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Artist.  💫Welcome to my Diary 💫

Summer ain’t for stressin’

Finale. #Vegas

✨In Vegas catching nothing but all of this melanin. ✨

My mother taught me to always leave the house prepared to encounter the love of my life &/or my worst enemy ... I’m just tryna make her proud. #ClaudettePickney #VegasNights #DraisNightClub

I hunt for food, not for sport 🐆

🚨New kind of work Alert 🚨 For the past year and six months, I've been putting my focus into cultivating a new craft - hair cutting 💁I chose Spoke & Weal as my home & they chose me. Under the guidance of some of the best in this biz, I've been given the tools to officially start my journey as a Stylist at the Soho location. I'm currently taking clients on Wednesdays, 11 am - 5 pm. See what I can do @cutsbychar 💇 On another note, who wants a free hair cut? 🤔 #spokeandweal #CutsByChar #CBC💇 #CBC💇‍♂️

On this episode of Baewatch: we wear blue & rock afros 💙✊🏾

How we're showing up to these doors they said we'd never open. ☺️

Can't tell if I'm starting to feel like myself...or feel myself 🤔 #Goodriddance2017

When I see my crush coming #HeyyyyFriday 💁🏾

Before now, I was having a hard time remembering what happy felt like. I remember being a little girl and being in love with my father. Sometimes, teenage daughters and dads don't see eye to eye. I'm stubborn, strong-willed, passionate, self-righteous & rebellious just like he is. But now, I can appreciate our similarities. I fell in love again in Barbados... and I remembered what happy felt like: simple, safe & surrounded.

A filter would only dim these features ✊🏾🇧🇧

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