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Cheesieチージー  🇯🇵が大好きのチージーです。 Blogging since 2004 at Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌:

Nobody beats my #ootd today. Literally. Like, I dare you to beat me. 🗡

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New blog post, if you haven't read: monthly update ❤︎ Junya is 36months old and Sakura turns 13 months old.

Read: ❤︎ Can't believe I have been religiously writing the monthly update for 36 months in a row!! Who is interested to continue reading? (Until Junya turns 10 lol)

Dear @cheesiepetit Junya, I wish you more and more awesome birthdays in the coming years, and your mama makes better and better birthday cakes 😜. Maybe you want to start learning to build a storage for all the Tomica your mama bought you? 🙃

【Swipe for Step-by-Step🔎】 Super easy Strawberry Short Cake CheatOne™ for @cheesiepetit Junya's 3rd birthday!🎂 No baking needed at all!!! Haha actually it is made of stacked pancakes with yogurt as fresh cream! 🥞A healthy option for little kids too!
☆Hot cake mix 1 pack (+ milk and egg as stated)
☆Greek Yogurt 1 tub
1. Strain yogurt overnight.
2. Cook pancake in your fry pan (we used a Tamagoyaki pan for the even square shape)
2. Apply well-strained yogurt on each layer, top with sliced strawberries
3. Stack and continue step 2
4. Decorate with strawberries and color ball sprinkles!
I am a baking idiot so this is perfectly easy🍰! #lazymamacookinghack

Happy birthday @cheesiepetit Junya, you are 3 today (sorry we had to borrow Sakura's candle for your cake today lol) 🎂. Be kind, brave, and stay happy always. We love you ❤︎ From 👨🏻👩🏻👶🏻

New blog post: Why I Was Secretly Squeezing My Own Boobs All The Time In Japan.

I swear that this is not a clickbait. Some of you will thank me for this.


And where is the Bambi and those dwarves?
#cheesieinjapan #ehime #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi

Train station with one of the most beautiful views in Japan, overlooking the peaceful Seto Inland Sea. 🚉

Shimonada station is an unmanned train station in Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture and has been featured in popular anime and J drama, including Heroes, starred by Kimura Takuya.

Your next stop here, maybe?

The trip has ended, but memories have not... 🎣🐚🌊 #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi #cheesieinjapan

This was taken last year, right before I gave birth to @cheesiepetit Sakura and 1 week after. I was super lucky to have the help of tummy binders like #BellyBandit to help me get back in shape real quick!

Many new mommies are struggling with looking fit again, if you are a pregnant mommy and this is your worry, do check out the mommy-focused fitness workshop organized by Belly Bandit and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur on 17 June,limited to 50 expectant moms only. Do email or call 0362061803 to book your slot! Admission is free and each participant will receive goodie bags and also 25% discount on Belly Bandit products!【Swipe to see details】. @bloomandgrowasia @smartmumasia

Going back home!! 🗾✈️🇸🇬
See you again, #Setouchi. You have been amazing❤︎ #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi #cheesieinjapan

Still my favorite city in the world... 🗼

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