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Artist.  💫Welcome to my Diary 💫

How you pose when they’re playing Beyonce Vs. When you hear 🗣Cash Money Records takin over the 99 & the 2000s! #AgingBackwards #HappyBirthdayMolinas #AriesAndScorpio

Press ▶️ to see where we started! ✂️When I’m asked if I love what I do, I reply, “I’m in love with Transformation”. I’m in love with everything it represents. Whatever the vehicle (hair, makeup, fashion, etc.), I get excited about the process . I get to be a catalyst for that process & it’s rewarding to know I was lucky enough to play a part in it. Head over to @cutsbychar to find out how you or someone you know can get a complimentary hair transformation. #Artist #GoodMorning #TheArtOfTransformation #CutsByChar #NYChairstylist

When Snapchat knows exactly what you need to complete your outfit. 👌🏾#Morning #CurlySue #MyFaveHairDo

Something New. As I reflect on my journey into womanhood, the experiences that have shaped me come to mind. In my opinion, we (society) put too much emphasis on money and not enough on the role our experiences play in our success and our lives. I definitely try to guard myself from “bad” experiences only to realize the bad ones are often ironically the most valuable. Often time, society likes to dictate which experiences a woman “should” & “shouldn’t” partake in (like smoking a cigar lol), which essentially is an attempt to control who you are. So here’s to all the women experiencing unapologetically and taking control of their lives while learning and growing with style & grace. 🥂 #GoodMorning #WellBehavedWomenSeldomMakeHistory #IAmWoman #SelfLove

Summer ain’t for stressin’

Finale. #Vegas

✨In Vegas catching nothing but all of this melanin. ✨

My mother taught me to always leave the house prepared to encounter the love of my life &/or my worst enemy ... I’m just tryna make her proud. #ClaudettePickney #VegasNights #DraisNightClub

I hunt for food, not for sport 🐆

🚨New kind of work Alert 🚨 For the past year and six months, I've been putting my focus into cultivating a new craft - hair cutting 💁I chose Spoke & Weal as my home & they chose me. Under the guidance of some of the best in this biz, I've been given the tools to officially start my journey as a Stylist at the Soho location. I'm currently taking clients on Wednesdays, 11 am - 5 pm. See what I can do @cutsbychar 💇 On another note, who wants a free hair cut? 🤔 #spokeandweal #CutsByChar #CBC💇 #CBC💇‍♂️

On this episode of Baewatch: we wear blue & rock afros 💙✊🏾

How we're showing up to these doors they said we'd never open. ☺️

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