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Charmayne Cole  •Wife• @hunt.24_7 •Momma to Paxtyn•💕 •Living in the season where my people are my priority•


But first - we just had a #FLASHSALE drop that gets YOU $192 in products for $95!! All of my fav summer lake//pool day products in one bundle.
DM ME!!!!

Some of you may have already heard this through the small town grapevine 🌱, but the date was ‘to be determined’ until all the pieces JUST fell into place.
I’m sad to announce that I will be closing this salon chapter of my life. Who knows, maybe when we are past the “tiny human” stage of life, Salon 13 may reappear, but for now, it works for our family to close the doors at this time.
I was anticipating closing later in the fall, but my salon license is due to renew August 1st, and the beautiful stylist transitioning into the Langford Main Street Center is ready to take over, so I will be CLOSING Salon 13 July 31st.
It has been such a blessing to get to know and serve so many people in my Pierpont and Langford locations over the years. I cherish every one of my clients & will miss our time together dearly. •

One of the ways I am able to step away from the salon, is because of the income created from the chance I took on an opportunity known as MONAT, so I want you to know I will still have all of the haircare products you need to have the best hair ever available to ship right to you!

To close out Salon 13 with a bang I’m offering some specials & will be available more days/week to accommodate the short notice! Message me to get your appointment in the books!! ALL HAIRCUTS / WAX SERVICES 10% off

I don’t do this often, but I have SAMPLES on hand ready to go out!!! DM me for deets! 🛍 SAMPLE TIME 🛍

1) If anyone has ever charged, or tried to charge you, for samples of MONAT - let me know! It's against compliance!! 2) Did you know if you're local, you can call me up and get a shampoo/style for #FREE to try the products?

3) Not local, but genuinely want to try MONAT before committing? Shoot me that message 📱📲 and I’ll get some in the mail for you! 💌📦

Being an aunt 😍👌🏼 6 nieces 💓
3 nephews 💙
7 bonus kiddos (5 💓 2 💙) Paxtyn’s forever friends ❤️

#sundaycelebration throwback to when our team hosted their #cadillac presentation to three boss babes on our team. #monathelps #monatmototclub #monatmomma

Montana is calling... 🏔

The days get long, but the years are too, too short. #PaxtynRose

In case you didn’t know... I also shoot big shit 🎯 #archerybuck #flashbackfriday

A mind that is stretched by new experiences can •never• go back to its old dimensions.

Coming up on 3 years of marriage & 10 years of doing life with this guy... it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but when we’re laughing - those smiles are so real. We have hit the highs & hit the lows & know more of both are coming. 🥂❤️ #cantstopwontstop @hunt.24_7

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