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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Cheeserland.jp Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌: cheeserland@gmail.com


CheatOne™️ Scallop is great. But sometimes you do miss the real deal. 😌
#aglioolio #ペペロンチーノ #cheesiemade

Who wants gyudon for breakfast? 🖐🏻

When you made too much oden. 😌🍢
Breakfast the day after oden party - rice with oden set, renkon kinpira & Nagasaki ichigo. Looooove the ichigo it is so so sweet.🍓
#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

When you need a break from too much daikon... 😌. Today’s #cheesiemade is 蕪の肉詰め - Stuffed kabu in light dashi broth. 😊 Kabu (turnip) is like a baby version of daikon, and requires a lot less time to cook through.
Would anyone be interested in recipe? 🖐🏻

While papa and oniichan skate 🌳😗 #singaporelife

Happy 2018 Lunar New Year! 🍊🐶
Today’s #cheesiemade: .
★White rice with umeboshi
★Shiokoji marinate grilled salmon
★Tamagoyaki with mentaiko topping
★Stuffed turnip dashi soup
What is everyone doing today?

Like many kids, @cheesiepetit Junya is excited about receiving Ang Pow during CNY. 🍊💰He knows money is important and he must keep them in a safe place. But he doesn’t understand the importance of saving yet. I
think he gets the idea after I explained to him about saving an earthworm a day for the mole (guess I should have used a better animal who eats cuter food lol). As parents, we need to kickstart our kids’ saving habit from young, which is why you should open an ePOSBkids Account! Apply online now, and receive S$20 Hong Bao! Find out more @ posb.com.sg/onlineacct

#endorsed #POSBkidsTalk #WhereIKeepMyMoney #WhereMyAngPowGo

#cheesiemade Oden recipe🍢!
❤︎Oden dashi (I’m using House brand *swipe*. You can customize your own dashi to your own preference but I feel using oden dashi is quite fail-proof).
❤︎Daikon - you can google “Daikon Theory” for my daikon recipe blog post.
❤︎Boiled eggs - I added 4 but totally not enough😳. The kids loved it!!! This morning I added 5 more.😂
❤︎Konnyaku and shirataki - you can either slice konnyaku thinly or cut it in triangle shape: 🍢
❤︎Rolled cabbage - this one need a separate recipe haha. Next time ok!
❤︎Tako 🐙
❤︎Nerimono (練り物)- these includes chikuwa (竹輪), ganmo (がんも), goboten (ゴボウ天), kamaboko (蒲鉾), etc etc. You can pick your favorite! Just buy from Japanese grocery stores :)
❤︎Condiment: Yuzukosho (柚子胡椒), Karashi (Japanese mustard) and negi
You may also add kinchaku (巾着), the little bag with mochi in it, as well as sausages, atsuage (厚揚げ)... My favorite is actually 牛筋 (beef tendon) but I don’t know how to make it yet 😩. .
It’s recommended that you start in the morning and add in daikon, shirataki and konnyaku first (since they need time to slowly absorb the flavor), then eggs, rolled cabbage, tako. You can use any hot pot/ claypot for this but my @brunohotplatesg is perfect because you can set it to warm, it’s like combini oden corner right at your own home!!!!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و By evening you will have fully flavored oden!! Add the nerimono 5 mins before serving to prevent them from getting too soggy. 😊 .
I also recommend 2日目のおでん - Second Day Oden. Swipe to the last photo to see how super flavored the ingredients have turned!! You can also add new ingredients as you like! This morning I added shiitake, and adjusted the dashi with shoyu.
Did you know? Japanese people’s top 3 favorite oden ranking is: 3-shirataki, 2-tamago 1-daikon!!! What is yours? 😊🍢

