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Chase Lee  Photography Enthusiast, Outdoor Lover, Man of MANY Hobbies, Oklahoma Farmer!

The “not so stock” @axialracing Deadbolt. The body and part of the axle housings are the only things still stock on this thing. Drove it around FPV for quite a while this afternoon and it’s safe to say I’m hooked on that again. #Deadbolt #FPV #ColdwaterOffRoad

27 hours and 31 minutes later I have a robot that was printed flat on the plate with no support material and folds into this! Olivia promptly claimed it as hers and sat it in the shelf in her room. I guess I’ll have to print another. 😂 #CR10S #3DPrinting

After a fun filled weekend celebrating Olivia and white knuckling the steering wheel navigating an unfamiliar city, we made it back just in time for me to charge up a couple of packs and go fly at sunset. So glad to be home! More of this smoothness coming in the next few weeks as I finish up 5D “Number 2” 🙌 Go jam out to the whole song on my YouTube link. 😎@teamlegitfpv #5D #BestDayEver

Shorts, t-shirt, and hiking shoes are pretty much my uniform everyday. For some reason I couldn’t get the girls out of the car to join me in a quick snowball fight.....😜 #PartyPoopers

Another one of those beautiful nights in the Texas “panhandle”. It of course called for pre-birthday and flying family photos. 🙌 @sheenajlee 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #LoveItOrLeaveIt

First time going with this technique and I’m loving it! Wing is SUPER stiff and should be nice and durable. @defiant_wings #Defiant28 #GarageRats

It wasn’t the prettiest afternoon BUT it was good enough to go “explore a little bit”. 😂 I got to take my personal FPV photographer too @sheenajlee. I won’t post the selfie of her up in my face while I had goggles on.....or maybe I will. 😜

I’ve flown more in the past month than I have in a long time and I’m loving it! 🙌(the dogs are too...🙄) #EmaxHawk5 #QX7 #GarageRats

So close......👌😂 #BarelyMissedIt #SleepyPhantom

All swapped over to the new frame and ready to (re)maiden tomorrow evening hopefully. 🙌 #Steez #ToiletTank

Perfect conditions don’t come around too often but when they do, NOTHING is more satisfying than a wing that flys smooth as butta that you built yourself from pieces of foam with ZERO stabilization on it or the camera! 😍 I’m sitting on a tractor and had to get out at least a teaser edit using my phone. Can’t wait to put it all together tonight or tomorrow. 🙌 @sweepwingsrc #Juggernaut

The dynamic duo got to stretch their legs this evening. I can’t express how much I love these frames. They each have their strengths and shine in different conditions. One went to the clouds (well tried to anyway) and one was chasing cattle semis down the highway. Helluva night of flying! 🙌 #Juggernaut #5D @sweepwingsrc @teamlegitfpv

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