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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌:

👩🏻👧🏻 today.

The first time I bought Silcot Uru Uru was from a drugstore in Japan years ago, just because of the stickers saying that it’s the award winning No.1 facial puff in Japan!🥇(I’m a sucker for top ranking everything haha). And then I’ve never switched ever since. I even stock up boxessss whenever I went back to Japan!! First thing, this made in Japan 🇯🇵cotton puff is super gentle to skin and second, it leaves no fiber on your skin like other facial cottons do, and the best thing I noticed is how LITTLE toner I need when I use Silcot! 🧖🏻‍♀️Now you can save 50% of your precious toner/lotion, which makes it perfect to use as a lotion mask!

They are running a Facebook contest from now until 30 June, here’s how to join:
Step 1: snap a flatlay of the Silcot pack & tell us why it is your No.1

Step 2: comment their answers in the comment section and tag a friend.

Find out more from:

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Our fav hangout at Omotesando of course, @76cafe_omotesando. Pet friendly, of course kids friendly!👦🏻👧🏻👶🏻🐶🐞 Kids meal start from ¥300 🤤
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Today's #lazymama household hack - how do you make sure that hard-to-wash fabric such as your kiddo's soft toys, shoes, stroller and child-seat are free of germs and odor-free? Soft toys are especially gross because... imagine the amount of times it has been touched by dirty little hands and dropped on various surfaces, the bacteria hiding in these furry plushies can make your child fall sick! But the dilemma - you can't throw them into the washer 😫. One quick, genius solution - Magiclean Fabric Freshener! 🌼Made of a unique formula that penetrates deep into fabrics and kills 99% bacteria and flu virus, it is yet gentle enough to use on baby products because of the natural deodorising extract from green tea and not chemical. 🍃I love the micro-mist spray nozzle because the mist comes out super fine which makes it very quick to dry. 💦Swipe to see the household items that I spray it with! 👟💺🛏🛋And of course, my personal favorite point for this product - made in Japan, in 3 fragrances. 🌸🍃✨Purchase yours now on Magiclean Official Store on Shopee. Use promo code KAOHxFF50 to get 50% off your first purchase of Magiclean Fabric Freshener. Link:
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Go out and smell the flowers. 🌼🌸🌷🌹🍀
How many times do we forget that happiness is a choice and not something we must work hard to find? Let’s choose happy today.
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How many of you have a habit of using a tumbler? 😊 I'm holding an ACERA LIVEN (活瓷) tumbler in beautiful rose pink 🌷. You may think that it’s just another pretty tumbler at a premium price, but it’s really more than that! Do you know that the tumblr you use can affect the quality of the beverage you drink? Instead of stainless steel, LIVEN uses ceramic enriched with white tourmaline, a precious mineral that help purify water, and you can use it to store water, tea, coffee, fruit vinegar and even wine, and it is said that the taste of your beverage will improve (sweeter, smoother or more fragrant...) if you store it in LIVEN! I think it makes a great gift as it comes in many intricate traditional Chinese and modern designs. You can purchase it from, and quote :TIANCHEES" for 10% off, valid from 15th June until 15th July!

A super CheatOne™️ just because I didn’t want to break the 4 year streak. It’s not a real blog post. But no unicorns involved either. This is the 48th post I’ve written on the 11th of every month since 11 June 2014.

4歳になりました〜❤︎Happy birthday my baobei @cheesiepetit Junya. Today you are 4 years old. ☺️😘
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Lunch with a view like this... 😍 So in love with this family-run restaurant in Kamogawa. Perfectly salt-grilled Kinmedai and luxurious Tendon with gigantic ebi for only ¥1500 🤯
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@703moe when I hang out with her all I did was stare at her😳... Junya loves pretty girl and was super happy playing with her puppy Toro. Look at him at the background😂. I’d totally date her if I were single 😂.

And... a ceiling full of melons!🍈🍈🍈 #cheesieinchiba #melonfarm #travelwithcheesiepetit

There is a lot happening to me and around me recently so I started to seriously think about what will happen to @cheesiepetit if I suddenly fall seriously ill. As a parent I think the priority is to keep myself safe and healthy so that I can care for my children. I made myself a promise to go for a health screening at least one every other year.
When I first moved to Singapore and I was pregnant with Sakura, I couldn't wait to find out the gender so I went for an ultrasound scan at a good obgyn recommended by friend, and it was @thomsonmedical. I remember being very impressed by how amazingly professional the staff are and how homely the environment was (and turned out it was a girl! Yay!!). Two years later I'm back again for my health screening with Dr Lau at Thomson Wellth Clinic, the very friendly and knowledgeable head doctor, and she talked to me like I was her family. Just look at the ambience! It feels like someone's luxurious apartment instead of a "clinic". Thou I had to fast the day before so I was starving, as soon as I was done with all the tests the helpful nurse served me really delicious sandwich for breakfast T_T making me feel so well taken care of.
I especially love how they put lots of importance on privacy, there's a private room that directly connects to Dr Lau's room, in case you need some quiet time with loved ones (or some noisy time with small kids haha). Other than health screenings, Thomson Wellth also provides all sort of wellness solutions such as aesthetics. anti-aging screen and even their own products! Find out more @thomsonmedical and @thomsonwellth!