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Chase Bliss Audio  Digital Brain. Analog Heart.

My folks closing down “the mill” for the night. Branding, stamping, staining. Branding, stamping, staining. Branding, stamping, staining.

Because the Dark World release was so good, we bought this espresso machine for the shop and our lives and productivity have really improved.

My day is made. 😂 😂 😂 A professional voiceover artist @yourtextspoken took it upon himself to make one for our Dark World ad. @knobs_demos I think we have to work with this dude on Analog Heart season 3. In other news, we are doing our best to make more Dark Worlds, but still might not have more available this year.

Christmas came early from @lonewolffx!!!! You rule Joe!!!

Bye 👋🏻 @pachydermstudios

Tracking to tape and dumping to pro tools

@tveitbakk engineering and John. Watching @crowe1013 do some overdubs

Good morning from @pachydermstudios. Last day here. Basics for 10 songs are done, overdubs today.

I forgot how much I love this pedal @beetronics ... it’s perfect #Whoctahell

I never quite understood the appeal of “signature gear” until this thing came along

Eagle 🦅

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