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Chase & Hunter Co.®  We sell the coolest art for millennials. Designed and curated by women. Home decor for Generation-XYZ 😋 FB: Chase and Hunter 👇New product launch👇


Decor advice @kbaebae13 "how a guy keeps his apartment/house tells a lot about the man he is. A man who works hard, is motivated, and has dreams normally has his home looking great! I am very attracted to a man who keeps things clean and works hard to make his home inviting."

Proud to announce that @sophiet (SANSA from GAME OF THRONES) is wearing our apparel. Now available (link in bio). Go get yours!!!!

@sommercorson is a happy customer! Why? "I love it because I can finally look at my favorite snack everyday @mcdonalds French fries".

@ariel_laporte - “No career aspirations is the biggest turnoff! I'm a hard working girl with big dreams so I find it very unattractive when a man is unmotivated and doesn't have dreams of his own that he is chasing!”

Our new canvas piece "PROBLEMS" is available now in our retro collection (link in bio). Find out why @darrahamilton love this piece so much!!!

When do you find a guy attractive? - @nanadelrey "I find a guy attractive when I truly get to know their personality. I find it hard to find someone who is genuine and authentic. Everyone can look good but when you can look at someone who's not trying hard to impress and be someone they aren't that's rare. it allows you to know the real person they are. and from there you will know whether that person is someone who compliments you."

Hey guys, we are happy to announce our partnership with @summerlynnhart . Check out this unique piece designed by her. Limited stock available (link in bio)
By @kiefer_andrew

"I believe the most important aspect of a strong relationship is freedom. Just knowing you have that constant support from your partner to live your own life is key to maintaining a successful relationship. Giving each other the freedom to pursue personal goals lets you both grow individually and become that power couple. Having that person supporting you rather than holding you back is empowering and lets you both become better people together." - @klaraquinton

"I can't resist a guy with an obvious confident air to him. Direct eye contact and a genuine smile from across a room shows me that this guy is interested and knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. That's a very attractive quality in a man. I like a confident man because it shows how he feels about himself. If he's confident in the way he looks and behaves then I want the opportunity to find out what he has to offer" -@tfils

@katieewilliamson_ holding up our canvas "All In The Thumbs". Available now (link in bio). #chaseandhunter #chaseandhunterart

Nerd Sets Up Beach In His Dorm Room... Our first official commercial for our new WALL ART CAMPAIGN: where do you want to be? Art that takes you there! LINK IN BIO.

Proud to launch our new wall art campaign for millennials! Canvas art made to swag out your room or dorm room! Check out our "Like Kanye" canvas piece (link in bio). Chase & Hunter, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping millennials grow and become the best versions of themselves it was natural for us to develop a line of art that can transform the space around you. Enjoy all of our new art collections (link in bio).

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