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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Cheeserland.jp Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌: cheeserland@gmail.com


How to instantly turn your baby into a Michelin (watch IG story😂). #travelwithcheesiepetit #cheesieinbali

Such a cute onesie for Sakura from @canvasavenue! The design is from their Watercolour & Gold Collection, featuring a dreamy blue unicorn! The print is really soft and it's not one of those that peels off. They also have matching sliblings or parent/baby shirts that are really cute! I also got Junya and Sakura the "Double Trouble" sibling shirts ^^ @canvasavenue is based in Singapore and they ship worldwide by DHL, you may use the discount code "CHEESIE10" for 10% off storewide!

Sleeping Sakura missed the sunset today. I have never seen a mediocre sunset in Bali before. Every evening is splendid. 🌅
#travelwithcheesiepetit #cheesieinbali

We love good food, but it’s only good for our health when our body can digest and absorb nutrients well. Duo B by @telifemy is a delicious synbiotic supplement combining top quality probiotics (BB536 from Japan) and prebiotic that is suitable for the all ages especially developing kids like @cheesiepetit . So you will need just this in your home to keep your entire family’s gut health in check!
They’re open to new sign-ups as their authorized agents & distributors right now, so if you’re interested, feel free to drop them a message or find out more at https://goo.gl/CsKzdh.

Read full blog post at Cheeserland.com >> https://goo.gl/TijBj9

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Watch the video❤︎📹
Here's how I use my SK-II R.N.A POWER and the secret tool - SK-II Magnetic Booster. What does it do? This magical tool uses 7000 consistent yet gentle magnetic vibrations per minute to boost penetration of the cream by 3 times for more effective results! You just need to hold the silver part of the applicator with your finger and massage it lightly outwards and upwards, for supple and revitalised skin everyday!
#skiirnapower @skii #inpartnershipwithskii

Thank you, summer 2017. 🌻
PS: Sakura, pls don't do that in public.

#travelwithcheesiepetit #summer2017 #tokyolife #oppaigirl

For my Tokyo trip this time I'm using #ninjawifi as usual! From now until end of Sep, you can book your pocket wifi with the code "CHEESIE20" at www.ninjawifi.com for a 20% off AND free rental for power bank!!

Burning midnight oil to work on my #TokyoMetro blog posts, but very happily so because it is... Japan. But of course.

This really made my day! One of the prettiest flower boxes I've ever received, thank you @kikiwoodsflorist! Cotton Dream - made of Baby's Breath, symbol of everlasting and undying love in dreamy pastel pink, blue, white and violet. It's perfect for me because baby's breath (literally) is my favorite scent in the world. I'd sometimes stick my nose in Sakura's face when she is sleeping just to smell her breath hahaha. Do check out www.kikiwoods.com for their beautifully put together bouquets and flower boxes!

When you want to hold a casual small party and the thought of messing up the kitchen gives you a headache... @chozsg has come to rescue! Today's small hi-tea is for @number_76sg staff as an appreciation for always taking care of my hair. I ordered the Pandora Box, where you can pick two selections to mix and match! I'm having the assorted danish and assorted cookie, I love the Maple Pecan Plait! Choz also caters for big parties like wedding, baby full moon, birthdays, etc. Check out @chozsg for more info and to place your order! ^^ #endorsed #chozSG #ChooseChoz