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We have a new 🐢 friend at the shop named @realkidkoala. Prolly gonna have lots of turtle vidz in our insta stories. Maybe gonna set up a live stream so you guys can keep an eye on him and stuff. He’s probably the best turtle ever.

#Klondor part 1. Condor has been out for a little over a month now, and we’ve been getting feedback from a lot of folks that say they are getting #klon tones from it. While this was definitely not a specific intent of the device, it’s not necessarily surprising given the powerful EQ/boost/drive section available on #Condor. We decided to try it out for ourselves and borrowed a gold horsie klon from our friend John Justen at Eclipse Music and made a little vidya. We definitely don’t claim exact emulation here (the circuits are, after all, wildly different) but we were getting some close-ish approximations. Needless to say, Condor can do a lot of other things like save presets (with 100% analog signal path), tremolo, resonant filter, wah-like stuff, univibe-ish tones, phase-like things, overdrive, EQ, and boost. #klondor

Delay pedal delayed 😔

You guys @2_ply_ is at #moogfest with our gear and he wants to party with you


In November of 2017, Joel traveled with @knobs_demos to England to test out a new effects pedal prototype called #Thermae. They visited friends, a world-renowned recording studio, and the best preserved Roman-era bathhouse on the planet. (link to full mini-doc in profile)

To order, go here:

This is one of my favorite moments from the mini-doc (releasing it tomorrow!!) where @knobs_demos is manipulating a #Thermae to make it shit rainbows (💩🌈) while @dougisagardener plays

May the Fourth be with you @jaredmbrandon @wamplerpedals @brianwampler

@knobs_demos I’m writing the Thermae manual and seem to be having difficulty explaining how it works. So I’m literally just telling people that reading the manual is dumb and you should watch the impending Knobs demo. In related news, I probably shouldn’t write manuals anymore.

!!!! Just got word that the new @deathcabforcutie record has a whole bunch of bliss on it, can’t wait for August!

I started this company to honor my lost brother and finally take his advice to “Follow Your Bliss.” Five years on I’m still chasing it, and making Thermae gave me moments where I felt I caught pace. Full Thermae mini-doc will be released next week and pedal pre-order starts today (link in profile). Thermae ships 5/31/18. Much more info / details / demos to come. #Thermae #ChaseBlissThermae @knobs_demos @davidrainger @patrickcphillips @latifraser @realworldstudios @regentsounds @j___rk

Sometimes it’s fun to just go into step mode and change intervals in realtime (you could also do this with an expression pedal). #BoardsOfCanada #ChaseBlissThermae pre-order for this little piece of shit starts on Monday.

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