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˗ˏˋ Chassidy إيماني Davidˎˊ˗  ⋆ believer 🌈 ⋆ emerson college 🎥 ⋆ content intern — @glamsquad 🌿


🌞 beach day 🌞

finding secret gardens is my favorite pastime with you 🌿

and some days, we rest.

at a party where no one speaks english but loving every minute of it. i will learn to speak another language fluently soon. — currently.

in honor of the carters — here’s to triumphant love in the midst of elevator fights — you’re my best friend.

My intention today is to give a little more of myself to others and show more love in the face of fear! 🌿 favorite breakfast memory in London of @joey_sweeney and I when we told the owners we were celebrities 🥂

fingers in France 👼🏾🌿

if you’re reading this STOP and take a full breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. you are loved. 🌿

learning to accept that healing is not the same as curing but, it’s still oh so necessary.

tomorrow is my birthday — the other day I cried because I figured that if two decades could slip by like silk at night, I’d be forty before I knew it. and (for those who know my devious train of thought) by that rate, I’d die soon. now i can laugh at myself because I’ve realized that my fear wasn’t about dying. it was about dying without conquering myself. I was so upset a few days ago that I only went to SIX countries in Europe during my semester abroad the past few months. I was so upset because I compared myself to other people who I thought were doing better than me, even though there are people who never get a chance to even leave their city. reality is, PTSD and a panic disorder are two things that I live with. planes terrified me. walking by myself terrified me. being on trains terrified me. but I did those things anyway. I could’ve done nothing. I could’ve just sat in my room and pitied myself. but I didn’t. I chose to live. and no matter where I went or how many breaks I had to take in between, I am so proud of myself because I did it. no one else could’ve given me the will power to push past feelings of irrational fear. that was all me. for my birthday all I really want it for anyone reading this to allow yourself and those around you to acknowledge where you are mentally and love yourself or your loved ones for exactly that — my birthday month is the month dedicated to raising awareness for mental health. 🌞

you don’t have to fact check your emotions with people. feelings are not reason based. it is a purely physical reaction. don’t second guess that (but always meditate on it).

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