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Such a cute, cute bouquet!! 🥕🍎🌾Sakura already can't wait to try out the Nestle Gerber Organic Puffs! Recently she is starting to pick up every tiny thing on the floor to inspect and put in her mouth, so it's time to start her on these star-shaped puffy snacks for new taste exploration and also motor skill development, and also to encourage self-feeding. 🌟Gerber Organic Puffs are carefully chosen from certified organic farmers and is made with organic whole grains for a more wholesome snacking experience. 🌾Comes in two delightful flavors - Apple and Green Veggies! I have to hide them cuz Junya loves them so much he'd finish half a bottle at one go lol. It is available exclusively at FairPrice at $7.95 per bottle.

#gerberorganic #9months #sp

Junya's first word was mama (obviously😌). But what do they say? Daughters are forever daddy's girl. This Sakura whole day papa papa papa non stop 🙄. Hahaha

#9months #daddysgirl

This morning: Ham&Cheese toast X Shirasu toast. Broccoli&maitake omelette. Green juice with chia. 🍞🥓🍓🥝 #singaporelife #cheesiemade

What do you do with the leftover bread/ham after all the cute cut-outs? It's sure messy to eat as it is!

I like to cut up and toast them into croutons, and today I made a cheesy gratin-ish dish out of it 😋

#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack

Canabae (canapé for err... baes LOLOL) for today's imaginary guests 😂. ★Cream cheese strawberry
★ Ham&Mayo
★Super Spread (nuts, chia & sesame)

#singaporelife #teasnack

New blog post: quick video on our Niigata adventure!

#travelwithcheesiepetit #cheesieinjapan #ilovejapan

First try. Hot cake mix cheat🥞. Didn't know it will blow up so much, end up looking like hardened hot cross buns 😂. Gotta give them more space.🍓 #scone #lazymamacookinghack #cheatone™

My virgin baking attempt : CheatOne™ strawberry scone made with hotcake mix. ★1 pack of hot cake mix (200g)
★50g of butter
★50ml milk
★big ass strawberries

Mix everything and bake at 170C for 15 minutes.
It turned out a little too soft so maybe slightly less milk and a longer oven time would be good!

#lazymamacookinghack #singaporelife #cheesiemade

Sneaking greens into tomorrow's breakfast.🍏🥒🥝🍐🌱🌿. Cold-pressed green smoothie, organic Komatsuna, celery and spinach -IN. I'm considering to add kale powder for advance level lol.

I also have a love-hate relationship with celery. I hate it when it is cooked because it tastes somewhat like coriander, but I looooove it mixed in the juice because it is so high in sodium that it makes the juice taste like I just added a spoon of salt to it. And I love my salt. Now I'm not sure if celery is all that good for me 😂. #singaporelife #haoswaif #グリーンスムージー #野菜ジュース

Mama's lunch: ★Goya Champuru (bitter gourd, spam, tofu and egg with Bonito flakes)
★Tonjiru (burdock, carrot, leek, onion, maitake, abura age, miso)
★Koshihikari rice cooked with Mochi mugi
★ Pomelo

Cooked a huge pot of Tonjiru for the whole day, including Sakura's portion! Dish out before adding miso for a mild taste, add to porridge ❤︎ #singaporelife #mamalife #haoswaif

Breakfast for oniichan: strawberry on peanut butter danish toast, milk and tsumtsum cookie from his classmate!🍞🍓🍪 #singaporelife #toddlerlife

有像吗?hahah. Nvm when you are bigger mama draw eyebrow for you ok. And when you finally have hair papa give you a kickass hair cut ☺️ #itsagirl #9months