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Shivi Agarwal 🌼  Our backs tells stories no books have the spine to carry 💋

When the world was veering your beliefs into two equal half's when your most profound trust on People was constantly fading.
You were growing, even when your I love you turned into I can not stay and even when the hands that used to hold you every night turned into the hands that no longer held you, you were still growing.
You were growing in the dark and you were evolving for someone better.
It was hard and not everyday there was sunshining bright on you. There were those autumn leaves and the circumstances were baggae. You had to go through almost every night without love and support. But what one thing that never stopped happening was your growth.
In the most adverse and most hard situation you kept blooming and growing.
I hope you see now that you were becoming someone better, that all your sleep less nights were the part of you to become the most pure you. How your bad days made you love you all by yourself.
I hope you see now that how you used to look for hope each morning and then actually you never found any under your sleves. You used to read and write and talk often and you conspired to become the stronger. I hope you see now that how you were discovering yourself . How you were becoming.
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You dont need to explain this to anyone that why did you choose something, why did you react awkward on a situation.
You dont have to explain anything to people if they think that you are no good.
You dont have to solve their problem.
If someone is walking one step behind you don't have to worry about this.
You dont have to go to a person who is talking about you.
You know you have to just let it be the way it is.
If someone is doing something and telling something you have to just live your life.
You dont have to stop and worry about what they might think of you.
See not everyone is nice and is going to think good about you.
They hear, they see and they judge and decide.
That's the rule of life.
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When I look at you I realise that how sober you are when it comes to holding on me.
You are the first man in my life who did not give up upon me easily.
You are the first man who made me open up my mind and you came to me everytime.
I have never known that there is this other world that exist inside you and me, the Un-parallel and beautiful Just the way it is.
When I look at you I realise that how much I love you, I feel from my heart your promises and your kisses.
You are the first person who let's me know that it's okay to dream and have a plan but then start working hard today.
You are the first man who walks up from that empty bed and knows me.
When I look at you I realise that how imperfect we are but so perfect together.
You are the first person who actually made space in here with all flaws and flaunts.
Both of our souls are connected and are craving to dusk till dawn.
There are lot of promises we keep and days we see each other picturing love.
When I look at you I realise if I would have not found you?
You are the first person who have rested his head on me and laughed silly.
When it comes to you dont be blind , we have imbibed so much from each other and become more then we were yesterday.
2 U for being the first!
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What's that one thing that men have not learnt from dogs is loyality.
And Frankly all of the men race with exceptions have the breed of being a dog.
You may teach a dog to eat in his own plate or behave but then you can't teach humans.
And this is the agenda of today that all men are dog they are suffering from desperate mindset.
There is no if and but about a man for not being a dog .well seen sexual harassment cases and aptly that how being a pervert is a part of their basic charsctersitc is what makes them more of a dog.
I am not anti-man and obviously there is nothing like that I don't have men around me, I am into the same place that each one us are but more importantly I with time have come across things in my life and hence proven facts show that how men have aged with norms of shaming.
You know you generally imbibe what You see and how you are grown up, the upbringing also the inkling that what a boy sees and knows while getting mature .
Men themselves have set this phenomenon over time that they all are dogs.
If a boy grows up seeing harassment and if he is told that it's okay to do that, and if he sees his father raising voice on his mother he will automatically know that it is acceptable to do so.
He will rather be grown up with the same idea of assulting women and people.
For me with exceptions men are dog .
You can not change, maybe the day a 25 year old stops raping a 10 year old I will repost will all men are not dog .

There is nothing like love songs nor there is anything like falling in love with someone at a sight.
Guys and Girls it's pure affection towards one person.
If you think that talking to someone for a year or so is falling in love then it is not.
If you think that doing everything that normal couple do, maybe that's long captions with your pictures holding each other over a beach then its not.
If you think that choosing someone who is charge of your happiness will keep you satisfied and happy then honey you are doing wrong.
The person does not hold the key of your happiness rather throws it away.
If you think that every small thing that happens is part of love then you need to open your mouth and start speaking and ask questions the difference between loving and liking.
Love is become irrational and unexplainable it happens to everyone and we all tell me are in love with him or her or so.
But then are you doing this right?
There is nothing like all good that exists in a relationship bad is the part of it.
You fell in love and you might feel nothing at all.
You start talking to a person and a day you wont have anything to really talk to.
You will realise that not everyone of you is in love, because it's trendy that #iamdating has no significance of you being in love.
You love yourself only and when I say I mean only yourself.
You love how you look or how you wear yourself. Some of us are the victims of our own eyes and honestly I am that person who adores her own voice as largeness.
So you think that you have a happy relationship does not mean that you are in love.
How can you even know if it's love or not? " If a person leaves you in the middle of something and tells you to either walk away or move on or something then move on "

You can either choose yourself or someone whom you love.
You can choose his love and that one love which is pure and bliss the most simplest kind of love.
You can choose that love which has I love you jutted on its tip of the mouth like a sugarcane and has nothing inside its heart.
That love which leaves you in the middle of the day on your couch leaving you wondering why and if everything all by yourself.
That love that follows you around inoder to sense the seductivity of your body.
You can choose that love which questions you if his love is not what you crave?
That one love that finds it awkward to walk in and let out his secrets without worry.
That one love that is insensitive of the world that you deserve a beautiful life and that you need your own time.
You keep on choosing that one love all over again and over again over your self.
You choose to remain with the man that is a matter of time instead of the man who would genuinely give up things for you.
A man who has never learned words like understanding, adjustments, caring, pampering and honesty.
Can give you nothing but part of it.
You choose the right at the end of the day. Everything counts just the way your bills and cards do.

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My favorite picture today!
No long captions because there are certain things you are deeply attached to like a person or anything.

In the huge rush of life, I live in the present where I feel each layer of breeze with the little smoky cigars people blow around my nasal. My eyes get frozen by the reality of this uneasy world. Some are bruised, bleeding from the hearts. But, there's an another arena where I reside. Without forgetting the fucking phases of reality, I am a tenant of my own thoughts. I have a world which is virtual. A place, where my things go according to my ways. Where, my choices don't get divide between two.
Where, my love revolves around my own soul. Where, my imagination can create my dreams on my terms and conditions. An unrestricted virtual tour, I board every night. People do call me a psychopath because their life has been stuck in the traffic of adjustment with humans, where virtualization is not their cup of tea. Because it's also an art, which an artist holds. It's far more beautiful than reality because if something sounds funniest fake in the virtual world, it has a pure case of imagination
The world where everything is more real then the world outside the world that has my story and my own charm, where I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how beautiful I would have been as a fairy. That's my world of glory and adversity. The not so fake but far more real world. Where the dreams lived still are a part of my skin and bones.
I was 15 when I was told that it's to gleamy and to much of lights to ever live in this world the world where humans live the unhealthy life, my world is far different I walk out of my balcony look at the city and believe me Delhi looks better when I add my sugar and spices. There is this two by two rule, either that one world where everything is real but still so virtual while that one place that's made from you, your reality and your neurons working every single second to make you fall in love with your own stories,We live this life and frankly each one of us are living this each day.
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