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Chasta Craddock  Mama to 4 awesome boys, Caden, Carter, Briar & Boone. Avoider of personal space invaders. Wren Hurricane Mama πŸˆπŸ€

Can't believe Boone was wearing a puddle jumper just a couple of weeks ago. He's a fish now. (nudity warning πŸ™„) #again #swimming #weloveourpool

Briar practicing for his #kidzbop audition. Boone doing his best to ruin everything 😜 (sidenote: Me, when Caden & Carter were Briar's age; "Ugh, what kind of parent let's their kid listen to this Kids Bop crap 😑?". Answer: 44 year old mothers with 4 children who are tiredddd ) #buthesnottryingout #illprobablyletBoone

So much pool fun! I just happened to be recording at the exact moment we found out Boone could "swim" in first video. #poolfun #justkeepswiming #summerfun

I was a little scared of Boone yesterday after his sugar binge πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ί. #doughnuts #mandms #possessedchild Thank you @acwilson98 & @kristenlepper for keeping him yesterday so we could enjoy Briar's awards in peace.

Boone's been wearing his bathing suit for 36 hours. #impatient #watchingthepoolfill

He's home! Briar & Boone missed him a little bit. #germansouvenirs #Germany #Emitec #continental @seal_craddock

Blessed are the children whose book is full of love, grace & sacrifice. #onlyonechildhood

2 years after the Slime Craze hits, the Craddock kids finally join in on the fun. Elmer's Glue had to have started this fad. #myboys

@seal_craddock won 1st place in his age group & 4th overall in the #knockonwood #8k Boone (& Mat) ran the kid's 1 mile fun run & he actually ran almost the whole thing. Briar was shocked. #unbreakable #upstateultra #withoutlimits #f3nation #weathersucked

My #mothersday present for the next 20 years. Pool progress & Boone & Mat building the retaining wall. (they did give me flowers & other gifts too. Don't want to get in trouble for not giving due credit πŸ˜‹) #soexcited #justkeepswimming

There are consequences of handing the 3 year old a giant bag of cotton candy for the 7 minute trip home from Bilo #stickyeverything #straighttothetub #theonlywaytostophimfromsinging #worththesilence

When the kid just will not believe me when I tell him he really really doesn't want sour cream as a snack he has to learn the hard way. #grosswarning #hardheaded #BooneGarrison

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