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˗ˏˋ Chassidy إيماني Davidˎˊ˗  ⋆ believer. ⋆ brooklyn. ⋆ emerson college. ⋆ queen of genovia. ⋆ community member @cfashionista


sometimes, the sun shines.

Ik been nu een European!

New York City, I know that I have become more distant from you in the recent years but thank you for being my home since I was just a stoop kid in Brooklyn. I’ve been raised by the diversity engraved into your brownstones and mourned over the slow years of your unwilling prostitution to people who could only utter Williamsburg through a green straw. l’ve experienced my first panic attack within your veins running underground and for too long since then, your unforgiving pace has kicked seeds of worry into my being, planting trees inside of a slender brownstone. But this last month, fortunately, I have been alone enough to hear the silent percussion of hope that still lingers on when banished natives forced to become foreigners, slowly return home, and hand me scissors in unity. I leave my panic and worry with you Brooklyn. Press it hard into the pavement to become black circles we think are simply natural to concrete in the jungle. Press it deep, to color the subway platform for children to make a game out of. I bid you adieu my love, and leave that brownstone in your name. Be proud of me as I take your essence with my head held high and hair twice as much with me around the world. Adieu my lover.

“Give me photo cred.” -Michael

because of you, I can. thank you.

🌿 You may look good but is your soul good as well? Happy Sunday y’all! 🌿

my lover, be well.

Today I ate pizza for breakfast and felt very uninspired. I had to sit myself down and remind myself that 2018 does not mean a new me if I’m not willing to work hard for that version of myself. Here’s to being real with yourself and fighting for better.

I’ve been dealing with trauma for a very long time and still am. I’ve realized that the only way to cope is to give myself enough space to feel and create. Here is a film that I had created at one of the lowest times I’ve experienced last year. It deals with trauma and abuse, so please, take care while watching. Much love and peace. 🌞 special thanks to @chiaraeku who helped me film this (edit: also @billypal for being an amazing artist and subsequent teacher). 🌿 link in bio.

“the missing ingredient is you” 🔑🌈🌺🌞

I’m looking forward to listening to a plethora of songs and reading you the questions on Quora this year. Thanks for taking me to see a book bound in skin per my request and walking through a garden full of snow and ice, also per my request. I have infinite love for you my drummer boy. Happy New Year Guys! Cheers to learning to love!

🌿1 Peter 4:8 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.🌿 // I dug a hole so deep that the darkness became my guiding star. I planted my roots in rotting soil when I couldn’t see and grew inwards. There are some holes that only you can dig yourself into and cry enough to swim out of. // I was not myself at all this semester. I was sad and reclusive yet kept a plastered smile from ear to ear. My body sunk into my bed and my heart into my numb hands, every morning. The sun wasn’t enough anymore to make me smile. But then I met God, again. He showed me Love and how it could cut through the sadness and the anger and the resentment and plant peace in the places I thought rotted away. He gave me Love in the form of being and told me to be patient. Love has illuminated my mind, body and soul and I am eternally grateful for how God always shows up and shows out, even when I don’t want Him to. I love You and I love you.

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