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There’s no such thing as perfect family,. The imperfection makes it perfect actually. Live the moment being together being happy, treasure it, capture it, take pictures, vlog it if you can, share it if you want. #croatianVacation #dasofam #familylife #croatia #Montenegro >>> next destination✈️ #switzerland

Our view in Kotor, Montenegro 🇲🇪 ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️swipe no. 5 was in Dubrovnik 🇭🇷mudra being a paparazzi or being behind the scene blagging their blagging! 👋👋please don’t hesitate to say hello to us if you see us here in Europe, it would be great to take selfie with you guys👋👋 bawal mahiya kasi paminsan minsan lang may makitang Dasofam sa ibang bansa!! #dasofam #montenegro #familylife #mudraonthemove #blaggingyourblagging

Dasofam on the move, traveling is our nature no matter how beautiful is our home! Wherever it is - California, Philippines. We go out explore, pick up lesson, experience and bring all the good ones back. Lunch at the old town, Croatian food. What is your favorite country to visit? #mudraonthego #familylife #mudragis #dasofam #Croatia #dubrovnik #croatianvacation

Finally able to sit to post our trip. We are dasofam4 now😁
Went to the market today and bought food and I prepared it for the troop- 👩🏻‍🍳🐟🥗🥒🍑🍅🥖🍞🍷🍴This is the view from our bnb🤩Yesterday was chaos, 😱never been so afraid driving from Bosnia to Croatia. Our GPS&Waze sent us to nowhere land 😲unpaved road 😵with no people but ruined houses all along. We were late 3 hours picking up Wil at the airport😓There was no parking for our beast rental car 😰and have to walk 49 steps hauling our belongings😰. My 1 1/2 yr old Mac👩🏻‍💻screened was cracked 🤬😪and I cannot use it anymore 😭 sad day for me.
Today is another day and the sun is shining and so does my spirit! Happy to have my Wil and Haley here and Pudra.❤️ #familylife #dasofam #mudragis #mudraonthego #pagmayUlanMayAraw #sisikatDinAngAraw #balamuSinuklobYaIngmadalumdumAu

BOSNIA - the queen is here👸🏻at least she got us a car!😊 The Stari Most (old bridge) build by the Turkish architect Hajrudin during the ottoman period and completed in 1566 after 9 years of work. It remains so for 427 years until the bombing in 1993. Reconstruction lasted 10 years. The Stari Most joins the two banks of the Neretva River together. Btw, bickering begins today. #dasofam #mudragis #marriedlife #familylife #oldmarriedcoupleswag #Bosnia #Mostar

ZAGREB, Croatia— We stayed on the upper town by the stone gate where it dated from 1760.
Our #airbnb host was the best Crešo🇭🇷
Went to the market and made some lunch for me and Steve —-MY SALAD: Arugula, with tomatoes, cucumber, topped with walnuts, pumpkin seeds and fresh figs, with slice peaches on the side sprinkled with grape vinegar and Trogir cold press extra virgin olive oil #abaSosyalDiBa #nohashtagcuzHaleysArrivingNowLaterNaLang #Croatia #Zagreb

Visiting one of the most spectacular view in Croatia —swipe⬅️⬅️⬅️Krka National Park is one of the two Croatian NP’s that contain lakes and waterfalls! Situated in the middle of Šibenik-Knin county in Croatia Krka national park covers a total area of 109 km². Krka is actually a river in Dalmatia, Croatia’s southern-most province, which due to the local terrain forms into beautiful waterfalls. Krka river has 7 travertine barriers and a unique ecosystem. Packed some lunch *salad, bread, wine, olive oil (a must) palaman🇵🇭may pa describe para alam kung ano yan, may pa-picnic para di magutom- “hon lets go to the trail, ahh so many tourist there, I don’t wanna be in there, but we are also a tourist, lets go around them, rolling eyes 👀 🇵🇭hay naku, kainis, ang arte, e di i overtake natin sila, problema ba yun? 🇵🇭🇵🇭ing buldit keni ing masanting, paburen yu na ka ring waterfalls hahaha #mudra #mudraonthego #mudraandpudra #marriedsince1992 #dasofam #marriedlife #oldmarriedcoupleswag

🇭🇷Sailing from Šibenik to Krka, Croatia >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*🇺🇸me: pudra lets take picture like the one in Titanic >Pudragis: neahhh this is a small boat! > me: killjoy😡 >>>>>>>>*🇵🇭basag trip talaga minsan tong si pudragis gusto ko na tuloy itulak para malaglag sa tubig >>>>>>>*kapampangan version: 🇵🇭🇵🇭macananu na ca man mipaldan istung ing cayabe mu dacal ya satsat e na buring mamintu keka? Panampalingan ku ne caya? Map ya pa itang gansa mimintu ya >>>>>>>>>>>* 🇩🇰Jeg sagde, lad os posere som den i filmen Titanic! Han sagde, nej det er sådan en lille båd (😩min amerikanske mand🇺🇸) #mudragis #dasofam #mudraonthego #marriedlife #marriedsince1992

Happy Birthday Pudra! In Primošten, unbelievably good Mediterranean food!kaya lang... 🇺🇸Steve, lets take a picture! Pudra: wait, let me finish my Now! (I hold his beer) ugh! 🇵🇭then kiss tayo kunyari! Ok! Wag mainggit, pinagsalubong lang namin yung sunglasses namin tapos nag cheers wahahaha
*oyan ing sasabyan ku kekayu, istung kakwa letratu buri na gisanan ne pa mu itang beer eh mebating ne itang momentum ku rugu!😩 #tillykkemedfødselsdagen #pudra #mudra #happybirthdaypudrakits #mudraonthego

🇭🇷Trogir, Croatia > the story is next page, it’s all about the wife having good picture on a spectacular background- the husband even on his 60th birthday comes next! 🇺🇸🇬🇧Diba? >>>🇵🇭Wala akong pakialam kung di ok yung picture nya, basta dapat yung ako pabyulus! Ayaw na ayaw nya mag picture paulit ulit daw eh wala syang choys!😞 >>>🇵🇭🇵🇭istung e bisa mangwa kodak kanaku eku bubulad anya balu na mimwa ku >>>🇩🇰det er så hyggeligt her, godt vejr, sidder, drikker øl og ser folk gå forbi #mudraandpudra #mudragis #dasofam #commentBelow #happybirthdaypudrakits #trogir #Croatia

Šibenik -ito yung sabi nang dito ka tumayo magpapicture eh ako bahala, eh gusto doon sa kabila! Walang tagakodak kaya ayan ang dating tas pinagtatalunan namin yung name ng church sabi nya St Anthony sabi ko St Michael eh pareho pala kaming mali St. James pala! Hay naku! Pudra and mudra sa turisti town #šibenik

From 🇩🇰Copenhagen to 🇭🇷Croatia *getting those photo while clothes fits, cuz I know I will be chowing down a lot. Yayyyy!😬 #mudraandpudraHoliday #dasofam coming soon #mudraonthego #copenhagen

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