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Pbr wasted. Cheap date! Lol

Pbr' s, vagrancy on private property, angst, and waiting on flat track racing tomorrow. Welcome to Lima Ohio. Check out the waiting room if you make it out here. #flatrack #fuckyou #motorhead #ftw #eatshitanddie #hammocklife #sleepingonprivateproperty #bikerlife


This guy needs our help motorcycle community, help a brother in need. He's a father of five that thanks to an unfortunate accident has left him unable to provide for his family.

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#shovelhead #dynasaur #dynamitecrew

This is the round-a-bout th hat ground up my primary. I love that thing but want to hit it faster so taller works shocks here we go.

Time for higher shocks.

This is some good shit.

So I'd like to thank my friends the Adreans, for giving a gift card to cracker barrel for fathers day. Love you guys and never saw it coming. Neither did all the people at cracker barrel when I rolled out on the green bean blaring NWA Gangsta Gangsta. With my gift card I had a filling breakfast/lunch and got a nice spread of candy and old soadypops (as my grandpa would be said it.) Tiime for the movie that started it all and junk food. Happy fathers day y'all. And to the dead beats and fuck boys, eat shot and die. You don't deserve children.

If you don't have any idea what all these things have in common then you won't understand my weekend. This is Jamie Farr, aka Maxwell Q Klinger. He is one of my favorite characters from the TV show M*A*S*H. In the show as in real life he grew up in Toledo Ohio and on the show he would always talk about the Toledo Mud Hens and Tony Packo's. I have watched MASH since I was a little kid and have always loved it. I would love to go to Adams ribs in Chicago ( a place Hawkeye talked about, but unfortunately it was a farce. So after I finish my lunch, I will go home and plop down the rest of the day and enjoy one of my favorite tv shows, MASH.

Happy fathers day to all the daddy's doing it by themselves. This is the only gift that truly matters.

My gps said 2:05am I said fuck you. 1:15am. Glad I made it home okay and only got rained on once. That is until tomorrow. Almost hit a racoon at 80mph in the dark, but it woke me up some. Lol well sitting on my couch naked at 2 am isn't getting me clean or in bed. So keep ChasingFreedom, it's out there.

Went to Toledo Mudhens v Durham Bulls. Mudhens won 5-2. If you can't tell it was hotter than 2 field mice fucking in a wool blanket in a hay loft in summer. The fireworks were awesome and lasted around 10-15 min. It's funny I say this because I'm not a fireworks guy. Or a hat guy. But I like it.

Had me some Tony Packo' s. Its so amazing.

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