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CheerKats! All star Cheer 

Spice Girls had such a great practice tonight!! Great job ladies! ❤️ #theworkisworthit

We ❤️ Manny‼️ @bruh_king6

Congrats Chandler!! Watch the 2nd video for her first attempt! 😂 #doublethisdoublethat #theworkisworthit @chan_chin13

Mental blocks are the worst! Congrats Paige for working hard and getting your full back!! #theworkisworthit #levelup⬆️ @paige.hanberg

Our Level 5 team is looking for a back spot! If interested please text me!! Ages 13-18 years old! #comejointhefamily #wewantyou

Great job ThunderKats! This is Janes first year cheering/flying and she is killing it!! Great job ladies! #theworkisworthit

New Skill ‼️ @kenz_kenz_the_cheerleader Congrats Kenzley on your standing tuck!! #theworkisworthit

Happy Fathers Day to all of our amazing CHEER DADS!! #weloveourcheerdads❤️

We are so excited to announce our new TEAM! Spice Girls! We loved the youth level 3 division last year so we have added it back! ‼️ LOOKING for a level 3 base/back spot! Must have level 3 tumbling! Text Kat 801-719-0652! #comejointhefamily #nottoolate #ages11andyounger #startsmonday

Summer time skills! ☀️ Great job Cam! @cambria.mariee #levelup⬆️

Summer time is for skills! Great job Kenzie!! @ken_hog15 #levelup⬆️ #fulls4days

Oh I miss this elite stunt!! Haven’t done it in months and they hit it the first try! Great job ladies! #longlivenorthstars @cambria.mariee @taylee_peterson @kodie1987lynn @shaelee_hale333

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