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Our last S.P.O.T card shout out this week goes to Keeper Emma! Keeper Emma was recognized for playing her violin for Olive the Sloth as enrichment. We regularly play music or movies for our animals as enrichment but this is the first time a keeper has brought in their own instrument to play for an animal. This is definitely going above and beyond! Happy National #ZookeeperWeek Keeper Emma! #music #enrichment #violin #zookeeper #zoolife

To ensure our animals stay healthy, we provide them with a healthy (and delicious) diet! Our Nutrition Team is responsible for making sure our animals always get the best of the best when it comes to food. They work in our Nutrition Center every day preparing diets for all the animals at the Zoo, which involves cleaning and chopping up all the food, weighing out the right amount of food for each animal, and making sure each animal gets a variety of all nutrition needed in their diet! Happy National #ZookeeperWeek to our Nutrition Team! #nutrition

Today we want to recognize our Camel Keepers for the great work they do with our Camels and Camel Rides! Working with Camels, especially training them, can be challenging sometimes and the job requires a lot of patience. Our Camel Keepers have been persistent in training our Camels and building upon that training. Through various training activities and reinforcement of good behavior, they have improved the overall behavior an attitudes of our Camels. Their hard work has made a noticeable difference and we appreciate the amount of dedication they show. Happy National #ZookeeperWeek to our Camel Keepers!

Hats off to our Herpetology team! Our Herps Team-Keepers Jeremy, David, and Ryan-care for all of our reptiles and amphibians. From target training komodo dragons and caring for new turtle hatchlings, to rolling with our alligators and teaching others to conserve-they do it all! Happy National Zoo Keeper Week, Herps Team!🐍🐢🦎#komododragon #hatchlings #alligators #tortoise #snakes #herps #herpetology #reptiles #amphibians #zookeeper #zoolife

Happy National #Zookeeper Week to Keeper Elyse! Keeper Elyse is new to Chattanooga, but that has not stopped her from already helping create new relationships in our community! To provide new enrichment items to our jaguars, Keeper Elyse arranged a donation of boat fenders from Lakeshore Marina. These boat fenders serve as a new and exciting "chew toy" that helps exercise our jaguars's bite. From our jaguars and all of us at the Zoo, thank you Lakeshore Marina and Keeper Elyse!

Did you know the Chattanooga Zoo is a licensed rehabilitation facility, too?! Annually, we take in over 800 native animals through our Wildlife Rehabilitation Program at no cost! When an animal comes into our rehab, our Rehab Team assesses the animal and its needs, and cares for the animal until it is ready to be released back into the wild or transported to one of our wildlife rehabilitation partners in the surrounding area. Our Rehab Team works round-the-clock and does everything from helping fledglings get the hang of flying, tube feed baby opossums, place fawns back in the wild when they are ready, and more! We are thankful for all of our Rehab Team members for their love and care for our native species, even if it is just for a short time! Happy National #ZookeeperWeek, Rehab Team! #widlife #wildliferehab #rehab #nativespecies #opposum

Our third S.P.O.T card shout out this week goes to Keeper Katie! Keeper Katie was recognized for coming up with innovative enrichment projects for the animals in our Gombe Forest exhibit and setting goals to complete those projects. Chimpanzees share 98-99% of human DNA, which means cognitive stimulation is a necessity for their mental and emotional well being. Our Chimpanzees receive some form of enrichment at least 3-5 times a day. Our Gombe Forest primary keepers, Katie and Krista, do an awesome job making sure our Chimpanzees and other animals in their area receive a variety of stimulating enrichment activities to ensure mental, emotional, and cognitive skill development and encourage naturalistic behaviors. That level of devotion and love for your work is how our keepers earn their S.P.O.T.s! Happy National #ZookeeperWeek Keeper Katie & Krista! #zoolife #zoo #zookeeper #chimpanzee #chimps #enrichment #animalenrichment

Happy #ZookeeperWeek to our animal care leaders Lacey, Vet Tech, & Stacy, our General Curator! Our humans & animals are lucky to have you! #zoo #zoolife #zookeeper

It is National #ZookeeperWeek but we want to give a special shout out to our wonderful Education Team! Our Education Team educates over 40,000
students annually through formal and information programming! When not teaching education programs, they are continuously working with our animal ambassadors to strengthen their bonds and help train, assisting our keepers with any animal care or husbandry as needed, and working to expand our educational offerings. We appreciate all of their hard work, as well as their commitment to providing quality educational experiences for our community! Thank you for all that you do, Education Team! #education #edprograms #animalambassadors #ambassadors #cockatoo #training #zoo

Our second S.P.O.T card shout out this week goes to Keeper Alex! Keeper Alex was recognized for voluntarily bringing in bamboo for animal enrichment that came off of his own property. Happy National #ZookeeperWeek Alex! The Red Pandas can't thank you enough! #redpandas #bamboo #spots #enrichment #animalenrichment #nationalzookeeperweek

When we have zoo borns, it is very exciting but also adds to the responsibilities of our keepers. Happy National #ZookeeperWeek to Keeper Kate and Keeper Jamie who have been doing such an amazing job taking care of our new pied tamarin babies while continuing to make sure all responsibilities in their area are taken care of! They've been working very hard to ensure our babies receive the proper nutrition and infant care required for them to grow into happy, healthy monkeys. We appreciate their dedication and you can tell that the babies do too!
#piedtamarin #babies #Chattzoo

The Chattanooga Zoo has an internal program that allows for our employees to be recognized by their co-workers for going above and beyond their day-to-day job duties, through what we call S.P.O.T cards. Recently, Keeper Beth earned a S.P.O.T card and was recognized for doing hours of research on different kinds of flowers to make sure they would be safe for our animals to enjoy as enrichment. After researching, she went out into the community and arranged for us to receive flowers every week to feed to our animals. Our animals absolutely love getting flowers for enrichment and we appreciate @batesraintreeflorist for donating their flowers to us! Thanks for your dedication and commitment to animal enrichment, Keeper Beth! Happy National #ZookeeperWeek #alpacas #flowers #roses #enrichment #animalenrichment.

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