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Happy 17th, Mo!! I love you so much, and there’s nothing I would want more than to surprise you for your next birthday...! Hopefully next year!! Have an amazing day bby!! You deserve it💕💕💕

I watched like all of the lilo and stitch movies and then thought of this-
#starstruckcomicc #charlottescharacters


here come the cool kids!💫
thank you sm to my friends who designed lukas’ pals! I love them all sm <3 and to introduce them all together, I drew them in some cool outfits!!
(from left to right)
peter design: @vernoodlesyt
terri design: @mdazzleyt
noah design: @cloudyhowell_
shannon design: @_twilight_devil_
#starstruckcomicc #charlottescharacters

introducing terri! designed by the lovely @mdazzleyt !!🌟🍒

I figured I’d post these doodles!

introducing shannon! designed by @_twilight_devil_ !! 💫💚

it’s my girl!
#ashtlc #charlottescharacters

omg this was so fun to draw!! shoutout to my friends for creating awesome spidersonas and making me absolutely obsessed with this au 🕷🕸
#intothespiderverse #spiderverse #spidersona #dorkartistries

yooo!! this was so fun!! neeko and martha did amazing :,)) I’ve never done anything like this before so it was super cool!! thank you neeko for bringing this up to me and setting it all up! go check out my friends! they’re amazing artists! @mar.star_ @wispiro