The coolest thing I've done this Valentine's day! ❤️
Love is in the air!! (Watch the video to see what I mean hehe.)
Come by The Bounce and get your perfect stunt moves captured on Prudential's bullet time photography booth at Marina Bay Carnival from 4-10pm, create a video like mine on this special Valentine's backdrop and send this special edition to your loved ones! 🎡🎢🎪🎟🤹🏻‍♀️
*Hint* I'm sure you can get really creative with a little props.😉
#PruMBCarnival #MarinaBayCarnival #PRUbounce

Valentine’s dinner (actually totally forgot today is Vday lolol aunty is like this😅)
Omg dream come true... I always wanted to have oden party at home because I love oden sooooo much🍢🍢🍢. Last night I received my Bruno hot plate in Sakura pink + a new nabe pot and the first thing I did this morning was to shop for oden ingredients😂.
I love it sooooo much!! Let the ingredients slowly simmer on low heat from morning and by evening you have a pot of beautifully flavored oden!😍😍😍
You can get the Bruno hot plate sets from @brunohotplatesg! Hope they still have stock haha.
Who is interested to get one? Show 🤚🏻 and who wants recipe? Show 🍢!!

I can finally wear matchy-matchy with Sakura!! 😍This CNY we are wearing our mama & daughter cheongsam from @lzzieofficiel. It comes in pastel blue and pink in cute little floral print, and the best thing about it is that it comes with a detachable collar (I’m wearing it and Sakura without) so you can wear it either for the festive seasons and after! 😊
How are you styling your #Lzzieootd this CNY? Show your L’zzie outfits and stand a chance to win $88 e-vouchers! Head over to @lzzieofficiel for details! ^^
#lzzie #CNYootd #親子コーデ

Broccoli Tuna Aglio Olio Pasta 🥦🥦🥦- this is one of my favorite recipes because it’s likely people who dislike broccoli will find this acceptable. Actually I’m very lucky that both @cheesiepetit love broccoli, but... it’s me who doesn’t. 🤭🤫😅
Many people asked for a repost so this is a fine-tuned version because I wanted to have a more paste-like consistency compared to the previous one I made (scroll to see last photo).
❤︎Your fav pasta. I used macaroni here because it is less messy than spaghetti for the kids to eat.
❤︎1 small size broccoli
❤︎2 cloves of garlic
❤︎1 dried red chili (seeds removed)
❤︎2 cans of tuna (to serve 3)
❤︎50ml of water
1. Boil broccoli in salt water for about 5 minutes
2. Remove, mash it into small chunks while you boil the pasta in the same pot
3. Heat up olive oil and sauté one whole clove of garlic, chopped garlic and red chili. Remove one clove of garlic and chili from pan once fragrant. I left the garlic in because I am a garlic maniac 😛
4. Add tuna (with broth or oil)
5. Add 50ml of water and simmer
6. Once pasta is boiled , mix it together and serve.
I didn’t use any extra seasoning but I did boil broccoli and pasta with quite dense salt water. @cheesiepetit love it so much I think it has to go be a weekly repeat😬.
Hope you like it too! Share with me if you decided to try it! 🥦🍝 #cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

Attention, Hokkaido food lovers! Today I'm sharing two places where you could enjoy yummy Hokkaido delicacies right in Singapore!
The first place is Little Hokkaido, which opened in April 2017 at Resort World Sentosa, featuring 3 stalls:

