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omg this was so fun to draw!! shoutout to my friends for creating awesome spidersonas and making me absolutely obsessed with this au 🕷🕸
#intothespiderverse #spiderverse #spidersona #dorkartistries

yooo!! this was so fun!! neeko and martha did amazing :,)) I’ve never done anything like this before so it was super cool!! thank you neeko for bringing this up to me and setting it all up! go check out my friends! they’re amazing artists! @mar.star_ @wispiro

happy birthday to my guy🤧 I know you’re probably at work rn and im sorry. I wasn’t sure what to draw you so I drew you w/ your boys :) I hope you have a great day and I can’t wait to see you later to drop off your other stuff🤪 love you dude 😌✊💕 ((also sorry this looks nothing like you sksksk)

it’s tradition to draw my friends on valentine’s day ok :,) instagram cut it off im-
hope you all have a good one!🕷🕸💕
#spidersona #intothespiderverse #spiderverse

hopping on this bandwagon!! this is also my first post using procreate! I love it so much! such a good program omg-
#spidersona #intothespiderverse #spiderverse

i missed them :))
((also i finally drew them in their original outfits! heck yeah!!))
#charlottescharacters #ashtlc #rydertlc

successful day, I came home and slept for 2 hours :)
also yes I know I can’t draw feet-

go listen to “monster” by dodie it’s so good

everyone wants my boy lukas to eat soap
#charlottescharacters #starstruckcomicc

((instagram cut it off wth))
but thea is so pretty I wanted to draw her again :,)
#charlottescharacters #starstruckcomicc

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