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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Cheeserland.jp Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌: cheeserland@gmail.com


Today’s #lazymamacookinghack. When you are so lazy to even cook, just cheat. Looks like a lot of work but it’s actually all store-bought. The only thing I did was to grill the fish to yi si yi si got effort. 🙂パッとみて悪くないんだけど、全部スーパーのものです。ご飯は冷凍庫から。魚を焼いたぐらいです。味噌汁すらインスト。😌
1. Multigrain-rice (from freezer) with umeboshi
2. Ready-to-eat simmered sweet potato, just sprinkled sesame seed on top.
3. Natto of course from a box. Arranged with mayo and katsuobushi suggested by a follower.
4. Black goma tofu
5. Tochigi Benihoppe Ichigo
6. Grilled mirin saba
7. Asari miso soup - instant. Sprinkled negi to fake the the home-made-ness.

Even the deco was recycled from yesterday’s bento. 🤫

以上。😌 #cheatone#ズボラ飯

Almost there. Sorry it took me so long!


#lazymamacookinghack breakfast today is Curry Udon.
Cooking hack 1: DAISO Claypot - I stored the leftover soup in this $2 DAISO claypot last night. Just dish out from fridge, set on stove to heat up, add frozen Udon and eat directly. 👍🏻 Sometimes you gotta make effort (to think of ideas) to be lazier!
Cooking hack 2: Swipe to see the Udon brand I buy. One pack comes with 5 Udon that I can easily break in half for kid-size meal. Super convenient.
Cooking hack 3: not really a hack but many asked how I make soup curry, I am using the usual curry roux, usually I pick “medium spicy”, which is totally not spicy at all and the kids love it. 🍛
#朝食 #カレーうどん

Many have asked me about how to self-drive in Japan, whether it is expensive/difficult. Here’s your answer - in my latest blog post!🚘🇯🇵 Our road trip across Kyushu last month. 🗾

Read: www.cheeserland.jp

#cheesieinjapan #drivinginjapan #kyushuroadtrip

Sunday breakfast. Many asked which natto brand I buy. The variety available at the natto corner can be quite overwhelming. Usually I buy 国産 natto that is 大粒. Haha. Many also said they can’t stand the smell/texture of natto but really wanna try eating it and learn how to accept the taste (since it’s such a healthy food). I’d recommend starting with dry natto snacks or natto furikake before moving on to the real deal😬. #cheesiemade

The throwback continues. Bracing the weekend with a kitchenful of instant food.


Not so #lazymamacookinghack breakfast🌞. Clockwise:
1. 豚汁 Tonjiru with carrot, gobo, onion, negi, Kurobuta pork and konnyaku.
2. Oyster sauce Hakusai cabbage with black fungus, shiitake & Kurobuta pork
3. Hakusai cabbage roll with salmon and hanpen in dashi
4. もち麦 Barley rice
5. 小松菜のお浸しKomatsuna Ohitashi
7. Mentaiko

I learnt the Hakusai roll from TV yesterday, it’s really simple and quite yummy. The-making-of is in my Stories!


Today Junya turns 3 years 7 months and Sakura is 20 months old! (Not me hor. The ribbon he insisted to put on his head wan🙄.) Read monthly update: www.cheeserland.jp

Today is the last day to grab your @number_76 (and @number_76sg !) Gift Card with extra 20% value!! That means if you buy a RM500 gift card, you get RM600 in it, and you can use it for everything including all services and products! 😱😱😱 (Which means now you can buy products that were never on discount like Hairbeauron and Dyson Hair Dryer at 20% off 🤫) Also also, just like the past years, for this CNY, there’s of course no price increase for all @number_76 branches. Do book your appointment fastttttt! HUAT AHHH. (How many of you have Hairbeauron?😍) #number76 #number76sg

Taitai hi tea with @bongqiuqiu last week. 🍾🥂Don’t play play we went to Ritz-Carlton ok this is serious business. So serious that we wore to-pick-kids-from-school outfits, ungroomed mane and had to put on digital makeup. I saw other girls in their pretty dresses, high heels and selfie non stop I shy ok. 我这个时代过了lol. Can steal one sip of champagne before rushing to get grocery very happy liao 😌. Hope more hi tea to come in 2018, and congrats to Qiu and friends’ new project @cerealcitizen!!🥛🍩 More coming soon ^^ #singaporelife #faketaitailife #realmamalife

Many requested me to repost past recipes, so I have created a #lazymamacookinghack highlight to store the stories. I’ll try to include step-by-step but honestly it’s a bit impossible to multitask when you are holding a spatula on one hand and your iPhone on the other. Seriously I need more hands 😂😂😂.🐙🦑🦀 Today’s breakfast:
1. Barley rice
2. Daikon and mushroom miso soup
3. Spinach namul
4. Negi topping (for miso soup)
5. Hokkaido black bean natto
6. Mentaiko
7. Grilled Akauo fish

I am trying to cook fresh miso soup and fish every morning because I saw on TV that the combination of a bowl of miso soup + fish in the morning helps you sleep better because the tryptophan and vitamin B6 they contain help slowly boost production of melatonin some 14 hours later - better quality sleep!


What is it that makes you go for Japanese products/services? Is it the pretty packaging? Durability? Trust in quality? On-the-dot punctuality?

One of the must-try experiences is the Shinkansen ride in Japan. Don’t you wish that you can travel from KL-SG via the Shinkansen? 🚄🇲🇾🔜🇸🇬 Read my latest blog post: www.cheeserland.jp

#shinkansen #hayabusa