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My God y’all are just makin’ this song massive. Any guess as to what the next single might be?😏 #eyesonyou

I’ve spent today eating an English breakfast at a Belgian joint, followed by German beer at an Irish pub and finally just finished Japanese...all at the most French city in Canada. But hey Go America!! Happy 4th y’all.

Canada Day, y’all are badass way up here. America Day in 3 days, flying back home just to see Her turn 242 in person. 4th of July comin’ up next.

Longest day of summer. Can’t do it better than this. Old friends, band and crew, great food, even my bus driver Carl. God shows up every day, but He was particularly friendly to us today.

He always told me I’d end up like him one day and it always scared the hell out of me. Now I couldn’t be more proud to see him show up in me every day. I got more from him in 22 years than most get in a lifetime. I love you dad, and miss you every day. Happy Father’s Day.

Don’t tell my doctor. 3 weeks post op. My bad. #redfish

Decided not to drink the Memorial Day, instead figured I’d fish in their honor. Thank you to those who serve, and have gave it all to allow us to live this kind of life. You’ll be remembered forever.

She kissed it, made it all better. My kind of Sunday.

For God, good food and a splash of Gentleman Jack.

Saturday’s Are For The Boys.

Tennessee afternoon rain, scars and summer tours. Gotttttta love it. See ya tomorrow Myrtle.

New stage outfit. #yes

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