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Quick lunch at @76cafe_omotesando! Maybe I haven't been back for a long time, everything is extra yummy today 😋. Or the chef has simply leveled up!! If I were to pick a favorite Karaage would be it! The seasonal flavor now is Yuzu Pepper. Sooooo 够味! 👌🏻Also love the Buta Shogayaki & Buta Kimchi on hot plate! ❤︎ #tokyolife #76cafe #cheesieinjapan

There was a big situation today. We just found out that we missed our flight by mistake. Our flight was 2am on the 23rd and we kept thinking it was on the 23rd night. I can't believe we have done this soooooo many times yet made such a careless and fatal mistake. (Missing a flight to Japan at THIS season?!) Midnight flights are very confusing! So I had a huge panic because we MUST reach Tokyo tomorrow for meetings. I was praying so hard that we can get on tonight's flight (24th morning. See? Confusing lol). And this is when I am really, REALLY glad that we fly with Japan Airlines. We called up and apparently there were last 3 seats left for tonight's flight. That's perfect (Sakura doesn't count since she is an infant)!!! The problem is, the 3 seats left were Business Class, as economy is full. We didn't mind to pay extra for the new flight, but there's no way we could afford business class.

The JAL staff said they'd call back, and it took foreverrrr. I panicked more and asked if the danna gave the wrong phone number to call lol. Eventually they did, and found us 3 economy class, at no additional charge. HUH? It was our own fault leh why they are so nice to us? Not only that, they also arranged the bassinet seat for me and Sakura. I almost cried ok. Why these people are so kind 😭😭😭. It seemed like they made a lot of arrangements to help us that's why it took them so long to call back.
The only thing I could think of is they probably upgraded 3 passengers so we could have the seats. You are welcome, 3 lucky business passengers. But thank you, JAL. Thank you so much. 你没有辜负我对你的爱。✈️🇯🇵 Moral of the story is, get your flight time right. And fly JAL. 😌

#iloveJAL #travelwithcheesiepetit

Grocery shopping with baby is now made easier with Hong Leong Debit Card, which means I don't have to dig out cash and fuss with keeping change and coins. 💳 Plus I also get to set my daily retail purchase limits to avoid overspending. You know, shopping can get out of hand sometimes 😅... girls would know! On top of that, I also stand to earn monthly grocery cash back with a minimum spend of RM50 in a single receipt on groceries, and earn myself 5 extra entries to win the Hello Kitty 999.9 Gold Bar!💰 #HLBGroceryCashback

Practicing for future mass picnic days lol. #Onigirazu is the simplest picnic/outing/bento food (if you prefer rice over bread) that leaves no mess. Super kids friendly too since no cutleries needed!
On the menu today:
★Spam and Egg
★Yakiniku with cabbage
★Low Carb rice-less variation for those on diet 😜. Swipe to see step-by-step and video!

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

Thanks for having us @number_76sg ❤︎ Sakura, when you get more hair we do real mama&bb hair date ok? 😊

We are leaving for Japan tomorrow!!! 🌸🇯🇵🌸🇯🇵❤︎ If you need more information on traveling to the Kanto region especially with young children, you can visit to read about my travel tips!
By the way, Sakura has started to bloom today in Tokyo. Full bloom should happen in a week 🌸😍🌸😍

I love my sashimi and sometimes I can have just fresh sashimi alone. But I'd love to share it with @cheesiepetit too, so I'd just keep a slice, add a spoon of starchy dashi mixed with water (so that the texture won't be too dry for baby), microwave covered for 15 seconds. Now I have a dish for both adult and baby, and it's the perfect portion for baby. I top it on spinach quinoa porridge and Sakura finished the whole bowl ❤︎ Oniichan is allowed to steal an occasional bite of raw fish because he really loves it.
#lazymamacookinghack #babyfood

Don't you feel that after an outing with your baby, you always end up looking shockingly different from when you first stepped out of the house? 😂 Nicely styled hair always end up in a ponytail (or scrunched into a messy bun), make up melted with zero chance to touch up, and always, ALWAYS end up 衣冠不整 (disheveled clothes) if you are nursing 😂. Probably with new ketchup polka.
Mama date with @mrs_carolling, Sakura and Momo who are born one day apart, while our firstborns spending their afternoon in school. We look forward to next year to throw ALLLL our kids to school. 😂

#mamatomo #singaporelife #10months

So today @bongqiuqiu jio me out for Japanese buffet, I went to choose desserts and when I returned to my seat, suddenly she and @carolynlimz and @cheesiepetit Junya were all wearing a cone hat 🎉and I was like huh?! Since when the restaurant gives out party goodies, so kind of them!!
And my immediate thought was omg I also want I don't want to be left out!! Then I looked at the cakes 🍰🎂🍮on the table and was like ... someone's birthday? No I don't remember anybody's birthday this month!
And then they all looked at me one kind and then, oh. It was me lol. (Although two weeks in advance lol).
Thanks ah. Nobody gives me lame surprises like this before 😘😘😘.
Also Qiu said Sakura looks like an upside down ice cream cone, so I made a drawing (Swipe to see) to show Junya, and he said, "Sakua Aih-keem." Yums. 🍦

Went to Kidzania today with @cheesiepetit and Junya wanted to be in the airplane. Sadly all the role play activities are for 4 years and above so I told him, you gotta be 4 years old before you can enter the plane. He thought for a while and said, "mama, I am four years old oredi. We can go!😃!" 😳🤔... #howtoanswer #toddlertalk #singaporelife

One of my favorite places to shop in Singapore! "About A Girl" at Isetan Scotts now carries new arrival Anello in many exclusive designs and colors!

Come by the Private Sales starting from 24th March for Isetan Card Members only
at Isetan Scott's. Prices for Anello bags ranges from $39 to $79, with additional 10%discount on 24th March!! The items are available at About A Girl Ladies Wear on 2F.

Swipe to see new arrival products❤︎ #isetanscotts #isetansg #accessories #anello @isetansg

Special date with baby Sakura today (while oniichan is in school, shhhhh 🙊). Secretly enjoying the quiet peaceful time without having to answer a thousand toddler questions😬. 今日はママとさくらのメロメロデート❤︎お兄ちゃんに内緒ね〜

#secretdate #singaporelife #10months

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