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Chaz J  💈✂ Orl Fla💈✂. Mens haircut $30. Full face shaves $25.

Bout to blow all the speakers in my car

Always a good time when @thatssodanny slides through

(This an old pic obv) Happy birthday to my big boy. 8 years old today. You came into my life a little after a year old. I didn't know what being a step dad would effect me more then you. To you I was daddy. To me you were something knew. I was scared. I still am. Weather or not I'm going to do the right thing or be who I need to for you. You did so much for me. You helped me grow up. Not in a pay bills na be an adult way. But you helped my eyes open up all the way. You let me see everything. I was blessed by you and your mother for the opportunity to have you in my life. The older and smarter you get the more scared I get. You're going to be smarter then me one day. You're going to be taking care of me one day. I love you so much and love that the sky is the limit for you and I'm happy I get to help you along your way to reach the stars. I love you bubba happy birthday.

Joint birthday parties for my kiddos yesterday. Tristan clearly had one too many apple juices.

Sunday. Fun day. Not so much tho. Hung over af.

No clue why Marilyn looks like a homeless pale monkey but whatever lol Tristan and primrose posed well lmao

Why I never/can't/won't give up