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Gabrielle ➵ Storyteller  🏡🇺🇸• Baltimore, Maryland 🦀 ➵📍• 🎱🔮 🚍🚗✈️• #/@charmcitytraveler 🍽🍕🍦• #charmcitycravings Life is too short to do anything but see the 🌎

To the women in my life and everyone else's: never forget that you are bold, fierce, intelligent, powerful, courageous, creative, capable, hilarious, loving, deserving and resilient as hell. Happy International Women's Day! 🌼 I can't think of a single one of you that hasn't already changed the world for the better. Keep it up like the badass, won't-back-down kind of women that you've inspired me to be. Thank you. You are unfathomably amazing and worthy of all the love, equality, opportunity and light in the world. I love you all. 🌎💃🏼❤️

MAJOR PS: Don't be afraid to take yourself to the places you never dreamed you'd really go. Wear whatever you want when you get there. Remember that you have the power to recreate yourself at any moment. Take pride in your silly dance moves. Ignore people who don't understand your weird sarcasm. Smile at your reflection in the mirror, even if you don't always like what you see. Send more photos of yourself making hideous faces to the girls in your group chat. Laugh often. Encourage little girls (and boys) to be their truest selves. Trust and stick up for yourself. Exist outside of your comfort zone. Most importantly, keep doing what you do best and loving with your whole damn heart (even when it feels like no one appreciates your efforts). You make the world a better place 365 days out of the year – especially you awe-inspiring Moms! 🙌🏼

BRB, heading to platform 9¾ ✨ Craving all the Butterbeer as I reminisce about my witchery ways at Harry Potter World with my favorite Hufflepuff & Gryffindor on our first road trip last year! Where my fellow Ravenclaws at?! 🦅 Needless to say, March 6, 2017 > March 6, 2018 🚌🗺💙

Good morning from my favorite Baltimore floof, Neville Theodore. 🌞❤️🐶 @ladypreshpresh_

I had a lot of Valentines… but Tim and Carol were my favorite 🐐❤️🐐 THEY’RE THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME TWINS. Especially Carol. She’s the cutie on the ↫ 😽 (but they’re allll pretty cute, amirite?)

Happy day after Valentine’s Day to this totally unexpected bundle of sweets and smarts and the occasional funny accent.💥💛🎥 #montage

TOUCHDOWN 👼🏼 ➵ ❤️ Valentine’s Day pillow fights are r e a l. #sanfrancisco #valentinesday #pillowfight #toughlove

Happy (now belated) Galentine’s Day to this princess lady and all the other • a m a z i n g • gals in my life and everyone else’s! ❤️ Y’all are badass and beautiful and there’s too many of you to count but you know who you are. You’re the best of the best friends, sisters, daughters, mothers, moms-to-be, wives, cat moms, dog moms, aunts, business owners, dance partners, ex-girlfriends 🐧, you name it! Show yourself some love today kittens 😻
📷: @paulabphoto + @nikreesefitness

Happy 52nd birthday Mama. ❤️🎉 I know you’re expecting me to say something mushy but all I really wanna talk about is you in this outfit. And maybe that wallpaper. 👀#loveyou #80sfashion

True to form. 🌞🤷🏼‍♀️ I'm reminiscing HARD today and realizing I have a LOT more travel memories to share over at @charmcitytraveler from the many great adventures of 2017 that turned my world upside down ↟🌎↡🌍 ↠ 2 cross country RV road trips, @burningman, Colorado (I miss you @polishedavenue), North Carolina, California (must keep going north), all over Italy (for @edt26 and Matt’s impeccable Tuscany 'I Do') and then to the ever so incredible Croatia (with @steppybird‘s huge 💼 in tow 😉😘) for the best Eurotrip ever. And the best for last of course was getting to be a part of my Prince @caitiewho__‘s perfect winter wedding. Damn. I feel seriously overwhelmed with gratitude for these opportunities, experiences, unexpected twists, and mainly PEOPLE along the way at every turn. I don't know what I ever did to deserve people like the ones I've got. Can you tell I'm also missing my friends and fam hard today? Hi guys. Yes, I'll be home soon. #EndRant #Extra 📰

Thinking back to clear and peaceful sunrises at Burning Man. They're a lot easier to catch when it only requires rolling out of bed and climbing onto the roof of the RV...🚌👉🏼🌅

🧀 MAC’D 🧀 It’s not every day that your friend tags you in a viral video from across the country about a Mac & Cheese establishment that you discover is just a mile away from you. Thanks for the tip @ladypreshpresh_, muy delicioso. ✔️

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