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Charlotte Fogh Gallery  Gallery of danish and international contemporary art. Aarhus. Denmark

Lars Nørgård, Untitled, 2018, 21 x 29,7 cm, pen and ink on paper. Framed in artglass and oak. Available online in the Selected section in our artshop or in gallery.
Lars Nørgård is currently working on a large commision for Skejby Hospital and will be showing with us at Art Herning in february 2019. @larsnorgard #larsnørgård #charlottefoghgallery

Jasper Sebastian Stürup, UT, 2018, woodcut, ed 21, 20 x 15 cm, oakframe- buy it online in our artshop or gallery.
Jasper Sebastian Stürup had his first exhibition with Charlotte Fogh Gallery this year in february featuring brand new oilstick paintings on satin fabric. Stürup was also represented by us at CODE Art Fair this year with sales eg. to @nycarlsbergfondet.
Jasper Sebastian Stürup is currently participating at Christoffer Egelunds X-Mas exhibition opening today 🎄
@jaspersebastiansturup #charlottefoghgallery @christofferegelund

HuskMitNavn is working really hard on his upcoming solo Exhibition at the Gallery. It opens January 18th. Save the Date ❤️ @huskmitnavn1 #charlottefoghgallery #huskmitnavn #contemporaryart #aarhus

Kathrine Ærtebjerg, “From the series Symbolic Spray Drawings”, 2016, spray paint on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm, framed in oak.
Buy it in the gallery or our online calender “Selected” in the artshop at our website- link in bio. Kathrine Ærtebjerg had a soloexhibition at the gallery in February this year, with a new body of work that embraced the symbolic and surrealisme in a new language of her art. Among other The New Carlsberg Foundation purchased some of these new works at the exhibition. @kathrine_aertebjerg @nycarlsbergfondet #charlottefoghgallery

Louis Reith – Untitled, 2018. Collage of found book pages and paper. Framed 28,5 x 38,5 cm
Available at our website- link in bio.
Louis Reith had his first soloexhibition at the gallery this year and showed with us at CODE Art Fair in September. Next year will be a busy year for Reith starting with Art Herning in Denmark in February 2019. @louis_reith @codeartfair @art_herning #charlottefoghgallery

Kaspar Bonnén, UNTITLED #7, 2017, Woodcut, 42 x 30 cm, Ed. 18
This beautiful woodcut is from a series of 5 woodcuts the artist made last year with @schaefergrafik. To be purchased at the gallery and in the webshop.
In March 2018 Kaspar Bonnén received the artist of the year grant by the New Carlsberg Foundation. Also this year Charlotte Fogh Gallery presented a soloexhibition at Market Art Fair in Stockholm with Kaspar Bonnén @kasparbonnenartist @nycarlsbergfondet @marketartfair #kasparbonnén #charlottefoghgallery

Ida Kvetny, Third Eye, 2018, Glazed ceramic, 20 x 20 cm. To be purchased in the webshop or gallery- link in bio.
The work is part of our current exhibition “Painting and Other Bad Habits” among other paintings and ceramic works by Ida Kventny. Beside this Kvetny is working on her upcoming soloexhibition at Rundetårn @theroundtower opening in february 2019 @idakvetny #paintingandotherbadhabits #charlottefoghgallery

Rose Eken, Grand hotel matches + cigarette, paper clay, 1:1.
The box set is from a speciel collection of selected items by Rose Eken. On view at the gallery and in the webshop- link in bio.
Rose Eken is currently having a soloexhibition “Afterbeat” at @horsensartmuseum until 13th of January.
This year Rose Eken also had a soloexhibition at @mocatucson in Arizona, USA and finished a large commision at @museumragnarock donated by @nycarlsbergfondet

Tina Maria Nielsen, Generations, 2018, Multiple - unlimited edition, Bronze, 12,5 x 4,5 x 2 cm.
Link in bio.
The bronze sculpture is part of a serie of 16 different cell phones that where discarded, but re- and upcyckled in Tina Marias Nielsens work. “Generations” was part of a large scale installation displayed at Horsens Art Museum earlier this year and a part of their collection by donation from New Carlsberg Foundation.
Tina Maria Nielsen was honored this year by the largest grant in Denmark- Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Grant. In April 2019 we will present Tina Maria Nielsen at Market Art Fair in Stockholm. @tina_maria_nielsen @horsensartmuseum @nycarlsbergfondet @marketartfair @charlottefoghgallery

Morten Schelde, Untitled 3, 2018, Lithograhy, 76 x 56 cm, Ed. 100. Brand new lithography by Morten Schelde made at Atelier CLOT, BRAMSEN & GEORGES, today the oldest printing workshop in Paris. It was founded back in late 18th century and is located in the center of the wonderful Marait district in Paris. If in Paris go visit the workshop and the printshop. The print can be purchased in our webshop- link in bio @mortenschelde @atelier.clot @charlottefoghgallery

Katja Bjørns amazing videoinstallation, “A Ride On The River”, at Viborg Kunsthal. The videoloop last 29 min and is projected by 16 projectors on the entire flloor. The work can be seen from above at the balcony of the building. @katja_bjorn_jakobsen @viborg_kunsthal @charlottefoghgallery @statenskunstfond

6. DECEMBER Katja Bjørn, Involved #6, 2017, photogravure, 52×39 cm, ed 3. From the serie INVOLVED #1-6 that was purchased last year by @statenskunstfond. The print is available in our webshop- link in bio. Katja Bjørn is opening her soloexhibition tonight - A Ride on the River- at Viborg Kunsthal. The exhibition is on until February 24th 2019
@viborg_kunsthal @katja_bjorn_jakobsen

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