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Cheesieチージー  日本大好き🇯🇵♥️。47都道府県制覇〜残り2県!🗾 Blogging since 2004 at Japan is my religion. Welcome to my cult. Based in: 🇸🇬🇯🇵🇲🇾.

From my journey through Kagawa, Okayama & Kyoto with JR West.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa♡. Every single minute spent here is meant to relax your body and mind, be it mochi-grilling at the terraced hill, soaking in the mineral bath of Tombo-No-Yu, a quiet adventure to hunt for the rare sight of Musasabi (Japanese flying squirrel) in the forest... everywhere you go, nature is right around you. .
#cheesieinNagano #hoshinoresorts #hoshinoyakaruizawa

Hello Kitty Shinkansen, Rabbit island, Hidden Sushi Box and more! Next up on Shiga, Kagawa & Wakayama.

A video of me and @chanwon92 during our trip to Kanagawa early this year. ♡

【Recipe Video】It’s #lazymamacookinghack! Today, @cheesiepetit and I made CheatOne™️ Ebi Fry 🍤with @mypanasonic Big Cubie Oven! It’s so easy you won’t even believe it. 😱You only need:

1. Fresh tiger prawns
2. Panko (bread crumbs)
3. Mayonnaise
Fry your ebi on Healthy Fry Mode on Big Cubie Oven, no oil needed and no greasy kitchen! Watch to see how simple it is. I hope you enjoy it! ^ - ^

Morning. Just a regular #tokyolife photo after breakfast at Matsuya (breakfast set ¥290). No carefully color coordinated matching outfits, no specially hunted instagenic photo spot (just a random garden corner near our apartment), no angle arrangement to block people out and see whole ootd, no take off jacket because already in photos too many times despite the cold (and it’s super warm today!!🌞), no expensive bokeh lens, no 假假望天空深思😂. Just... enjoying Tokyo life.
#cheesieinTokyo #ilovetokyo #travelwithcheesiepetit

53rd time to Japan 🇯🇵 , 6th time to Hokkaido🗾, 3rd time skiing⛷. .
#cheesieinHokkaido #sapporo

Yuki asobi 雪遊び - snow play. ⛷☃️❄️
#cheesieinHokkaido #travelwithcheesiepetit

Never get enough of 🌸.
#cheesieinKanagawa #cherryblossom2019

Chasing 🌸. Spotted this along the highway near Hakone. Cherry blossom is still gonna be here for a long time. Head north to chase for it. .
#cheesieinKanagawa #chasingcherryblossoms

This was timer on iPhone. 😅
#cheesieinonsen #cheesieinShizuoka

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