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hi there (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ  ☆it's V(: {17} ☆love y'all❤️ ☆follow our staff acc @cheesy.staff ☆RESTOCKED

EDIT: trust me, the bubble pops get better in the end😩 rip to my content): my slime videos are going down the drain and im having slimers block😂💀 yay for me😛

your battery percentage is how many kids you’ll have in the future((: (just a game so im kidding ofc) I’m going to have 7!!! lol coincidence bc that’s how many kids are in my family((:


how was Rome split in half?
with a pair of ceasers

have a beautiful day💓
#slime #bubblepops

drop your smoothest pick up line in the comments😉 let’s see who’s the pick up line master ! here’s mine “if you were a fruit you’d be a FINE-apple😛

a little mixing video of a sugar slime that’s for a special someone😏

what do you call a fancy fish?

#slime #sugarslime #mixingslime

comment your birth year and find your twins!! 2001 babyyyy

i love pigment mixings🤩 so pretty


how do turtles communicate?
they use shell-phones

#slime #pigmentslime #satisfying

the last thing you ate is the only food you can ever eat again... what is it?
mine were beignets.. im not mad about it😂🤩

trying to be @aeslimeic like...


how do penguin make their houses?
igloos it together (it glues)


#slime #satsifying #sugarslime

!!! this video only has bubble pops !!! ahhh tb to the asmr days

im having a really hard time trying to come up with some creative videos): if you have any suggestions lmk!


what’s a moths life motto? always look on the bright side🤩

#slime #satisfying #bubblepops
follow @cheesy_slimes for some behind the scenes look at my life👍🏼

i redid this video bc i didn’t like the other one😂 —
soooo im gonna use @cheesy_slimes as a private/personal/spam so follow if u wanna see some random stuff👍🏼

im still shook that i saw bts live yesterday... greatest day of my life🤩

favorite bts song? (i know not everyone likes bts) so if you don’t, what’s your favorite song atm?

have an awesome day💓 #slime #daisoclaymixing #satisfying

have y’all gotten your junior slime rodeo tickets yet?? if not, when you’re at the ticket purchase page, use code “Cheesy”. to get 10% off your tickets!! I really hope to see y’all there!!💓 @slimerodeo @jammy.slimes

DO YALL SEE THIS?? enter my fav dudes giveaway!!💓💓 #terrifictrioga

how alike are we?

went to a sports practice today // 10 points
ate some sort of cheese (v specific)// 10 points
woke up before 8 am // 10 points
wore something either blue or orange // 10 points
listened to/streamed idol by bts🤩 50 points
played with slime// 10 points
how many points out of 100 did you get??

getting back to my slime rodeo trades!! starting off with the queen herself, jay🤩 @snoopslimes -
i love her and her beautiful slimes sm and i was so happy that i had the chance to trade!! i can’t even explain how godly they are😩 like i don’t even want to play with them bc they’re so perfect and i don’t want to mess them up🤧 (lol so sorry for the awkward poking)

i have a couple more of her slimes so get ready👌🏼

have a turnt tuesday🤑

#slime #satisfyingvideos #wow

type in the letter @a and thenl first person who pops up owes you $5 !!! (kidding of course) but here’s mine @audeezslimes
this cronch is brought to you by the amazing @peachyslimebakery 🤤

we traded a while back and I’ve been struggling to edit (my fault... been a little unmotivated) but im feeling better! —
another riddle hopefully it’s harder for some people *cough cough*👀 —
It's shorter than the rest, but when you're happy, you raise it up like it's the best. What is it?

have a super sunday!!!

#pearlslime #asmr #slime #satisfying

you’re out if👀

your name starts with an A
your favorite animal is typically found on farms
you’ve dyed your hair
or you’re younger than 14 —
im in🤩

here’s a little later post for my night owls!! going through old videos can really help a gorl out👌🏼 can someone teach me how to make a successful iceberg slime? pls and thank you

im gonna switch it up today and do a riddle!

David's father has three sons : Snap, Crackle and _____ ?

have a wonderful night/day!!💓

#slime #satisfyingvideos #icebergslime

EDIT: i think i remember why i didn’t post this video... the lighting is atrocious:/ (I FOUND ANOTHER PRE-RECORDED VIDEO🤩 bless!!!)

what was your favorite cartoon when you were younger?

mine were, fosters home for imaginary friends, spongebob, my life as a teenage robot, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, courage the cowardly dog, kids next door, KIM POSSIBLE, DANNY PHANTOM, and a lot more but i can’t think of them rn lol

have a fantastic friday😩

#daisoclaymixing #slime #satisfying

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