1. OHARA FARM - come here to enjoy the finest soft serves selected from the best in Hokkaido! I'm having the super instagenic Rainbow Soft Serve, which is in Lavender+Melon+Milk+Matcha flavor❤︎🍦💜🍵🍈
2. WATANABE COFFEE - serves Japanese-style coffee and matcha latte, perfect for cooling down a hot day fun outing in Sentosa.☕️
3. HOKKAIDO SUSHI BAR - Where most food are rather pricy in Sentosa, you can enjoy high-quality sushi at affordable price here! My 8-piece set only costs $12.60!🍣
The next place is Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, located at the entrance of Meidi-Ya in Liang court which I visit very frequently.
4.It is 3 times larger than before after its recent renovation, and offers some of the best products from Hokkaido❤︎
5. "Snow Milk"! OMG this is the yummiest milk I've ever had. I bought 5 bottles the first time I tried it at a Hokkaido Fair in Tokyo. Now you have it in SG!! :D🥛
6. Many of you ask where I get my grilled fish from. I sometimes buy here for fresh, safe and convenient marinated fish.🐟
7. 100% pure tomato juice with no salt added, I use it as a quick and convenient alternative to fresh tomato in my cooking.🍅
There is currently a Hokkaido Smile campaign ongoing! Stand a chance to win a trip to Hokkaido. For details, visit https://www.passp.asia/hokkaido!

#Lazymamacookinghack today: Pastel-color raspberry & kiwi smoothie!

I was thinking for ways to increase vitamin intake for @cheesiepetit's breakfast because they are quite picky with their fruits (if sour confirm they don't eat haha). So I thought, smoothie is a good way to start! But I was also a little intimidated by the blending process (think of the million things to clean up after!). Butttt I was so glad to give Braun Multiquick Hand Blender a try because it is soooo easy and effortless!! It's super powerful (able to crush ice in no time!!), and amazingly splash-free. My kitchen is spotless and I only needed to wash two things after!
My recipe today: ︎
10 raspberries︎
4 slices of kiwi for decoration
︎80ml of soy milk
︎3 ice cubes
(No sugar added. You may if you like it sweeter)
And just blend and enjoy! Super easy ^^
#endorsed #BravoBraun

Today I wanna introduce yet another #CheesieApproved household appliance - the made-in-Japan @mypanasonic "iT" Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.🇯🇵
I hated vacuuming, but now I'm all in love with it... Junya and Sakura always love to​​ play around the wall-edge, which is the most dust-filled and hardest to clean (did you know that wall-edges has 4.5 times more dust than room center??)!
This Panasonic “iT” Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a full capture power nozzle that reaches the very end of the wall-edge, which lets you clean every nook and cranny in the house! (Watch my video!!)
And since it is cordless, you will no longer have the cords get stuck among all the furniture and toys (another reason why I gave up vacuuming). It also means that you can just pick it up any time and suck up all the food bits on the floor instantly after every meals (all mommies know this struggle!!). And weighing only 2.2KG, even Junya can use it with ease, I think it's a great way to get kids involved in helping with house chores.
Yes, I'd definitely recommend this as the perfect tool for all #pokemom to level up!!#PanasonicLoveMeans #PanasonicLiving #PanasonicMalaysia

#lazymamacookinghack 5 minutes meal-Hokkaido Wagyu shabu shabu udon.
1. Heat up water in claypot (from DAISO $2)
2. Pour in instant udon soup dashi (can be found in any Japanese supermarket)
3. Add frozen udon
4. Add negi, wagyu slices, aburaage. Crack an egg if you like.
Enjoy!🤤 Better and cheaper than Tamoya SG😛

You can have my milkshake. 🥛🍫 @cheesiepetit.

Mama snack 💜 Cheese, mayo and beautiful Hokkaido red onion. Served with Gobo potage.

Today is @cheesiepetit’s monthly update again! ^^ Read: www.cheeserland.jp

#44months #21months

Sakura chupped all the ebi first. 👉🏻🍤
Today’s #lazymamacookinghack is One-Pot-Wonder Seafood Pilaf. Served with tomato & Camembert salad, and croquette (frozen). It was the stove’s off day.
Seafood Pilaf Recipe:
★Frozen mixed seafood (shrimp, squid, clam, scallop)
★Chopped carrot, onion and corn
★Consommé (1 cube or sachet) ★1 tablespoon of butter
★1 cup of rice (served me and @cheesiepetit)
I also added a secret ingredient - the leftover chicken juice from my roast the other day. I chilled it in the fridge, scrape off the oil and pour the jello-looking stuff into the rice pot together. .
Switch ON. Enjoy 40 mins later. 👌🏻 The kids fought over the shrimps. 😂

This. Is exactly everything I’m not. Especially on a crazy weekend like today. I just had lots of fun cleaning up spilled cereal puffs on my freshly washed bedsheet. 🙂
Taken with @fujifilmsg X-A5 on remote.

