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Chase Dekker Wild-Life Images  Photographer | Biologist | Conservationist Currently based in Monterey, CA Prints and Workshops available here:


Now that's a house I could spend some time in. Nestled underneath a volcano and atop a cluster of lava cliffs, this is one delicately placed Icelandic home.

We've been seeing a lot of humpback whale lunge feeding recently here in Monterey Bay. So much in fact I've been able to watch them feed just a few hundred yards from shore! I have another whale photograph workshop tomorrow evening, with a few spots remaining. On the last workshop we saw breaching, tail-lobbing, and lunge feeding! Check out the link in my bio to sign up!

Iceland's Diamond Beach has to be one of the coolest beaches on the planet. Pitch dark black sand decorated with thousands of pieces of ice is what you'll find here. The nearby glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon, spills out larger pieces of glacial ice where they are then broken into smaller fragments by the pounding surf. This is one location I can't wait to visit again!

I always get asked what my favorite animal to shoot is, and I really don't have an answer! I like shooting black bears, especially cubs like this one, but I can never choose one animal as my favorite. Do you have a favorite subject?

Kirkjufell holds the title as Iceland's most photographed mountain. Located right on the sea with two sets of waterfalls underneath it, it's easy to see why!

During my trip around Iceland, I was thrilled to find a few Arctic fox trotting across the landscapes. They're much smaller than red fox and they also undergo a color transformation every year as they grow a white winter coat and then shed it in springtime. Few people actually realize that these fox are Iceland's only native mammal, the rest having been brought to the island purposefully (reindeer, mink) or in some cases, inadvertently (mice, rats, etc.). Very cool and hardy little creature!

The whale activity this spring has been so exciting, I've teamed up with @sanctuarycruises to offer more whale photography workshops! The next two will be held on June 17th & June 21st. These are 5 hour sunset cruises sunset with only 15 other passengers where we'll search for orcas, humpbacks, blue whales, and dolphins, like this Risso's dolphin pictured here! These sold out really fast in April and May, so book now by following the link in my bio! Hope to see you out on the water!

Even though I saw roughly 1,000 waterfalls in Iceland (no joke!), it's always nice to see the few big ones we have here in California. This is the best year in a long time in terms of seeing the water flowing in this drought-stricken state. There's probably no better spot for this than Yosemite Valley, where all the falls are at their peak right now. If you have the chance to visit the park, go now!
I'd also like to congratulate @rhenpoetry as the winner of my giveaway! And @tghuguenin as the runner-up! Check your messages for instructions on how to receive your free prints! To everyone else who entered, you also have a gift for entering that you will find in your messages! Check them over the coming hours as I send them out! Thanks for participating!

All across Iceland, one can see remnants of past volcanic eruptions, that have shaped the rugged topography. One of the most unique spots is the Snaefellsness Peninsula, where the cold North Atlantic collides with cooled lava formations along the shore. There's truly no where else on earth that looks like this tiny island!

During one of our first evenings in Iceland, we were joined by a crowd of visitors underneath the massive waterfall, Skogafoss. The next morning, around an appealing sounding 4 AM, the crowds had vanished and I just had to take that opportunity to jump in front of my camera. Nature is a pretty powerful and beautiful thing.

Just returned from another amazing visit to Iceland. One of my goals this time around was to see Iceland's most iconic bird, the Atlantic puffin. We visited a handful of remote puffin colonies where we were able to spend hours up close and personal with the charismatic bird. Every April, puffins return to their grassy burrows to meet their lifelong mate, where they lay an egg to raise together. They linger in their colonies for only a few months before returning to the open ocean to fish for the rest of the year. They certainly earn the nickname "Sea Parrots" with that colorful beak! Happy Memorial Day as well!

I present to you, the largest animal to ever live, the blue whale! Today was excellent to begin with as we found breaching humpbacks, killer whales, and gray whales, all before finding this big blue beauty! I've always wanted to get aerial shots of a blue whale and today was hopefully just the first of many more encounters to come! Just think, this blue whale is between 80-90 feet and some will grow to be around 100 or so feet in length. There's nothing short of amazing about this animal!

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