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Bao  Life from a cook's perspective OC/LA based #CharsiuuBaooFoodAdventures

Can I have some of that shumai now and dim sum more later? #FamilyBreakfast #LateGram
🍽Pork and shrimp shumai
πŸ“Seafood Cove

When your co-worker puts out an amazing dish, you can't help but share πŸ‘Œ @awattebery 🍽 Big eye tuna β€’ coconut β€’ pineapple β€’ cilantro

Freshly pressed and fried masa that has been filled with pistachio butter and goat cheese! Made by Chef @danwilliston πŸ“@otiumla 🍽 Masa

Aye shawty! You looking mighty fine! #LateGram πŸ“@otiumla 🍽 Short rib special dinner. Braised short rib, pommes puree, vegetable medley with a bomb bordolaise sauce.

Nothing better than food from your homeland, Garden Grove πŸ˜‚. #LateGram
πŸ“@garlicandchivesbyk 🍽 Fried spring roll lettuce wraps

Dreaming of this halohalo😍 . Perfect for this warm weather! Coconut sorbet β€’ pineapple granita β€’ flan β€’ oranges #LateGram πŸ“@sarisaristorela @grandcentralmarketla
🍽Halo Halo

Omakase with family @paulla_vang @vianaluuser
πŸ“@makomaesushi 🍽 Oyster shooter

Caviar tasting at work today! Amazing to see such a beautiful ingredient. πŸ“ @otiumla 🍽 @calvisiuscaviarusa caviar
πŸ“Έ @fra_lucatorto

When you hear a new Asian wing fusion joint opened, you ask all your friends to go. #SuperLateGram #From3YearsBack #IThinkItWasAHeavyNightOfAlcohol πŸ“@bellybombz
🍽 All the fried foods😍

When you and your boy has the same day off, you gotta kick it. Thanks for taking me here @incustank09 ! πŸ“@pineandcrane 🍽 Mapo tofu

When you have a slow service and your chefs say, "let's do a mystery box challenge." And it ends in a draw, so you do a quick fire challenge to decide the the winner.

Mystery box items included: chicken breast, salsify, eggplant, two eggs, cauliflower, pomegranate, and almonds
Quick fire challenge was to make the best omelette.
1st picture - grilled chicken, salsify and almond puree, pickled cauliflower and eggplant salad with sabayon.

2nd picture - pan sear chicken, pomegranate relish, oven roasted cauliflower and salsify, and fried eggplant

3rd picture - French omelette filled with creme fraiche shallot and mushroom mix

4th picture - Omelette filled with manchego and glazed with guinea hen bordolaise

Hands down, best sushi I have ever had so far. Dreaming of the salmon nigiriπŸ˜‹
πŸ“@sugarfishbynozawa 🍽 (left to right) albacore with yuzu ponzu and salmon with toasted sesame

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