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Camp Half Blood, Austin Branch  A BookPeople Literary Camp in Austin, Texas.

You know the summer solstice did it’s thing when you start roasting wennies by the hearth 🌭🌞 #summertime #postsolsticevibes

Zeus’ gloomy weather isn’t going to stop us from smiling!🌞 #camphalfmud #whatzeusdontknow

Thanks for taking this selfie on our phone Nikola 🙄 your lieutenants aren’t as photogenic as you think they are... we think it’s neat that you have demigods and monsters from pantheons all over the world BUT, we think it would be a lot cooler if you left our camp alone 🤗

So here’s the tea... literally. Topher had to play water chess to win a tea pot. Topher says it will heal Calvin but, I think we all know he really just wanted it as a decoration for the vardo.

Look at this big ole fish we ran into on quest today.... #slimyboy #fishoutofwater

💜🧡We can’t wait for summer 2018!!! See you demigods tomorrow!🧡💜

“Being a Half - Blood is dangerous, it’s scary and most of the time it gets you killed in... delicious ways.” Happy Holidays from CH-B Austin!

Congrats demigods! Y'all defeated the second scariest monster at camp, right next to bear shark, camp registration!!! If you haven't signed up yet don't worry, sessions 4, 5, 8 and 9 all still have spots available!

Ah, “The Ogre” - the most iconic of the monster sculptures at Bomarzo. Topher and Bailey were possessed by the spirit residing inside the the literal mouth of the sculpture. Don’t worry, they got better.... Adele helped us learn that The Ogre doesn’t like being called an idiot. That’s them trying to flee the tantrum that followed. #getoutofmyswamp

It’s no leaning tower, but we did call this one “Spoopy House”. 😱The real freaky part is the ghostly couple having a scream fest at one another inside.  We had to figure out how to politely interrupt the yelling and ask them to present their question, before we could ask ours. And by "we" Topher means Bailey. Spoopy house would shake and rock until until she answered.

Ah, the great stone turtle of Aphrodite/Venus. What’s the worst that could happen? At least Topher didn’t try to touch the artwork, this time.

Every time we answered a riddle correctly one of the giant urns would erupt in fire. Thank the gods we get practice during riddle game at the Austin branch. Sure, a few trees got singed, but we were able to move on to the next area feeling pretty good about our chances.

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