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Cheesieチージー  そうです。❤️ 🇯🇵のチージーです。 Cheat One™ Blogger of and PokeMOM to @cheesiepetit. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾. 💌:

【Swipe for ingredients】#Cheesiemade dinner: Crab meat and shrimp fried rice. Ran out of vegetables so I served it with salad. The mix of texture was quite refreshing!
1. Warm rice (it works better for me than cold rice)🍚
2. Shrimp and crab meat🦀🦐
3. Kamaboko 🍥
4. Two eggs 🥚🥚
5. Duck fat (wanted to use lard but didn't have any)
6. Tube garlic and Cook-Do seasoning paste
#lazymamacookinghack tip: I use tube garlic so that I don't have to chop and mince and get my hands all garlicky, and also tube paste so that I don't save time concocting seasoning (and less dishes to wash!). The iron wok I use is River Light Kiwame from Tokyu Hands SG. Very good "wok hei". 👍🏻

#Cheesiemade today : I love risotto but the time spent cooking arborio rice is way too long for a busy #pokemom. I decided to try something different today and use Captain Oats' Rolled Oats instead. It takes only 5-8 minutes, and I love the al dente texture!
Ingredients: spinach, brown mushrooms, sausages, parmesan cheese, your favorite soup stock and a cup of Captain Oats' Rolled Oats.
Watch for the steps! ^^
You can also visit for more creative recipes!

Full recipe on my new blog post:

Today's #breakfastforjunya. Didn't think anyone would eat the leftover potato salad so I hid it in the toast. Egg is boiled for 6.5 minutes (from room temperature), I think this is my favorite.

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe for ingredients】Today's #cheesiemade dinner : Easy #Vermicular de Champon with 6 types of vegetables with instant soup stock.

☆Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork slices
☆Mix seafood (frozen)
☆Enoki mushroom
☆Black fungus
☆Negi (leek)
☆Spring onion
☆instant Champon soup stock

I use dry instant noodle for ramen.

One pot for the whole family! For Sakura's, I just dilute it with water.
#champon #lazymamacookinghack

【Swipe for step-by-step for adult+baby recipe】
#cheesiemade stoveless 10 mins potato salad🥔 〜Adult and Baby version.

I am trying to wean Sakura off day feeds recently but she is totally not taking formula, either in cup or bottle. 🍼😞So I thought of mixing it in her food and I came up with this recipe.
No boiling/steaming/blanching. All you need is a microwave.
Ingredients: Potato (I use new potato from Hokkaido and leave the skin on!), broccoli and sweet peas. Would have been better with boiled egg in it but I 不舍得 use the good eggs I am keeping for TKG 😝.
Seasoning (adult): Mayonnaise, tube mustard, black pepper and sea salt.
For baby: Formula, a little mayo and a teaspoon of plain yogurt.
Cling-wrap, microwave the ingredients and just mix the seasoning in. For baby, microwave it 1 minute extra for softer texture.
#lazymamacookinghack #potatosalad

【Swipe】Today's super low-cal lunch: ☆TKG. It's so addictive I'm having it everyday 😳.
☆Zuwai crab and tofu soup
☆Okaka Okura
☆Sautéed Shirataki with butter & mentaiko
Crab soup is cooked with canned crab meat, dashi pack and corn starch. Okra is blanched and mixed with shoyu, Bonito flakes and sesame seeds. Shirataki basically has zero calorie and can be used in salads and soups.🥗🍲🍢 #cheesiemade #singaporelife

Mama needs a makeover! I rarely have time for proper makeup and it's refreshing to have myself styled with a different look by the professional at the Givenchy Paragon booth, featuring their brand new lipstick series, Rouge Interdit. 💄

I love the rosy shade (Rose Nocturne) that the stylist used on me! The moist and silky feeling allows me to last through my day without the need to touch up, which is great when I have the kiddos around. I heard it's because of a rare black rose oil extract and the ultra-fine micro-oils used. Go experience it for yourself at the Givenchy booth happening now at Paragon until 25th May.
#IWasHere #RougeInterdit #GivenchyBeauty #GivenchySG

Today's #cheesiemade snack plate.

Have you ever tried Sea Grape, also known as the Green Caviar? In Japanese it is called umi budo (sea grape haha). I first tried it in an Okinawa restaurant and I loved the fancy texture! It is really like eating tobiko fish roes, except that this is a kind of seaweed. Only later that I found out that it is actually a superfood packed with nutrients. It was traditionally found in the waters of Okinawa, but @mealbelly were able to source this rare superfood from the quite waters of South Vietnam, farm it in a sheltered environment and carefully harvested.
It is super easy to prepare too! Simply #rinsesoakserve. It is also versatile to be added into many dishes such as salad and soups. Today I made a snack plate of Umi Budo Gunkan Maki (sushi), and also a chicken salad, serve with ponzu sauce.
Find out more from! Enter "cheesiexmb" for 15% off!

【Swipe for ingredients】Usually the things you miss the most are super simple things like a good #TKG (tamagokakegohan) - basically a bowl of hot rice with a raw egg and shoyu.

I bought my Japanese eggs safe for raw consumption from Meidiya. Expensive but 买个安心。

How to:
1. Separate the egg white from yolk
2. Mix egg white with rice first if you are not a fan of the egg white texture.
3. Place your egg yolk.
4. Top with shoyu and your favorite topping.

Shoyu is specially made for TKG. My topping today was sesame seeds and shirasu for extra calcium. The latest trend in Japan is to eat it with a drizzle of olive oil. Loved it!

#lazymamacookinghack #cheesiemade #卵かけご飯

Today's afternoon entertainment ☺️☺️☺️ @cheesiepetit

#lazymamacookinghack Super Simple 10 Minutes Lunch.

Stoveless Sunday: sometimes when you just don't feel like having to clean up an oily kitchen.
☆Miso marinated (2 days) eggyolk with rice
☆Fruit tomato, organic wakamehijiki and shirasu salad (olive oil and vinegar dressing)
☆Instant tofu miso soup

#cheesiemade #黄味の味噌漬け #若芽ひじき

Weekend is a love-hate thing for me because it's nice that I can spend the whole day with both @cheesiepetit at home, but the mess in the house is also driving me a bit crazy. I know a lot of mothers advise cleaning the house at one shot by the end of the day after the kids go to sleep, but a house with stuff all over the place is stressing me out more... 😳 . So it does feel like I'm spending the whole day just constantly picking stuff up and cleaning after everything😵😵😵... #livingwithtwotoddlers #SAHM #pokemom

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