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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Cheeserland.jp Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌: cheeserland@gmail.com


Party at @number_76sg!!! Renewal opening party + company dinner!! Please do drop by to experience a whole new concept store! Watch my stories for more!

🌸: 每天都要抓我来拍照…😖

【Swipe for before and after】
Smooth skin, color lens, pink lips are all faked but my eyelashes are #noedit!!! It's by @lucieotokyo's eyelash extensions (upper lash and lower lash) using their secret Japanese UPwards skill! Check out how super 翘 the lashes are!!!😱😱😱 (i was using a mix of J and C curl). It's also super comfortable and so ultra light that I cannot feel anything on my eyes at all! Looooove ❤︎ First time customers will get a special price of $90 for 130 single lashes and $110 for single upwardlash or volume lash, go make your booking now with @lucieotokyo! 👁

A surprise box is in today! This afternoon's activity with @cheesiepetit Junya: enjoying the One Step Ahead Stories and puzzle!
Aptamil Singapore is giving away 60 One Step Ahead Stories activity kits! All you need to do is to:
1. Visit Aptamil Singapore’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AptamilSingapore/)
2. Read, like and share Aptamil’s One Step Ahead Story posts
3. Comment and share with Aptamil how you help your child stay One Step Ahead
Bonus: Sign up for Aptamil’s AptaAdvantage programme at https://goo.gl/ATydn0 with the promo code “OSA17” and you will get an additional chance to win the activity kit
Contest closes on 12 July 2017, find out more from: www.facebook.com/AptamilSingapore/! #OneStepAhead#AptaAdvantage#sponsoredpost

Thanks for all your questions regarding traveling in Japan on IG stories!
If you have any more questions to ask please share it in the comment section of this post so that other users can refer to it too, and so that I don't have to keep repeating the answers :) There are many places I still haven't been to in Japan though so my apology if I'm not able to answer all! 🇯🇵🗻🏯⛩🗾 I am creating #LoveJapanWithCheesie hashtag so next time you guys can refer back to this post 😊

Did you know that now you can enjoy a nutrient boost at @number_76sg while getting your hair pampered at the salon, with the Number76 Cold Press juices?😍😍😍 (Of course you can also bring it home like me). The best thing is, you can redeem it with your member points, which means that it's practically... free 😍😍😍. Go make your booking now with @number_76! ❤︎

I love this picturesque unmanned train station with a coffee truck right across the road!❤︎
New blog post: Setouchi Journey: Matsuyama ❤︎🏯🍊 Read: www.cheeserland.jp

How many of you have plans to go to Japan this year? And where to? Remember to check out the discount code on my blog post for your @homeawayasia booking ❤︎! #gethomeawayinsetouchi #cheesieinjapan

This picture is to remind the future me, whenever in doubt, that I was once, the Top Parenting Influencer. Because honestly, sometimes I don't feel like one. Especially on a day like today, I am just someone whose energy is sapped after spending half an hour cleaning up spilled detergent all over the floor and have lost her temper at her elder child, yet whose house still looks like a tornado aftermath and who is now typing this looking like a completely deranged woman with crap hair.
The woman in this picture is mocking me. But she also reminds me that I could be her again. I always can, and always will try.

Thank you @influenceasia for keeping this trophy for me. I was quite sad that I could not attend the award show as I was away in Japan. So two days ago I finally picked this trophy up and had a replacement shiok-sendiri selfie photoshoot. To serve as a little nice reminder.

Thank you, everyone. Thank you for being here.

【GIVEAWAY🤰🏻】I haven't touched this pair of fav skinny jeans for TWO YEARS! Sooo happy to be able to jump into it again! #BellyBandit helped me a lot during the first weeks of postpartum to get back in shape. (swipe to see product)
Today @smartmumasia would like to give away 10 Original Belly Bandit worth RM249 to 10 pregnant mommies who are willing to take up a 6 weeks post-natal challenge!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.
Please leave a comment with a valid email address and how many weeks you are pregnant right now to participate in this giveaway! I'll choose 10 mommies randomly! 🤗 (You can get someone to post on behalf of you if you are shy to reveal your info!😊)

Sneaker shopping date with Sakura at the brand new @batasingapore store at Vivo City!
The outlet is bright and spacious with so many new arrival series, including a pair of white sneakers with floral embroidery that's all the trend now. I picked a comfy pair of black sandals with florla design while Sakura got her pink Hello Kitty sneakers. Head over Vivo City to check out the new Bata outlet! #endorsed #Bata

Hair by @76yves. Outfit mostly stolen from the danna. (Because I didn't expect to actually head out for work so I only had my pajamas from Singapore 😂.) Don't tell him.🙊

This is too weird... meeting @ryuzi33world929 りゅちぇる in Malaysia!! I watch him almost everyday on TV and especially enjoy his show on TBS's 【MONITORING】 and now he is standing right in front of me 😳😳😳... 今日はなんと、こんな事が。。。😱😱😱まさか本物のりゅちぇるに!!! .
#すごい #ryuchell #りゅちぇる #japaneseidol #kualaumpurlife

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