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Right before sunset, we found this cow moose getting followed by a bull who had half his antler ripped off from a previous duel with another male. We were a pretty good distance from the pair when they decided to take off towards us in a fast paced trot. I backed out of the way and let them run on by as they splashed down a small spring nearby. I suppose these two lovebirds thought an evening bath would be pretty romantic!

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I just returned from a fantastic journey of chasing fall colors in New England. No place on earth does fall as spectacular as the few small states in America’s Northeast where hillsides are covered in red, orange, yellow, and green hues. While I’ve been to the New England region before, this was my first time visiting in fall and I am already looking forward to next year’s visit!

Just wrapped up a couple great photo safaris in Wyoming. Autumn is such a wonderful time to visit Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, as everything is in transition. The leaves change color as the temperature cools and the wildlife are in their final preparations for the long winter season. Excited to post a few new images from this recent trip!

Here's a good formula for getting a cute wildlife photo: Meadow full of pink flowers + four fox kits + wait for them to get in a big pile for a nap = success!

Looking forward in a few days to tracking these guys in the dense Rocky Mountain forests. I always love photographing black bears feeding on berries as they fatten up for their long winter sleep. Many get more excited at the sight of grizzly bears, but I tend to prefer the more timid black bears as they have a more laid back and relaxed attitude. Don't forget you only have a limited time to preorder my 2019 calendars, so use the link in my bio to get yours at a reduced price!

This is what it's like being in the middle of a humpback whale and sea lion stampede. What a rush!

I wanted to thank everyone that helped me reach over 20K followers! I appreciate you joining me on this journey more than you could know. As a thank you, I'd like to give everyone the promo code "thankyou20" to use on my website. Here's to all the adventures ahead!

One of my favorite moments from Tonga was when this humpback mother turned towards us and seemed to purposely push her calf our way. Maybe it was a gentle nudge to encourage the calf to interact with us or not be scared. I couldn't be too sure, but the calf wasn't having it as he kept rolling around the top of her head. It's always nice when you have a mountain of mother to rest on!

We don't know exactly why, but humpback whales in the North Pacific Ocean tend to have much less white coloration than humpbacks in the rest of the worlds oceans. So while visiting Tonga, it was really amazing to see the striking coloration on the Southern Hemisphere humpbacks. I had seen them before during a visit to South Africa, but not like this!

I always love when Labor Day is over as for me, it's the start of my favorite time of year, fall! Whether it's chasing wildlife or looking for striking colors, there's always something incredible to photograph. Do you have any fall plans this year? Also, my 2019 NATURE Calendars are ready for pre-ordering on my website! Get yours now before the price goes up! (Link to them in my bio)

I travelled nearly 6,000 miles to swim with whales (which was amazing), but only had to drive 5 minutes to see some of the best whale action ever. The humpback whale show has still been going strong in Monterey Bay as they have been breaching and lunge feeding constantly. The other evening, I counted around 350+ breaches from over 10 different whales. This will never not be incredible.

I just returned from a few weeks spent down in the South Pacific. During my time there, I visited remote island group of Vava'u, Tonga where I swam my favorite ocean animal, the humpback whale. It is an incredible experience to slide into the water with one of earth's largest creatures. On our first day, we encountered this mother and calf pair who were relaxing in some shallow water. The calf never strayed too far from mom as it was only around 4 weeks old, but would occasionally get curious and swim right up to us before heading back to the safety of mom. A few times the mother pushed the calf our way in what seemed to be an effort to get it to play or interact with us. Even though the whales appear to be a good distance away in this photo, it was shot with a wide-angle lens, so they are really only 10 feet away. I kept getting disoriented looking behind my lens at what appeared to be far off whales only to have them blocking my entire view when I looked up! A special thanks to the team at @backscattervideophoto for helping me get set up!

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