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Charlotte Kate Fox  シャーロット・ケイト・フォックス Actor. Lover of dreamers, Wally Lamb, and trains. 🐘Tokyo/London/LA/NY

I feel ya little guy!

ふふふ!I couldn't help it......

私はBREAKFASTのクッキーを作った!アップル、チアの種、カボチャの種、クルミ、バナナ, ココナッツ, カカオ、アーモンドパウダー!砂糖や小麦はありません!とてもおいしい!

I'm really getting into these paleo treats- also vegan and so delicious. Sorry for the oncoming barrage of selfies with all the goodies..... #parttimeactress #partimebaker



@babyatsu , 私を助けてくれてありがとう!(日本語) :) 同じ歌、今回は日本語で!
I get by with a little (lot) of help from my Japanese friends- thank you Atsuko for your help making my Japanese lyrics not so "hen" (Strange.). Love you.

今日は新しい曲を作った、どう思う?『I made a new little doowop today. Still working on those chord changes though.』❤️💜💛💚

だれ。。。?私。。。?Who? Me? Casually sitting on this white sofa in my red and blue dress?


So excited about Wild Hokkaido! It will air on 4/9 on NHK WORLD. If you don't have nhk world, you can watch it online at the nhk world Wild Hokkaido website in English! I had so much fun making this series and know you will enjoy it too!

これらはニューメキシコを思い出させる.....Witchy Friday vibes..... 🌙🖖🏼🌞🌈🔶👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

ロッククライミングをしました!とても楽しいかった!Hadn't been in a while, so I'm feeling it today.... but so fun. 🖐🏼

Snow WOMAN を作りました!

I made a snow WOMAN.

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