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Charon Smith Mr.200Meters 2GO!  God 1st, trust the process! Brand ambassador for @playagainnow/@elielcycling/@pioneercycleusa/ @knightcomposites/@compexusa/@sariolcycling. GB


Being that @bahatiracing collage on his IG was to big to add all of his @methodstowinningraceteam mates for black history month I am stepping up to help redem him. I am sure Carter G. Woodson would be proud to see us come so far and find success. If you are not sure who Carter G. Woodson is or never heard of him do your research! #BlameBahatiForThisPost. GB

The longer you are on this life journey the better you'll understand you are in control of your happiness! You may not always be in control but you can start today with striving to get control of your life. My happiness and positivity started with one day at a time and seeking it daily like the air we need to breathe, consistently! Keep your circle small, and always allow time for self so you can get to know yourself while not being influenced by outside forces. #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire #MakeADifference #BeAChangeAgent. Photo by @dkt5d. GB

"The break probably go early" @bahatiracing. "Okay I'll cover the early stuff" me. "We'll take turns in the middle part and see what happens". Bahati, the plan worked perfectly. Two hard days of riding for me. Saturday consistent of 3.5hrs with 5k of climbing, Sunday ride to and from the race, and give my all. Do the work early you'll be rewarded for your efforts! Last week was my week, this week was my brother from another. I was happy both of our mom's was out to see the action and talk. #FamilyAffair #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #TeamWork #MakeADifference #Motivate #Inspire #WinningTime #M2W. GB

The power of the bike connects us all from many different walks of life! After finishing up my ride in Palos Verdes, California I ran into to some friends from the OC. They ventured way beyond the Orange Curtains on their 90mile round trip journey up north and back! It was a pleasant surprise to see them so far north. #Smile #SayCheese #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athletes #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire. GB

@birdworxinc can and will get you right for all your custom sticker needs! I am thankful to have a great relationship with them and love their work! So far after testing the new @iamspecialized #SWorks7 shoes they are good to go and the stiffness factor has increased while making the shoe lighter! #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Branding #Marketing101 #MakeitYourOwn #Specialized #SWorks #Evade2. GB

Lean with it on this Fantastic Friday! I love the design and layout of our @methodstowinningraceteam @elielcycling clothing! We made it a goal to have a kit that was simple, clean, and not have stuff plastered all over it. We wanted it to flow and tell a story about things we are passionate about at #M2W. On one sleeve it says "hope, respect, passion, believe, giveback, and love". When you get a chance Google the meaning of Eliel. Sometimes we wear things and have no clue about the meaning of the name we are wearing. Photo by @dkt5d #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire. GB

Always take a bow after the show. Confession time, I am two different people on the bike vs off the bike. The moment I put on this super hero spandex outfit it is showtime! Once it is off it is off. Funny thing is people who don't know me expect me to be in character all the time as the #VideoTime guy. Some people who have known me before my biking days or who have a relationship with me that has nothing to do with the bike will attest I am really a quite guy, and often are like "who is this guy, this can't be Charon he is always super quiet off the bike". Yes there are two people inside of me the showman biker and the quite regular guy 😎🤣. #Cyclist #VideoTime #ShowTime. Photo by @dkt5d!!GB

The Road is never easy when you are building something from the ground up! Our company @methodstowinning is home grown by 4 men. We are doing something we have never done before as friends while using the bike and our skill sets to propel us. Our goal is simple, bring people together, have fun, race our bikes, and put on another successful @circleof_doom event for 2018! Be on the look out as we are slowly ramping up for it! Find something you enjoy, make sure to involve as many people as possible who can share in the journey, partner with the right people, and focus on all of the good things you can control, block out fear, doubt, and non-believers in your vision! #Cycling #Cyclist #Fitness #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire #MakeADifference #BeAChangeAgent #Lead #COD #M2W. Photo by DK Thomas. GB

If you knock at the door long enough it will open. Started the year with a 3rd place in race one, 2nd place in race two, and scored the win today with my brother from another @bahatiracing taking 2nd after a great leadout. The team rode awesome, @max_hernandez909 (Max) and @shap2kim (Steve) went up the road with a group of 6 or so, I bridged solo later, and then Bahati came across. @aawimberley, @johnjabate, and @theegreat06 monitored the field. We are slowly figuring each other out and what works for us as a team. Congrats to everyone who gave it a go today! #Cycling #Cyclist #Fitness #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire #M2W. GB

Now that the new @iamspecialized Evade has gone live to the public I can show off mine too! It has been tested over and over again and the numbers have shown @iamspecialized_road has pushed the envelope once again! I am a believer in their products and happy they keep getting it right! This is not a knock against any other companies in their field just what I have experienced with #Specialized. #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #NewEvade #SworksEvade #Faster #IamSpecialized. GB

Evolving, adapting, growing and changing is the name of the game in life! Many know I have completely transformed my physique from once a very muscular guy to now somewhat of a cyclist body. All that we desire can be obtained but we must have a clear vision, goals and a plan of how to get there. Always map out the plan, stay the course, and avoid shortcuts you'll be amazed! #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athlete #BikeCommuter #Motivate #Inspire. Photo by @cresseyphotography. GB

Me trying to convince @bahatiracing Rahsaan it is going to work! You can tell by the look on his face that he don't believe me 😂😎. Make sure the people close to you are challenging you, helping you see things from a different perspectives, and then cracking jokes about you around friends when chilling off the bike! Salazar look like he want to jump me 😂! #StandOff #StareDown #Cyclist #Cycling #FitLife #Athletes #Friends #Partners. GB

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