Yay! Hitsumabushi recipe, with a secret step!
I love Hitsumabushi a lot more than the usual Unajyu because you can enjoy eating it 3 ways - as it is, with extra condiments, and as a chazuke. It’s actually surprisingly simple to prepare!
You will need:
1.Store-bought unagi
2. Steamed white rice
3. 1X dashi pack
4. 薬味 (condiments). I used 4 kinds here - negi, seaweed strips, 塩山椒(Sansho, Japanese pepper), and wasabi.
The thing is that when you reheat chilled unagi, it usually turns out very dry with a chewy texture. Here’s a secret tip to soft, perfectly broiled unagi like it’s fresh off the grill!!
1. Take out unagi from the packaging, rinse it gently under running tap water to wash away the sauce thoroughly (*gasp*!! But yes, this is super important!).
2. Brush/pour a tablespoon of cooking sake over the unagi
3. Warm it up on non-stick fry pan on low heat, 2 minutes each side. Many people asked me why I used a cooking sheet under the unagi in my IG story. Actually I do this so that I could later lift the paper and flip the unagi without using the spatula which tends to break the soft flesh of unagi. You will need longer heating time if you use the cooking sheet.
4. At the same time, soak a pack of dashi stock in boiling water about 2-3 minutes, dish out the pack when it reaches your ideal flavor. Pour it in teapot to serve.
5. Cut unagi into 1cm strips and place them over hot steamy rice.
6. Serve with condiments and お吸い物 (Osuimono) - you can just use instant ones. I used konbucha and dried wild mushroom to fake the texture of 鰻肝 (eel liver?) they usually have in the soup 🤣.
It’s a bit of an elaborated breakfast but actually I looove how the chazuke perfectly warms up your tummy for a happy morning! 😃
Hope this helps some of you who are too broke to dine out in expensive Japanese restaurant 😛. Drop me a comment if you are gonna try it out!l or have any questions!
#cheesiemade #hitsumabushi #ひつまぶし #lazymamacookinghack

The prettiest camera launch everrrr. I’m so so so happy and honored to be the @fujifilmsg X-A5’s 2018 ambassador, along with @chloeandchoo and @melissackoh. It’s really my favorite camera so far because it is simply idiot-proof. All the photos uploaded here in the past few weeks are taken with this new baby! The auto-mode is so amazing that I don’t think I need to ever do any setting adjustments 😬. A perfect #lazymama camera actually HAHAHA. There are early bird privileges so go go go check out the new Fujifilm X-A5 in store!😍
#singaporelife #fujifilmxa5 #fujifilmsg

I haven’t been so excited about breakfast before 😳. I was excited since last night lol (if you stalked my story you’d know 😂). So I was thinking about the variety of fish I could put on the breakfast table, and I thought, why not unagi! I saw an affordable one at Donki selling at $19 (China eel). Then I thought, since unagi, WHY NOT HITSUMABUSHI!!!
Hitsumabushi is one of my fav food ever, I’ve been wanting to try Man Man Unagi in SG but it is always sooooo long queueeee! And usually good hitsumabushi are also super expensive (even the cheaper ones are like $70???)
I’m just so so so happy that manage to I recreate this at home, (and actually fairly simple!!) at about probably less than $25 for 2 sets!! (And fed the kids too!)
Cooking at home is so 幸福... now I realized... ☺️☺️☺️.
It’s getting too long so maybe I’ll post recipe in a separate post. Anyone interested? 🖐🏻
#cheesiemade #hitsumabushi #ひつまぶし

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