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One Night Only, started in October 2017, with the purpose of regularly holding pop-up gigs and parties with young local rappers and DJ´s in Hong Kong. The founders, @erica.fy and @allexchan, are two twenty-something young adults and they started their concept inspired by Kiev rave parties. While couchsurfing at some hippies´place in Kiev Erica went to different rave parties over there, including Cxema. After returning home, they decided to do something similar in order to promote subcultures and hip hop music to people in Hong Kong.
Photography by Erica Kwok, Kira Fung, Sing Lau and Mia Chu.
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A NYC Garden Story
Photographer: @villanuevo
Models @charissa_fawn
Agency: State Mgmt
Agency: State Mgmt
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“I think I love modeling because it helped me to transform from a shy girl to a powerful young woman.” Photography by @gadisahar
model – @zuzanakaczmarek for M4models @m4models

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I thought I knew what freedom was, until I saw the core of it

I thought I knew what freedom was, until I saw the core of it

When I was 15,
I had my first taste of freedom
as I concert-toured and sang my way through Australia that summer.
My first break from a toxic environment that I’d been stuck in for the longest time.
Even though it was just a short-lived summer,
it was the happiest time of my life, for a very long time.

When I was 17,
I moved to the US on my own.
I’ve finally fulfilled my long-awaited escape, a safe hideaway far away.
It was a new chapter, a liberation. I felt freed.

When I was 21,
I glared at the digits of my first pay cheque from my first real job.
That tangible vision of sustainable financial independency was delicious.
My sense of freedom expanded into a whole new scope.

When I was 26,
I quitted my job and flew to Bueno Aires with a one-way ticket and a backpack,
Few months down the line,
I found myself sitting in a 6-hour bus ride en route to the Andes,
I stared at the gleaming Chilean Pacific coast
as I was heading to a place I learnt about just a day ago.
I found myself smiling to my heart uncompromisingly,
just because.

It was at that moment,
I realized it was the first time in my life I’ve experienced true freedom.
It was such a shocking, bittersweet but delightful revelation.
I supposed it was a by-product of discovering and testing the essence of following your heart,
day after day, as I backpacked through South America.

And I was never the same again.
Everything changed when I found this new and powerful strength.
Something I never realized I lacked inside of me.

I thought I knew what freedom was before.
I thought I’ve had it and even felt it physically before.
But then I guess sometimes trivial milestones in life could be disguised as true freedom,
even though they were just one of those fleeting things.

True freedom is one of those things that
you can only earn on your own terms and pace,
like knowledge, muscles, or love.
It is a power that only you can find for yourself.
Once you’ve found it, no one can ever take it away from you.

Words & Image by Ruby Chu

A lovely friday with Paulina model @kardosova
photo: @viktorcicko
Agency: @mix_model_management

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Neon Lights.
Photographer: @gongtairoop
Model : @ninnosleep
Stylist :
Clothes : @w.a.s.h.i.t
Shoes : @darlinjewelry
Location :

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A summer romance.
I met him during my travels this summer in France. I was staying in a tiny village outside of Paris and he was living at the house I stayed at. We explored Monet’s garden together and something began to kindle. Back at the house he told me to put a record on and asked me to dance. It felt like old-fashioned romance and fireworks. We ended up spending the next two weeks together – travelling down to the south of France and onto Spain. I took these on our last morning together in our little hotel room in a village on the coast of Spain. Wanting to document the brief, brilliant collision of two souls that we had experienced.
This is  a series  of images I took documenting a brief two week summer romance I had while travelling in France this Summer. Different to my usual photographic art practice, I shot this on a disposable camera and feel that the analogue format and the intimacy and softness of the work are well suited for radiating the feelings. .
Words and photo by @indiadscarlett

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Polish Holidays with Julia

photo @miron_chomacki
model @juliakozl
thx to @uknowmerecords
Wearing @dollhouse_lingerie

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“I appreciate getting to work in a creative field where I can be myself and also work with like-minded individuals who are passionate about art.” Get to know @alexleeaillon photographed by @lenarachoudhury on #cheadsmagazine

Bonjour Baby.
@margotvdmc by @max_degee

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