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Happy #Caturday!

Even though a rhino's horn is made of keratin, the same material that makes up human fingernails, rhino horn is valued more highly than gold in East Asia. On World Rhino Day, join the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and commit to #BuyInformed to help stop the illegal trade of wildlife products. http://bit.ly/2hRFPT9
We got a photo of this beauty while attending AZA's annual conference this year @indianapoliszoo

Happy fall y'all! Brandy the chimpanzee is already celebrating with some delicious pumpkin yogurt. 🍂🍁Be sure to check out all the zoo event and happenings going on this season! #fall #firstdayoffall #firstdayoffall🍁 #chimpanzee #fall2017 #cha #pumpkin #psl #basic #autumn #firstdayofautumn

Don't forget about Homeschool day tomorrow from 1pm-3pm! Come learn why it's important to conserve our resources, and how you can help save endangered animal species. We'll have live animal programs, keeper chats, crafts, and activities! See you there! #chattzoo #homeschool #familyday #jaguar #conservation

Just a whole lot of cuteness to get you through this hump day! You're welcome! 📸: Keeper Katie #bobcat #catsofinstagram #cats #cute #humpday #wildlife #yourewelcome

It’s almost the end of the day so we are getting ready to go for our last swim! Then our keeper will bring us our dinner! I don’t know about Buttercup, but I had so much fun taking over social media today! I hope you all enjoyed it to and I can’t wait to meet you!
#takeovertuesday -- Noreena the Capybara

One thing that our keeper does about once a month is bring a scale into our exhibit to get our weights. Since we are the world’s largest rodent, we need a large scale! Here’s Keeper Jamie getting us to step onto the scale to get our weight. I’m 118lbs and Buttercup is 130lbs…but don’t tell her I told you her weight. That will be our secret since she was being rude earlier.
#takeovertuesday -- Noreena the Capybara

Sorry for that last post. Like I said before, Buttercup can be a bit anti-social. I promise if you decide to come meet us in a Wild Encounter, she will be nice and friendly because there’s food involved.
#takeovertuesday -- Noreena the Capybara

There’s a lot of people here today. I love to sit here and judge our guests as they walk by sometimes. My keeper tells me it’s not very nice to be judgmental, and I should be more friendly and welcoming, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. So I apologize in advance if you come for a visit and catch some Capybara side-eye. In my defense, that IS where our eyes are located.
#takeovertuesday -- Buttercup the Capybara

Our keepers also give us enrichment during the day. Enrichment helps us use our natural behaviors, or just do something different and fun. Since we are rodents and love to eat everything, it can be a challenge for our keepers to come up with new stuff for us. This is the newest enrichment item that Keeper Elyse made for us and we love it!
#takeovertuesday -- Noreena the Capybara

One of our other favorite things to do is eat! Our keeper usually brings our romaine lettuce to us first thing in the morning and hand feeds us. She does this so she can get a close look at us and make sure we are healthy. Romaine is our favorite part of our diet! If you ever want to try hand feeding us and get an up-close look at us, we are part of the Zoo’s Wild Encounters. Find more info on the Zoo’s website at http://www.chattzoo.org/visit/tours-encounters
#takeovertuesday -- Noreena the Capybara

The first thing we love to do in the morning is go for a swim and play in our pond. We are semi-aquatic, so we love the water and have special adaptations for swimming, like our webbed feet. We can stay under water for up to 5 minutes! Being able to do this helps us stay safe from predators. They may be faster, but all we have to do is dive under water and wait them out.
#takeovertuesday – Noreena the Capybara

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