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Cheesieチージー  そうです。❤️ 🇯🇵のチージーです。 Cheat One™ Blogger of Cheeserland and PokeMOM to @cheesiepetit. Based in: 🇲🇾🇸🇬🇯🇵. 💌:

🌸tea time at home today🌸. 🍵🍬Still having the post-travel pinks 😌. #sakura2017 #sakuratea #konpeito

My collection so far.
Is it even possible to choose a favorite? ⛩👘🍁🏯🍵🐻🗼🍊🥜🦊🌸🍈🍒🍡🗻 #gotochikitty #ilovejapan #ご当地キティ

One of my favorite from the @wanderzoom family shoot in Kyoto. When I showed he danna he said, "oh. Real bear." 🐻

#cheesieinjapan #travelwithcheesiepetit #WanderZoomTravelShoot #wanderzoom

New blog post: coordinate in Japan.
Read: cheeserland . com ✌🏻 #cheesieinjapan #travelwithcheesiepetit

If you love Japanese supermarkets, you gotta visit Ito Yokado, one of Japan's largest tax-free supermarket chains that has been awarded three times for their "Safety and Assurance" measures by Japan’s METI Minister’s Award.

I went to Ito Yokado Musashi Kosugi Grand Tree, one of their best stores in Japan. From grocery, cosmetic to lifestyle, their products are of great quality yet is super affordable!! They put great care into their products for the customers, for example they have a daily sweetness rating chart for their fruits, 🍑🍓🍇their food is made in the kitchen on the spot, 🍱🌯the sushi is kept on the shelf for only four hours to ensure freshness🍣🍣. There's even a TV display for the Yakitori so that you can see the grilling process in real time!! (Swipe to see pictures!) The also come up with special collaboration items with brands such as the Sakura Pocky I posted earlier, exclusive to Ito Yokado!🌸 to check out the stores and find out more info!

Behind the scene ❤︎
Spring in Kyoto 🌸🌸🌸. Thank you @wanderzoom's photograoher S.S. in Kyoto for capturing the lovely moments ⛩🌸🎋🦊. #wanderzoom #WanderZoomTravelShoot #cheesieinkyoto #travelwithcheesiepetit

Now your favorite music will sound better than ever! Sony h.ear on headband headphone sports an award winning design, is smartphone-compatible with inline remote mic, and can be folded super compact so you can easily fit it in a bag or coat pocket! Find out more on! #SonyHear #ExperienceSony

Sakura... 🌸. I'm so lucky to have caught cherry blossom blooming this year and have it captured forever... 📸. We had a family photoshoot in Kyoto with @wanderzoom's Japanese vacation photographer, S.S, who was super nice and friendly, and @cheesiepetit felt at ease around him, which was very important for the photos to turn out natural and lovely. I was soooo glad that we did this because... well, it's waaaaaay better than self timer!! (о´∀`о)

Will be posting more photos and a behind-the-scene video!

#WanderZoom #WanderZoomTravelShoot #cheesieinkyoto #sakura2017

I was super thankful for JAL during our missed flight incident from Changi 3 weeks ago (read post on 24 Mar). Our return flight was made terrific too with this sweet gesture from Sarah and crew. That's a plane mobile for Sakura! ✈️🇯🇵! Thanks for always making us feel at home ❤︎ #iloveJAL #travelwithcheesiepetit #日本航空 #日本の翼

Easter edition PRETZ: TKG (tamago kake gohan) flavor. ¥199.

#pretz #gudetama #onlyinjapan #sanrio

New blog post: shopping haul from Japan! Mostly Sakura and all things pink!! My blog is temporary fixed (still needs a major repair) please let me know if you have problem viewing it. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

It was snowing cherry blossom🌬 🌸🌸🌸🍃. Other people have post-travel blues, I have post-travel pinks. 😌Still mesmerized by everything pink (in my luggage and camera roll). #sakura2017 #cheesieinjapan

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