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C-Heads Magazine  Youth culture. Exclusive stuff. Made by women. Since 2006 New Print Issue #35 "Magical Places" now available in stockists worldwide and online ♡

"About hair"
“The hair is the reflection of a woman´s constant action and transformation, a codex for reading her emotions and the main weapon of the female charm.” When Belgrade based photographer @tinatmaric was a teenager, she started to be aware about her hair as her female power and that idea lead her to take a series of images, ultimately turning them into an interesting photographic project after time. “This project doesn´t have an exact point of start or end, it started with my fascination about woman’s hair and this series of photos turned out spontaneously as a sort of answer to that fascination.” she explains and reveals further. “The photos I took are inspired by the beauty of woman’s hair as a manifestation of their inner strength. Hair, a powerful attribute of femininity, hides within itself a whole universe of meanings, a complex world of secrets and mysteries. In such a context, the woman’s hair goes beyond the temporal dimension and centuries and arrives to the modern era. In this “charming weapon of seduction”, resides the mystery and secrets of every woman. The hair is the reflection of her constant action and transformation, a codex for reading her emotions and the main weapon of the female charm.

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What's on your coffee table?
Our new "Magical Places" issue📸 by @philippmrgt
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inside the new issue Volume #35:

A talk with photographer @darren_ankenman about what makes a good place to live for a creative, going to film school, and his love for the ‘60s and ‘70s work.

Shipping worldwide via link in bio or pick up a copy in one of our stockists.

ment to be forever.


Like the days of summer,
never enough
of the warmth and joie de vivre.

Photography by @ivan_arocena
Model: @emilygracee.xo of @elitela

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3 weeks in Italy.
Photo: @dannyscottlane
Model: @inouicg
Clothing: @urbanoutfitters
@____tack and kye.intimates
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“My work orbits around one thing, FEELINGS." @martinbohmphoto "I had the opportunity to live in Barcelona for about a year and a half. The people I connected with and the colorful experiences I had allowed my mind to expand and blossom, I learned to love and feel. Now I want to open a portal to that – to the edged blur, the dark but vibrant, raw but euphoric and scary but rewarding world of feelings.

To open that portal I started working on an exhibition called ”NEONLAND”, it’s still a work in progress but the exhibition is getting closer. The idea is to question the norms of mental illnesses, drugs, ideals, genders and fashion. As well as highlighting the beauty in everyday objects, humanity’s uniqueness, the inner darkness and our not eternally blossoming mother nature.

It’s going to be vibrant, raw, vulnerable and include a whole lot of escapism filled with love and despair. It’s going to be honest and unretouched, because imperfect is perfection. I can’t wait to pour my heart out for everyone to see. And feel.” Full post on #cheadsmagazine

Weekends. By @johnrandolphhh

Nothing feels more pure then being in the nature. Just our body, our soul and the energy of nature. Chrystal clear water, soft moss and sharp stones and nobody around. “We threw away our clothes and started to explore.” It felt so good …
the moss between our fingers …
the stones hurting our feet …

We jumped into the lake …
holding our breath …
feeling the temperature …
feeling the water …
.. our bodies … floating away …

We stayed in there until our lips turned blue and everybody was shaking …
I feel so honored, that I can share some of these moments, I’ve tried to capture, with you all… … one of my favorite days at the lake.” Photography by @sebvstivnresch

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“Love is one of the greatest gift. I think we need to share more love.” In conversation with @kelvyncolt
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Photo/Interview @engelauren

Picking up flowers with @vodkahilftnimmer 🌿🌾💐🌸

inside the new issue Volume #35:
A London Hotel Room Story featuring @rocksanaa_ photographed by @ajanistry at the @lockehotels
Makeup & Hair done by @abkmakeup and styled by @ajanistry with @maisonirem
Shipping worldwide via link in bio or pick up a copy in one of our stockists.

ment to be forever.


In this naked room,
dance with me.
On this uncomfortable bed,
honey, dance with me.
Before the eyes of the people,
those eyes that will never understand.
In the darkness of my days,
in the pride of my failings.
Honey, hold my hands.
Honey, dance with me.

Photo: @fabio_bottiroli
Models/Couple: @taipaleenmaki
of @wave_management
of @independent_mgmt

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