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Got to see a decent young 10pt today.

My lower back and left hip feels like someone beat me with a baseball bat. Just sitting still is awful. Sigh. Oh well, suck it up and push on. I hope everyone has a good day.

It is very hard to love people in a world so full of narcissism, selfishness, greed, and envy. I have a hard time looking around the world without wanting to become angry. People are so full of themselves and think they are the only person that matters. You are no better than any person on the planet. Its even hard for me to realize this myself sometimes. We are all in this together despite religion, race, political views.... Try giving more than you take.
Everyone gives off this bullshit about the holidays, try living it more than 2-3 times a year. If I had an endless supply of money I would give till it was gone. I don't, so I give what I can afford and sometimes give more than that, because I have alot and they have little/none.
You don't just have to give money. You can donate time or materials. Give your old clothes to a homeless outreach group. Donate excess non perishables to a food pantry. Be a memeber of an outreach group. Just help, because, who knows if you may be on the short end of the stick and need help.

Practice the change you want to see.

If you dont want to see ajother resturant disappear in baltimore OH you need to eat at it. I have been here twice and have nothing to complain about. Good people. Good food. UGLY JOES needs your help to survive.

This little girl just peed in the woods for her first time. Even wiped with a leaf. Pee'd on her shoe a little, but thats ok. Lol So proud of her.

Out of the hospital nothing's broken or dislocated. I do have some degenerative arthritis in my back, but other than that I'm just beat up and sore . Have the most important thing in the car with me. Y'all have a good night I'm gonna sleep for a week



My current mood. Not the day to make me angry. Come looking for it and I'll provide it.

Its 1130pm. Ive been up since 430am. I have to be back up at 430am. This is why I hate side work. NOTHING EVER GOES RIGHT. Good night. Pray I sleep well.

Seven mary three-waters edge

Bobaflex- turn the heat up.

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