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Some stories are hidden deep within just need to find them..there is a great storm in your heart right now..but the rain will stop and the clouds will clear you will see the sun again..when you come out of the storm won't be the same person that walked in..that's what the storm is all about... Pc:-@red_line010

If u love them .. make them feel loved.. #Bdaymemories #brohislove #specialpeoples #favpplz

You are letting life write your story. but you can controll how that story is written. Rather than allowing it to be create for you.
Sometimes, you do not write your story . It writes dont choose your story it chooses you.....🍁

How can i luv u so much, so u, so soon ??❓❔ Don't just count d time we'v metπŸ•›, talked and texted.add to it d moments in which i have lived you in all my loneliness with all my soulπŸ’•. And you will have an entire lifetime spent in loving u ❀

Happyy b'day luv β€πŸ‘«

A girl knows her limits..but a wise knows she has none...🍁

#Loving #urself isn't "vanity". Itz "sanity".

Not sisters by blood.. sisters by hearts ❀ @dall πŸ˜™

Always having a great tym wid u.. juss luv ur cuteness 😍 ur innocns πŸ˜™ luv to be wid u always...πŸ‘­ Pc:-@akku_7108 πŸ™†

Itz always an awsm feeling to hv a bro like u.πŸ‘«... u mean everythng to me.🌍.. d first prsn of my life whom i luv d most n will be d last long.πŸ’.. we r not just a #bro #sis but d bestfrds much at other side.πŸ‘«. to knw every secrts of eachothr n hiding it frm mom n dad.😜. tht tiny fights which always we have in small things.😑😠😧😬. n d way u make me cry always n irritate me evrytym 😭😭... just nvr imagine a life without u.πŸ˜™.. obvysly i hate u whn u stole my fvrt things frm me.πŸ˜’πŸ˜€. bt inside feel happy to see u happy wid it.πŸ˜‡. bs ab zyada taariff nai ho rahi πŸ™†.... so many many happyy returns of d day... 😘


Thr we have a great feeling whn we have a great bonding wid #brother ki #dulhan πŸ˜‰ #lotsofluv πŸ˜™

Pc:-@akku_7108 ... tq akku bhai ☺

We are star wrapped in skin The light u r seeking has always been within..πŸ’«

D day well spndd ☺❀ wid luvable pplz 😘

#Happiness is being around people who may not be your #family but who #love and #support you #anyway

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