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Camp Half Blood, Austin Branch  A BookPeople Literary Camp in Austin, Texas.


Congrats demigods! Y'all defeated the second scariest monster at camp, right next to bear shark, camp registration!!! If you haven't signed up yet don't worry, sessions 4, 5, 8 and 9 all still have spots available!

Ah, “The Ogre” - the most iconic of the monster sculptures at Bomarzo. Topher and Bailey were possessed by the spirit residing inside the the literal mouth of the sculpture. Don’t worry, they got better.... Adele helped us learn that The Ogre doesn’t like being called an idiot. That’s them trying to flee the tantrum that followed. #getoutofmyswamp

It’s no leaning tower, but we did call this one “Spoopy House”. 😱The real freaky part is the ghostly couple having a scream fest at one another inside.  We had to figure out how to politely interrupt the yelling and ask them to present their question, before we could ask ours. And by "we" Topher means Bailey. Spoopy house would shake and rock until until she answered.

Ah, the great stone turtle of Aphrodite/Venus. What’s the worst that could happen? At least Topher didn’t try to touch the artwork, this time.

Every time we answered a riddle correctly one of the giant urns would erupt in fire. Thank the gods we get practice during riddle game at the Austin branch. Sure, a few trees got singed, but we were able to move on to the next area feeling pretty good about our chances.

Before entering the monster park vs 5 minutes into the monster park when the quest group ran into Hercules fighting Cacus. Apparently the only answers they got out of those two was "the loudest fart ever survived by an Austin branch staff member."

Quest update!!! Here is the map of the Monster Park in Bomarzo. Nice place to visit, right? If you’re just a tourist it’s great. If you’re a demigod, it’s downright deadly and annoying. The quest had to talk to all of the statues in the park in order to discover what they hoped would be a useful clue as to the identity of the third evil Roman emperor in the Triumvirate.  Does anyone not interested in eating demigods have any idea who it might be...?

What's that.. off in the distance.. exactly one month away??? 2018 session sign-ups!!! Dust off your swords and shields! Break out your CHB orange and SPQR purple!
All the 2018 session dates are updated on the #linkinbio
Sign up starts at 9am CST on November 11th!

Uh oh looks who's back... Morpheus invited Topher to a creepy-time tea party.  Idk what was in that tea but now Topher’s on a quest to the old country with 5 other demigod camp staffers. He mumbled something like "Gotta find the third emperor! Gotta get a cappuccino!" Before running off. The last we've heard from the questers is that they're in Bomarzo, in the Garden of Monsters. Apparently Morpheus want them to ask each of the monsters a question. What would you ask a monster if you could?

Dearest demigods, we know the summers over and things may seem bleak, but we wanted to give you some sage advice for.. er.. surviving the school year.
1️⃣Always try to have fun in class. 9/10 that teacher you think is a monster really isn't.
2️⃣ Don't be afraid to go outside your comfort zone! You might find something fun you didn't know you'd enjoy.
3️⃣Get involved! Chances are you'll find new demigod friends in extra circulars as well as in the class room.
4️⃣ No matter what monster or math tests have got you down, always remember summer is right around the corner!!

Well demigods, that's a wrap on Summer 2017. We spent 8 weeks fighting off Roman Emperors, battle ostriches, smileys, titans, werewolves, the League and more. You name it, we had to work together to kick its butt! In the end it was a week of insane sword fights, epic quests, betrayal, and a battle for Camp Half Blood. Spoiler alert: we won! Commodus is gone, we got Cat and Legatus back, and Taylin switched sides to join us at CHB. Turns out sometimes the messiest days are the best, and the people you meet along the way are the family you've been looking for. With Commodus gone there was nothing else to do but throw a dance party, and believe us- it was glorious! Until next summer- Camp Half Blood, we love you! ⚔️❤️👊

The sword championship is off to a crazy start! We've had so many sudden death rounds that our heads are spinning faster than Apollo's chariot! Place your bets on who will win in the comments! ⚔️😄👑

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