46/52

You might not know this... but Miss Prim is happiest when we’re snugglin’! #lifewithmissprim #attachedatthehip

October needs no filters!

Hike 44/52

#52hikechallenge2018 #hikerbabes #girlswhohikeohio

The sunrises and sunsets are simply the best during this time of year!
#colorfulsunrise #ohio #illprobablygoblindfromwaysstaringatsunrises

Every day we’re snuggling’ ❤️😻❤️ #lifewithmissprim

It’s crazy to see how much can change in a year! My crew hit a new record in finished product today and I am so impressed! (Our poor little hands and thumbs are proof we kicked some butt this week!) This first year at my shop has provided me with plenty of stress, frustration, tears, weight gain, damaged hands and feet, and hurt right to the heart. It’s also provided me with laughter, friendship, confidence, feelings of accomplishment, and so much pride for my crew! Every day I still feel so grateful to have been given this opportunity “out of the blue”. #wereprettymuchawesome

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